1. R

    Example of alternate windlass install and chain storage for E38-200

    I read all the windlass posts (including the amazing well done recent installations!) We took a slightly different approach. Our new-to-us E38-200 came with a manual windlass (which was well maintained and works fine for us) and the standard chain locker. The windlass was positioned on the...
  2. Y

    Ericson 28 Throttle Cable-wheel chain issue

    Hi! I am new to the forem. My son & I sail a 1987 Erickson 28. The wheel froze leaving the slip & we discovered that the throttle-mount is bent, interfering with the wheel chain. Anyone have a brand for the pedestal or any drawings of the internal workings? Any ideas how to pop the throttle...
  3. Andy Schildhorn

    Anchor Chain

    WIth my Ericson 35 I have 125' of anchor chain. Seems like alot and very heavy. Any ideas of what is ideal? I am thinking that is a lot of extra weight in the bow and affecting sail performance.
  4. M

    E-35 Mk II Back stay chain plate

    Getting ready to put my "FREE" 1974 Ericson 35 into the shop for refit. The boat is in really good shape for it's age but I have elected to go through every system. This boat was used primarily for racing but will now be reconfigured for cruising. My question is the back stay mount. All the...
  5. E

    need timing chain cover E35 Univ #5424

    I'm trying to locate a timing chain cover for my 1978 E35 deisel Universal model #5424. If you have any ideas let me know. Eric the Red Finding the part (Gear Cover) unavailable, my mechanic had an outfit sandblast clean and weld new material on to the casting, them machining it back to...
  6. ChrisS

    Anchor chain sources--US or Chinese

    After losing my anchor and chain last fall, I'm looking for 50' of 5/16th HT chain, and am trying to get a better price than the WM $4.25 a foot. Most of the stuff I am seeing sold on eBay comes from China. One seller claims that almost all chain is sourced from China these days, and that...
  7. L

    Chain Plate Question: 1970 Ericson 26'

    Greetings all, This is my first post as a new member. I have been looking at a 1970 Ericson 26' for purchase. My sailing experience dates from a long time ago and was not very substantial at that. The boat in question has a slightly wiggly chain plate. It is the most aft plate in a set of...
  8. S

    Anchor Chain

    Anyone know where the best price for anchor chain might be? Need 150 feet of 5/16 G 40 for a Lewmar Pro 1000.
  9. K

    E 34T chain plate problem

    I have a customer with a 34T that keeps getting cracks in the deck at the upper chain plate base. I don't know if we need more room between the "knee" of the plate or no space at all. Another thought is that we need something different than balsa core in that area. Maybe plywood or a hard piece...
  10. C

    e29 chain plates- 1971

    What is imbedded in the glass for chainplates? stainless? marine ply? Has anyone found degraded material within and tackled the repair? any thoughts? thanks
  11. S

    Glassed in Chain plates

    Hello to all! I am about to make an offer on an E29...I think.:egrin: How much of a problem are the chainplates glassed in? Do any E29 owners have a particular view on this? This boat's history is all freshwater. Thanks, Sproption.
  12. E

    e35-II Bow Chain Plate

    My e35-II bow chain plate failed this weekend (in light air therefore spar still up - lucky). Does any one know where I can purchase a replacement bow chain plate? Is it interchangeable with e35-III?
  13. Matey

    Yacht Specialties Pedestal Chain

    While pulling my pedestal for repairs I lost half the master link from my chain to the bilge abis. In measuring the chain & sprocket .. the chain link measures 5/8"and between the sprocket teeth looks like 3/4". Edson talks about 5/8" #50 chain for their pedestals. Being a chain idiot .. I'm...
  14. M

    Chain Plate Failure !!

    Chain Plate Failure Hi All, This photo was sent to me by a friend yesterday. The story is they were tuning the rig when it failed. Tt seems pretty tough to pre-inspect, to prevent a failure like that one, with out a full removal on a design like this..? Does anyone know a source for...
  15. K

    Chain plate issues

    This February marked my first full year ownership of a beautiful Ericson 30+, a true joy to own and sail. Over the summer I had been getting a trickle of water occasionally running down one of the stainless steel rods connected to the chain plate pad eyes. In attempting to remove the pad eyes...
  16. bigd14

    E27 chain plate question to replace or not?

