1. S

    New Owner E-28 Mission Bay San Diego

    Hi! After trolling this board for a year or so, I made the move to Ericson land by purchasing a "new to me" 1986 E28. We sailed it down to Mission Bay from Oceanside on Wednesday. I had some trouble with the tabernacle rig. All the pieces weren't there. I finally got that squared away...
  2. juneausailin

    Good folks in San Diego area

    Just wanted to share a good experience I had/am having with some folks in the S.D. area. I recently, as of this week, purchased a 1984 E38 and Yachtfinders/Windseekers was the broker I worked with. Steve "Rock" Rogers was my broker and he was really great to work with. He has bent over backwards...
  3. Jeff Asbury

    Boat capsizes in San Diego, killing two and injuring seven.

    Boat capsizes in San Diego, killing two and injuring seven. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/US/03/28/california.capsized.boat/ I can see no keel on this boat. (swing keel?) I think the first problem is Nine People on a 25' boat. :confused: I would never sail with that many onboard my 27'...
  4. Mark F

    36' "Erickerson" for sale in San Diego

  5. chtaylor

    San Diego Atomic 4 Mechanic?

    Does anyone know of a reasonable Atomic 4 mechanic in the San Diego Bay area? I've gotten tired of working on this engine more than sailing the boat. The last mechanic I contacted wants $90.00 per hour to change valve springs. Is that a reasonable rate? Thanks, Charles
  6. wurzner

    Dying for a Ride In San Diego!!!

    Hi Folks, I moved down here last month and my 38 is still up in Seattle. If anyone is interested in going out...I cover all responsibities reasonably well and having owned a 32 and 38, am familiar with the layout of the Ericson line up. I am dying to go out sailing...Please Help...
  7. J

    Ericson 25 for sale in San Diego

    The Good: New Standing and Running Rigging Custom Professional Teak Interior (Very Nice) Additional Giott hatch on foredeck Spinnaker rig Oversize Barient Winches (7) Interprotect 1000/2000 Epoxy Barrier Coat, Blister Free trailer available The Bad: Needs Bottom Paint (Seasonal)...
  8. wurzner

    San Diego Live Aboard Moorage?

    I may be relocating to San Diego and would like to live on my boat. Can anyone suggest contacts for obtaining live aboard moorage as well as approximate rates and wait times? Please email me directly at w u r z n e r at y a h o o dot com Please remove the spaces and replace dot with a...
  9. M

    San Diego area?

    Hi, new member here. A newbie in more ways than one. (You can view how much so in my thread at: Design & Function > Newbie Seeking Help/Info on Buying a 1976 E23 Wondering if there are gatherings or events (Ericson related) in the San Diego area... Thanks! Marshall
  10. C

    28' Ericson for Sale in San Diego area

    Very nice 1988 Ericson, well outfitted, clean and ready to sail! Hauled and surveyed in December. $24,000 OBO Contact me at desertwinds8@yahoo.com and I will put you in touch with the broker.
  11. jmoses

    Alternative Bottom Paint - Port of San Diego Project

    All, After a few years of working WAY WAY too much, I found my way back to ErisonYachts.org. WOW..... what a really nice site. The wealth and breadth of knowledge as well as members is amazing. I still have me ol' 1972 E- 35 MKII now located here in San Diego (South Bay). Sad to say, I work...
  12. G

    Ericson 23 mk 1 in San Diego- great shape

    This is my buddies boat- he's getting married so in addition to no longer racing motorcycle with me, he's selling his boat. Tragic. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/1019613091.html
  13. L

    San Diego CraigsList E35

    Someone needs to jump on this - nice looking E35 with a Yanmar diesel, $12,900!!!
  14. Sven

    We can recommend a surveyor in San Diego

    We just spent a tiring but very good day with a surveyor down in San Diego. The surveyor's name is Mike Herlihy's and his address is maxiboat at aol.com Mike does both standing rigging and hull/systems surveys. His survey was both thorough and detailed but not focused at finding faults...
  15. R

    E29 wanted in San Diego

    Hi, Rod in san diego, looking for an E29. I have a slip, and I am ready to buy. No motor is Ok. Tiller steering is a MUST. :egrin: Rod
  16. C

    san diego mooring question

    Hi, I'm considering buying a boat in San Diego on craisgslist that is being offered with a transfer of mooring at Shelter Island. I'm actually interested in the mooring rather than the boat? I was wondering if anybody had any experience with such a transaction, especially in San Diego Harbor...
  17. rbonilla

    low priced 81 e38 in san diego.....

    I came across a low priced e38, 1981 on the san fran craigs list....she looks like she is stored down in san diego......ad is running in the bay area craigs list...i have no interest in the sale.....
  18. R

    San Diego wildfires

    Got a reverse 911 warning notice from the Carlsbad Police Dept. asking all residents in my area to evacuate due the impending wildfires. Packed up what I could in a short time (including my Amazon parrot ROJO). Took an hour to travel 13 miles to my E29 CAPRICIOUS moored in the Oceanside...
  19. P

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Any Ericsons, besides me, going to participate? Tony Peregrine Spirit PSC E380 #16
  20. Loren Beach

    E-33 in San Diego

    No personal or financial interest... but I was surprised to find an Ericson 33 (RH) on today's San Diego Craigslist. Here is the link and info: __________________________________ Ericson 33 Sailboat Reply to: sale-269690221@craigslist.org Date: 2007-01-28, 10:32AM This is an amazing...