1. S

    CNG Bottles/Tanks Wanted

    I am looking for a spare CNG bottle for our E28+. We are in Victoria BC so are focusing on the coastal BC/ Puget Sound area.
  2. Leon Sheean

    CNG Source

    Is anyone familiar with a CNG source anywhere between Buffalo and Detroit? I'm in Cleveland and unable to find a local re-charge station although a couple of local utility companies use it in their commercial fleets! Thank you,
  3. Akavishon

    GSI "Safgas" oven (CNG)

    Cruising Maine for 2+ weeks now ... currently in Rockland, ME. Tried to use my CNG oven last night, for the first time since I bought my boat (>2 years ago). The pilot light comes on, but the oven burner never ignites, and I've waited 10+ minutes (instructions say 1min). The stove top burners...
  4. Sven

    Removing CNG stove

    We will be replacing the CNG stove with either an Origo or a Wallas stove. The stove actually works quite well, if you don't mind hauling tanks around. I suspect it is original equipment and wonder if it is worth hauling it to Minnie's. What about the two gas tubes ? The tubes are...
  5. Sven

    CNG cost !?

    Serendipity has a CNG-fueled stove and oven. That is a great solution for local cruising but wouldn't be usable in most of the world so we were already planning its ultimate replacement. What really stunned us was the $35 charge for a filled tank (looks like a standard 80 cf 3000 psi SCUBA...
  6. treilley

    35-3 CNG tank size

    Can anyone tell me what size the CNG tank is on a 35-3? I always forget which one I have and I need to swap it for a fresh one this week. TIA
  7. Leon Sheean

    CNG Refill

    It seems that CNG is not available here in Northeastern Ohio. Is I travel east, where are refills possible? Noank? NYC? Annapolis? Help! I really don't want to convert to propane!
  8. Leon Sheean

    CNG Refill

    I have checked with the major gas suppliers in Northeastern Ohio and am unable to locate a CNG source. Has everyone switched to propane?! If so, where is a parts list and what are the difficulties? Thank you, Lee
  9. R

    CNG locker: necessary? if so, how to construct?

    Hello All, Well BoatUS sent me a nice letter today outlining all the things they had issue with from the survey on my "new" 1983 E38, that the surveyor "recommended" be fixed. They are all pretty easy and minor with one exception, the CNG bottle storage. The CNG bottle is in the lazzarette...
  10. T

    CNG Hose Connections

    I will post some picutes later but I have questions about the type of hose connections that should be used on the CNG lines. I have torn apart my cocpit locker and am rerouting all of the wiring and hoses to neaten things up. The funny thing is the hose connections look like they are just barb...
  11. H

    cng tank/conversion kit

    Bahama's- Leaving for the Bahama's in November from Port Charlotte, Fl and our 35-3 1984 has cng gas, so I either need a spare tank of gas { OR } a kit to change over to propane gas. CNG is almost impossible to get around here! Somebody has to make a conversion kit to go from cng to...
  12. H

    cng tanks

    E-35-2 [ hat hanger ], I have two cng tanks that need to be refilled and knowbody here around Port Charlotte or Venice, Florida have ever heard of cng gas !!! This is probably an omen to change to propane, but my boat budjet is at low tide. Does anyone know of a place to fill my cng tanks...
  13. T

    CNG Tank

    Looking for a CNG tank for my 89 E 38-200. I am guessing that shipping one is not worth it. I'm in Annapolis MD and dont mind a reasonable drive to pick up. I currently have 1 tank but would like a backup.
  14. T

    CNG to Propane stove conversion parts

    Anyone know where to get these? I have an 89 E 38-200. I don't recall right now the stove manufacturer, I'll look tonight. I was hoping to not have to replace the whole stove. I know I will need some valves for the stove, a tank, boat already has the locker, new lines, and a solenoid. What else...