1. gadangit

    E39 Encapsulated Chainplate Picture

    Just thought I'd post up a sidelit picture of our chainplate attachment to the hull. The lower aft is to the left, the upper is to the right. The lower forward chainplate is bolted to the bulkhead a bit further forward from this. I'm not sure why the lower aft goes further down the hull, the...
  2. A

    Chain plate inspection

    I am a newbie working on the purchase of a 1988 34-2. Surveyor noted that the chain plates located behind the seats in the main cabin were not accessible for inspection. There are steel rods running down through the shelves and behind the seats (3 on each side). Does anyone have suggestions...
  3. gadangit

    chainplate bushing

    My rigger tells me that I need a bushing for one of my chainplate holes. Apparently the hole has elongated due to an improper size pin in its past. He suggested drilling it out round, it looks like 3/4" will suffice and then put in a bushing for a 5/8" pin. Questions: 1. What should the...
  4. gadangit

    Broken Chainplate

    Me again. One of the forward bulkhead chainplates that attach to the lower spreader broke while it was at the riggers. It had been flagged by the eagle eyed surveyor as in need of a closer inspection. I didn't get the whole story, but it broke while it was getting cleaned up to be inspected...
  5. gadangit

    E39 Chainplate and steel beams

    Hello- I've looked at other E39 pics and don't see this chainplate fitting on their decks (the one mid thigh on my shadow.) It obviously ties to the aft bulkhead, but what does it do? Also, does the steel beam that runs under the bulkheads actually tab to the hull somewhere? I can only find...
  6. C

    E-35 II Encapsilated Backstay Chainplate

    I was wondering if anyone knows how the backstay chainplate is installed on an E-35 II. It looks to me that it is glassed in place without through bolts. Has anyone had trouble with this installation and has anyone through bolted the chainplate. I ask this because I see some stress fractures and...
  7. S

    E35: Epoxy - Steel- Chainplate, Input Requested

    I posted a thread a little over a month ago as I was preparing to dig into the main salon bulkhead on my Ericson 35 MkII where a poorly bedded chainplate left a dangerous situation and am grateful for the advice I got then from this wonderful site... I have cut a piece of white oak to scarf in...
  8. S

    Bulkhead / Chainplate Question

    Ahoy: What a wonderful site. I am a relatively new owner of an Ericson 35 MK II, 1973. Essentially bought the boat because, among other reasons, I loved the lines and was convinced of quality construction pretty much throughout. Have my fair share of improvements and repairs ahead, but I am a...
  9. W

    E25 Starboard Bulkhead Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1973 E25 that I am working to bring back up to respectable condition. One of the issues is replacement of the aft bulkheads where the chain plates attach. The port was easy to remove and use for a pattern. However, it appears the only way to replace the other is to cut it...
  10. C

    E38 Backstay Chainplate Cracked

    My 1984 E38's backstay chainplate cracked inexplicably last weekend. I'm perplexed because I wouldn't expect there it ever to be under that significant a load. I cruise in the Santa Barbara channel. My rigger is going to have a new one fabricated, but in order to do so I'll need the...
  11. S

    Encapsulated chainplate question.

    I bought my E 27 a few weeks ago and have been doing long neglected maintenance. I noticed a hairline crack starting on one of my upper shroud chain plates.The port side chain plates have been partially exposed!,I assume by cutting the fiberglass. The starboard side are all still encapsulated...
  12. Joe

    E25cb Backstay Chainplate Access

    I'm now stripping the boat of all deck hardware for rebedding and repaint. I've been struggling all morning to remove the backstay chainplates (as well as the rear lifeline and navigation light) through the lazarettes. I really don't want to go through this struggle when I reattach them, so I'm...
  13. D

    E33 Shroud to Chainplate Order

    To the other E33 owners- in what order do you attach shrouds to chainplates? I have been attaching upper and lower shrouds aft, and intermediates forward. The yard stepped my mast today and have attached upper and intermediate. aft with lower forward. They said a more fair run like this. Curious...
  14. S

    Chainplate E 26 II

    I have an E26 (1987). The chainplate for the starboard main shroud has a leak. The starboard is the one that does not employ rod to the hull, but has flat plates thru-bolted to the main bulkhead. The bulkhead is in turn bolted to the grid at the settee and floor. I didn't realize, that for a...
  15. M

    E39B Chainplate Corrosion

    I went to re-seal the aluminum chainplate tabs that extend up through the deck from the glassed-in knees. There has been very slight leakage around the chainplate tabs in the past year, but they looked very solid below and above the deck. Unfortunately, when I got under the old seals, I found...
  16. B

    E 35 Mystery Chainplate

    I have a 1970 E-35 MkII. It has a chainplate between the chainplates for the forward and aft lowers. What is that for?
  17. ChrisS

    Chainplate Cover

    Hello All-- I just spent the afternoon recaulking all chainplates on my E-32-2. It was nice to dig out all the old caulk and not see any mushy areas. The port side uppers have no chainplate cover on the deck, and so I measured the space. I need a cover for a 3/16" wide and 2 1/2" long...
  18. R

    E 34T chainplate Knee

    My Starboard upper and intermediate chainplate failed, completely seperating from the hull and coming through the deck destroying my interior teak (bad news), didn't lose the mast (good news). Any body out there have similar problem and have a bomber fix? I have fixed the deck and re glassed...
  19. N

    Chainplate maintenance

    "Peregrine" has developed a small water leak over the port chainplates. Your experience please in handling this repair. :egrin:
  20. C

    E35-2 Badly rusted chainplate bracket

    I have removed mahogany cover and found that the original chainplate bulkhead had been reinforced by a previous owner. It looks like they also added (2) more stainless brackets for more support. One bracket is in the head on the other side of the bulkhead, and the other partly overlaps the...