    Hi, We recently purchased a pretty beat up 1972 E27. We know that there is water getting into the deck and seeping down into the cabin at the chainplates. The not so reputable inspector thought the chainplates looked OK but upon my husband's closer inspection they look like they have some...
  17. The Creamy Pint

    New owner chain plate question

    Hi guys. New owner and new to the forums.:egrin: Although I've sailed and raced for many years, I am now the proud owner of my first boat, a '69 Ericson26'. Let's just say the price was right and it came with a trailer that's in great shape. The boat is in astonishingly good shape in some...
  18. C

    E 27 Chain plates

    The chain plates on the E 27 are fiberglassed (incased) on the inside of the boats hull. Since these plates are SS, I am concerned about the lack of Oxygen creating a corrosive condition resulting in failure of the chainplates. On inspection of my 34 year old E27 the condition looks good...
  19. B

    Chain Plate Leak - Ericson 30+

    I just bought a 30+ and the surveyor located one area around the pump out deck plate/port stanchon bases that had some moisture. I wondered if anyone done any repair/rebedding on a 30+ in this particular area and had any hints before I start the work next week. I will need to remove the deck...
  20. M

    New Chain Plate

    I was sailing on lake Ontario this past weekend in a 30 mile single handed race in a monster wind -25 to 30 knots true. The race was all downwind and early on I had an accidental jibe and crashed on a huge following wave. I was amazed given the conditions that the rig stayed up. At the end...
  21. Walt Lawrence

    Whitlock pedestal steering chain needed

    Hello to all I'm looking to buy a 2 foot piece of 50 S.S. roller bearing chain to replace the one that I broke last weekend off of Alcatraz Island...that was fun, got to break out the tiller and all, but a 39 Ericson is a hand full..:egrin: My cell is 530-227-3416 or email me at...
  22. B

    35-2 Steering chain and cable specs

    Does anyone know the specs for the steering chain and cable on an E-35? ie: what size sprocket chain, how many feet, how many fet of cable on each end of that. I want to put a fresh made up set away for emergency replacement. I could take the whole thing out and have it duplicated, but I'm...
  23. R

    Re-bedding Anchor Chain Locker

    This weekend, I’m going to re-bed the anchor chain locker in my E26. I assume that the locker has a flange which is screwed into the recess in the deck. I’m pretty sure I have access to the back “wall” of the anchor chain locker through an access port that’s been installed in the teak bulkhead...
  24. N

    Will Work for Chain

    I'm putting in a mooring, and discovering that by far the most expensive part of a mooring is the bottom chain. :( 400# mushroom anchor - $320 35' of 1/2" galv top chain - $100 Buoy, pennant, pickup float, shackles, etc - $250 35' of 1" bottom chain - [/b]$700[/b] :boohoo: Ouch...
  25. E

    E25 Chain Plate/Bulkhead Connection Structural

    I am looking at purchasing a '74 E25. The owner has indicated that the bulkhead around the chain plates has received water penetration. He has re-enforced the bulkhead. Two questions: Is this chain plate/bulkhead connection structural? If so, does this fix look solid?
  26. S

    Leaking chain plates/stipped out holes

    As other E27 owners have posted here I am receiving a considerable amount of topside water entering the cabin via the chain plates. For those not familiar with the E27 there are 3 chain plates on each side of the boat. Each chain plate has a stainless steel trim plate (perhaps 3 inches long by 1...
  27. L

    Blisters and Chain Plates

    I am considering buying an Ericson 27. We are considering a 1971 Ercison 27; however, it had a problem with chain plates and was demasted a few years back. As well, there were blisters on the botton side of the hull. We are also considering a 1974 Ericson 27 which has no signs of either of...
  28. M

    Port chain plate E23

    The Port chain plate on E23's are fastened to a wood ply bulkhead. The Starboard one is bolted to a thick fiberglass protrusion and appears much more substantial than the Port one. I have been worried about this for some time and now that I have shoveled the snow off the deck and gotten back...
  29. P

    chain plates ?

    On e 35 II's there is a small chain plate in line with the mast (port and starboard) right next to the cabin house. Dose anybody know what this is for? Thanks Phil
  30. M

    Chain plates

    Thought that some of you guys on the forum might want to know that I had a chain plate fracture just before the start of a race on 4/21/01. It was the port side upper on my E27, and the top of the mast sagged off something awful before we got the sails down and, using the main halyard, got the...