1. T

    Data Marine Mast Head Unit repair or replacement

    My original mast head anemometer has slowed to an unbalanced crawl. To make matters worse, a big bird tried to sit on it and when it spun on him, his frantic flapping in getting away, knocked off the directional fin. The dilemma now is what to do. The other original instruments still work well...
  2. Gmilburn

    Old COMBI Data Instrument

    Before I tear out the old stock COMBI Depth and Speed Gauge from my cockpit (I hate having anything aboard that doesn't work) I thought I would ask the group if they know of anyone that might repair the unit--or whether it is a total lost cause. I plan on ordering a new Garmin GPSMAP unit and...
  3. G

    Data Marine Depth Finder

    Hey guys and Happy Thanksgiving! We have an E32-3 1987. Our depth gauge seems to bounce all over the place with somewhat inconsistant readings. We sail in waters averaging 13 feet or less here in Galveston Bay. My instruction booklet says to adjust the shallow (under 20 ft) thing on the back of...
  4. K

    Data Marine Instruments

    A fellow 35-3 owner and member of our site (Bob) at the marina is having problems with his depth finder. As he admits to being computer challenged I said I would help. I did a search here and found in an older previous thread from 2006. No good, won't come up. Any ideas? He...
  5. C

    Data Marine Depth Sounder failing?

    Funny story this year (or not so): My depth sounder is starting to act up. Occasionally we get correct soundings but generally it just jumps all over the place w/ an occasional MDS (sp?) on the side. I suspected paint to be the issue. Checked all the wiring and moved some stuff around in the...
  6. Shadowfax

    Data Marine Depth Sounder

    I have a Data Marine depth sounder that I'm pretty sure the transducer needs replacing. I'm told that removal of the transducer is from the inside out, the opposite of the speed transducer. Apparently there is no sleeve involved as in the speed transducer, so we are probably talking...
  7. J

    Need GPS Data Cable

    I have a Magellan GPS Model 5200 DX in my cabin which I sometimes use as a backup (primary GPS is a Garmin unit in the cockpit). Like many of you, I would like to use the electronic charts available on my laptop, but can't find a data cable to connect my laptop to the Magellan unit. I called...
  8. E

    Raymarine Rudder reference data

    Just thought I would pass along a note on what the Raymarine Rudder reference actually is. I am in the process of testing a unit that I have before selling it on EBay. The unit is a 5k ohm 2% linear pot made by Bourns. The part number is 6639s BKS502 and the Bourns site askes that you call them...
  9. H

    Data Marine Instruments

    I just repalced my old data marine gauges and if anybody is looking to buy the three gauges and wind vane they are available. E-mail me at I live in S.W. Florida and can ship at your expense.
  10. H

    Ericson 37 data

    I'm considering buying an Ericson 37 and importing her into the UK. However, I need to get hold of the original plans, line drawings, stability data and detailed specs so I can have her inspected to comply with the EU pleasure craft directive. Any ideas where I could get hold of any of this or...