1. L

    Datamarine Control Panel-Free

    I recently sold all of my Datamarine instruments. I still have the control panel and will let it go for the cost of the shipping. 1 A-181 Log/Contol Panel Controls night lighting for up to six Corinthian Series displays, Please Note: trip log not working.
  2. L

    Price Reduction on Datamarine Instruments

    I've sold the thru-hull and mast head transducers and now have only the three displays and control panel left. Prices have come down substantially in an effort to move the merchandise :egrin: Below are ala carte prices. If you want all three it's $150 and I'll throw in the control panel. 1...
  3. S

    Datamarine mast head rebuild kit

    Here is an option for repairing your masthead unit. While never mentioned (to me) by the DMI repair company (the last place repairing Datamarine), there is a rebuild kit for the masthead unit. I stumbled on a web site showing all the steps to repair the unit at...
  4. L

    Datamarine Instruments For Sale

    Datamarine Instruments For Sale: Instruments removed from 1985 Ericson 35. All items were in good working order when removed unless otherwise noted. The instruments are all Datamarine Corinthian Series. All owner’s manuals included. Entire set is $475 plus shipping. A la carte prices below...
  5. CSMcKillip

    Datamarine Link 5000 install

    I have purchased a link 5000 system to replace tge older datamarine systems on our boat. The main unit box is quite long, and I was wondering where other people have mounted or installed the main box. I have looked at tge area around tge dc panel but dont think there is enough depth to install...
  6. L

    Replacing Datamarine Instruments

    I'll be hauling out the boat for the Winter and dropping the mast for new wiring and standing rigging. I also plan to replace Datamarine intruments with Simrad IS20 wind and depth/speed. I currently have two through hull transducers in close proximity, one for depth and one for speed. The Simrad...
  7. J

    Wanted Datamarine Masthead instrument LX 360

  8. CSMcKillip

    Datamarine LINK 5000

    Hello all, I am looking for information on the Link 5000 by datamarine. I have existing datamarine verges on our boat right now and am trying to keep it vintage as possible, I have the depth, speed and wind gauges on the boat right now and purchased a complete link 5000 system that was just...
  9. A

    Datamarine Instrument Replacement

    The 20 year old Datamarine depth and speed instruments functioned well enough for me to bring my boat home, after the PO replaced the paddlewheel and transducer for the speed, but they are both getting very tempermental now. I have spent more time than I want to making sure that they had good...
  10. S

    Datamarine Link 5000 parts available

    A person is advertising a list of components for the Link 5000 Datamarine. Go to Looks like a great opportunity. His prices are not at give away bur considering the alternative of new stuff or repair it...
  11. S

    Datamarine Km and Std Horizon Masthead

    Hi, I have a NEW Standard Horizon masthead unit for a WS1 readout. 6 pin male plug. $75.00 + mail Also a Datamarine Knotmeters: a 3200 speed/log/totalizer with two S100KL units. The transducer is good. They all can be networked together with BNC connector. Everthing works and the gauges are...
  12. B

    Datamarine Link 5000 Instruments

    Does anyone have experience with this unit? My wind direction indicator needs adjustment. On a S/B tack I read 60 degrees off the wind when close hauled and about 10-15 degrees off the wind on a Port tack close hauled. Is there a way to adjust it or am I going to have to send it to DMI Marine...
  13. T

    Data Marine Mast Head Unit repair or replacement

    My original mast head anemometer has slowed to an unbalanced crawl. To make matters worse, a big bird tried to sit on it and when it spun on him, his frantic flapping in getting away, knocked off the directional fin. The dilemma now is what to do. The other original instruments still work well...
  14. S

    Another site having Datamarine parts

    I found a web site store which has some Datamarine parts, including transducers for the older models. For example, Datamarine Depth Replacement Core $129.99 for Datamarine Depth Sounder. For transducer models S200DL, LX201, Link 5100/6100 and All Dart models. Of course DMI still has parts but...
  15. treilley

    Datamarine wind, speed, depth for sale

    Speed and Dept are instruments only. Wind includes masthead unit that was rebuit by DMI last spring. $400 for the package or $100 for depth gauge S200DL $100 for speed gauge S100KL $200 for wind gauge and masthead unit LX360Q I am also open to reasonable offers.
  16. S

    Datamarine Link 5000 & compass question

    I have a functioning Link 5000 Datamarine system. Mentioned in the manual is a L500 Datamarine compass as an option. Does anyone have one to sell? Does anyone know if another electronic compass would work with the L5000? There are only two wires for compass input. Could a Autohelm 4000...
  17. P

    Need Datamarine S200DL Depth Display

    Hi All, Recently got myself a sweet little E27, here in the SF Bay area. My first boat, and I'm really having fun, enjoying the sailing and the projects (well, most of 'em!!!). I'm really happy with my Ericson. My old Datamarine depth gauge doesn't work. The transducer's good - I hooked it...
  18. mark reed

    wanted to borrow: Datamarine masthead wind instrument

    I had all my in-mast wiring replaced this spring, and subsequently my Datamarine wind speed and direction instrument does not work. The yard claims that my masthead transducer is at fault. Before I decide whether to overhaul my old transducer or purchase a new one, I would like to borrow someone...
  19. G

    Datamarine Depthfinder

    The depth warning switch on the face of my Datamarine S-200DL (original equipment?) seems to have given out - it's frozen. Is this switch repaceable? Is ther a source for this switch? It looks like the head is held in place by three hex screws from the back (inside). Since the depth gauge...
  20. Leon Sheean

    Datamarine LX 360Q

    Free to a new home: the display unit of my 1988 vintage wind speed/direction indicator. When the masthead unit was unrepairable, I replaced the system with Navman, so this display is just collecting dust. I believe that it is functional. It's yours for the first person who can put it to use...