1. C


    Hey guys! Looking for an used 8ft porta-bote. Ive been sailing to Two Harbors Catalina a lot this year and the $5 each way shore boat is getting pretty expensive. Especially since i have a sailing dog that doesnt like pee pads. After spending a few hundred dollars i think its time to put that...
  2. C

    WANTED Dinghy

    Not sure if this is the proper place to post this but I am looking for a small dinghy. I am taking my first trip to Catalina at the end of the month and would like to have a way in without relying on the shore boat service If this is the wrong place to post let me know and I will take it...
  3. jreddington

    Halkey Roberts "Old Style" dinghy valves

    I am trying not to lose an "old friend". I am amazed that the RIS inflatable that came with my E-28 has lasted the full 16 years I've owned the boat. It was made in Yugoslavia, which tells you how old it is. Figured I get a couple years out of it before purchasing a "real" dinghy, but it has...
  4. erikwfab

    West Marine dinghy oars replacement

    I just picked up a used West Marine/ Zodiac RU 260 inflatable without oars. I am looking for either a used pair or the plastic rowlock pins and collars so I can convert some to fit. Does anyone know of a source? I figure there must be some deflated boats and good oars out there somewhere...
  5. Sven

    Dinghy lifting bridle, why didn't I do this earlier ?

    I finally made a three-line bridle to lift the dinghy on board (and into the water). Why did I wait so long ? It made getting the dinghy back on board a 30-second "crank the spinnaker winch" exercise. I simply spliced three carbine hooks onto three 8' one quarter inch lines and then...
  6. Andrew Means

    That dinghy thread has got me feverish...

    Reading the dinghy poll has given me boat fever for a better dinghy... On the Wino (my Ericson 27) we have a chintzy little inflatable - it's nice because it's light, collapses well, but it tows really poorly and it rows worse. Also it's a pain in the ass to pump it up. The plastic oarlocks...
  7. V

    Bauer 8 sailing dinghy still for sale

    Price reduced to $1800. Vince Benn 267-799-6545
  8. T

    Registering the Dinghy

    So Escape Plan (E-38) is a Coast Guard Documented vessel so I dont have her registered with the state of Maryland. I pay I think $10 for a sticker from the state though. State registrations for cruising boats are worthless in any foreign port anyway but I wonder what the story is with tenders...
  9. S

    Dinghy Motor Mount Gunwale Protection

    Hi, In the attached pictures you'll see I have a Yankee Boatworks (now defunct) dinghy with a substantial finished wood gunwale. I also have a good 'ol British Seagull 40 plus that I would like to use occasionally with the dinghy. The dinghy is rated for the 2hp output of the Seagull. Are...
  10. J

    Mounting heavy dinghy outboard on E27 rail

    Hello All, Any opinions as to whether my E27 stern rail will be up to the task. I have already purchased a Mercury 9.9 four stroke for my new Walker Bay inflatable. I wanted a motor that would plane two....so this was my best option. Unfortunately the thing weighs 85 pounds (one of the...
  11. boethius27

    dinghy davits on a 35-II ?

    Anyone seen dinghy davits put on a 35-II? I'd love to be able to bring my dinghy along without having to haul it on deck or listen to it slap the water in tow the entire time, but I feel like it'd just look funny. This boat has such nice lines that I hate to detract from style with a big ol...
  12. Loren Beach

    Cover for dinghy needed

    I am looking for a cover for my 11 foot sailing dinghy. It seems difficult to find a company with a cover for a small sailing boat. It is a Ranger 11 (11' length, 4' 9" beam). All of the on-line sources seem oriented towards fishing and ski boats. Any suggestions? Thanks, Loren
  13. S

    Dinghy Suggestions

    I'm looking for ideas for a dinghy for my 35-2. I don't want to have to carry gasoline as well as diesel on board so my thoughts point toward a sail/row type with a capacity in the 500+ pounds range. I'd appreciate any ideas or tales of experience from other members. Al
  14. L

    Dinghy Motor Fuel Container

    Hello, All- We just bought a brand new Honda 2hp for the dink and I want to be real good to it. My question is, I have a fuel jug that I've used in the past for the old 2 stroke outboard so it held a fuel/oil mix. I like this fuel container because it doesn't use the newer, supposedly...
  15. B

    Dinghy Davits for a 38-200?

    Hi, My wife and I have a 1988 38-200. We currently have an Avon dinghy that we generally keep deflated and stowed in the cockpit locker. This keeps the dinghy clean and out of the way.<O:p I would like to replace the Avon with a Walker Bay dinghy with an inflatable floor. Deflated it's a...
  16. J

    Dinghy Mystery

    Hi Folks. I wasn't sure where to post this but here goes. I'm looking for an ID on the dinghy that came with my 35-2. Its an oldy but might be able to do some service as a sailing dinghy for the kids or a small tender for the mother ship. Anybody know anything about rigging this boat. I...
  17. M

    Dinghy Outboard Wanted

    A new 10'2" Mercury Airfloor inflatable has left Defender, and will be on my porch next week. Now I need a motor! I think I want a used Yamaha or Mercury 2-stroke in the 8-9.9hp range. Obviously, weight is a big factor. Unfortunately, I'm not finding many available in the usual places...
  18. F

    Any advice on best dinghy for exploring the bays?

    We are beginning to think about buying a dinghy for our E30+, partly as a safety back-up in the event of major boat problem, but mainly for my wife and I to explore the little bays and shoreline when we anchor out in the Gulf Islands, BC. With the limited storage on the E30+, I don't think we...
  19. T

    Dinghy Outboards

    I'm sourcing a 6hp motor for my dinghy and am wondering if anyone has any good advice or horror stories. Looks like new I could pay 1200-1500 for a Merc, Evinrude, Johnson, Nissan tohatsu suzuki etc... Hoping to get done around 500-700 used and seeing a lot on Ebay. Any brands to avoid and why?
  20. Jeff Asbury

    Two Harbors Dinghy Docks!

    Two Harbors was crowded! Here's a couple shots of the dinghy dock on Friday. Saturday it was three and four dinghy's deep! I'm waiting until fall to go back, when it thins out a bit. Still fun though.:soapbox: