1. J

    Cockpit Drain Problem

    I am a new owner of a 1983 E 30+. After washing down the decks today I noticed only one cockpit drain is draining. I believe the problem relates to fine debris from local vegetation perhaps clogging the drain line at a low spot. Tried to follow the drain tubes visually but lost them. Then ran a...
  2. ofshore74

    Ericson 34 Owners: Edson helm flexing at cockpit

    This question was posted in a different thread I got some great suggestions on how to fix a flexing helm on a late 80s E34, to add specificity to the question as no E34 owners chimed in, I thought I would create a new thread on the topic: I just inspected an 89' E34 and found that the Edson...
  3. Dock Shot 2

    Dock Shot 2

    Another view of the stern from the dock.
  4. F

    E31 Indepenence/cruiser cockpit question

    I am curious as to the size of the cockpit on these boats. How long are the benches? What is the overall width/length of the cockpit? Thanks for any replies.
  5. M

    Adding a portlight/window to cockpit seating to illuminate quarter berth E-32

    Has anyone tried adding a portlight or access plate to the cockpit seating area (on the vertical face of the seat) above the port-side quarter berth? I was thinking about adding one or two at about calf-level when seated to help illuminate the dark cavern that is my quarter berth. I have to...
  6. B

    E35 mkII cockpit cushions

    So the local guy who does this sort of stuff (biminis, cushions, sail repair) told me his closed cell foam manufacturer Burt down and went out of biz. Can't find good material anywhere he claims. Who do I talk to. How big of a project/investment to do it myself? Any advice?
  7. ChrisS

    E32-2: double lifelines in the cockpit

    To comply with ocean racing rules I need to add a set of lifelines around the cockpit of my E-32. I plan on putting removable netting panels around the pushpit, but anything in the areas of the combings will get in the way of my ability to work the sheet winches. Does anyone have a...
  8. J

    Cockpit controls for Universal 12 / Ericson 26

    Among my winter projects (I guess it's now spring projects), I found another job when I tried to flip my cockpit 'oil' switch. It broke off. It's next to my key ignition in the lower right corner of my engine control panel for our Universal Model 12 / 1987 Ericson 26 with wheel steering. (By...
  9. IslandTime29

    Cockpit floor panels

    Has anyone tried anything like these for their cockpit floor? Just wondering if this might work. I had taken the old rubber mats 12" x 12" tiles out, as they...
  10. Commotion

    Cockpit Drains

    I found the answer in several other threads. Thank you
  11. M

    Blue Tooth Audio from the Cockpit

    Thought I would share a great gadget.... I picked up a BlueBridge mini jack Rx. The device enables me to stream music from my blue tooth enabled phone to the stereo receiver on the boat. I was tired of running back and forth to turn up/down the music while in the cockpit (stereo is mounted...
  12. R

    Cockpit drains - once more...

    Hi all, I know the subject came up more then once... Still want to ask more questions on it :). Would it be terribly wrong if I "tee" the pair of cockpit drain hoses- the ones eventually ending up below the waterline - with those crossed over and draining above the waterline? This will...
  13. ragamuffin

    Car Seats in the Cockpit

    Shot this today sailing. This is not an Ericson but I thought it was totally crazy from a design stand point. But hey his crew will be comfy!
  14. DevinWalker

    Pictures of E27 Cockpit locker

    My locker goes all the way to the bilge and is open to the engine (removed by PO) compartment. Needless to say, if you throw something in there, it goes a long. way. down. Can anyone send along pics and designs of the original locker compartment config or any useful modifications?
  15. M

    Cockpit Scuppers

    E32-3 has 4 cockpit scuppers. 2 connected to stern thru hull and 2 connected to seacock under gulley below water line. <O:p</O:p Why we have to have extra hole below water line? <O:p Thanks, <O:p Mike “Lily” E32-3-89
  16. toddbrsd

    Main Halyard to Cockpit, E-27 (Wheel)

    Looking for some advice, pictures even better. I am considering modification to my E-27, with wheel steering, to bring the main halyard aft for single handing. My initial thought was to buy a winch and locate it within reach, but not sure how necessary that is. I am fairly new to sailing and...
  17. R

    E28 cockpit drain outlet relocate

    Oops - I posted this in maintainance and should have here... I hate the fact I'll have to leave a 1 1/2" below the water seacock open while away from the boat to service the cockpit drains. It looks like I could relocate the outlet to the transom at the same level as the exaust and have...
  18. R

    E28 cockpit drains outlet relocate

    I hate the fact I'll have to leave a 1 1/2" below the water seacock open while away from the boat to service the cockpit drains. It looks like I could relocate the outlet to the transom at the same level as the exaust and have adequate slope for drainage. If the height of the exaust is OK for a...
  19. Gmilburn

    Cockpit Wheel Top Dead Center Marking

    Hi all, I want to renew my weaved line on my cockpit wheel that marks top dead center for the rudder (probably not the right term--but I'm hopeful that you know what I mean). The old marker was probably original with the boat--and appears to have been "woven" directly onto the wheel. Anyone...
  20. M

    Cockpit Drains: Going to Bilge? (!)

    Hello, Ericson owners. I have just bought an E27 few weeks ago...still getting to know the boat. I noticed that all 4 cockpit drains connect under the cockpit and drain into the bilge. The bilge does not have an automatic bilge pump. I see a major problem in this setup - if it rains hard a boat...