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    A friend caught this picture of us heading to the starting line for a race this past October.
  2. Donny


    Donny Phillips was live.
  3. M

    E25 Rudder Gudgeon Plastic Bushing Replacement

    I finally have my new (for me) 1973 E25. For safety I removed the rudder for transport on the trailer (lifting line was pretty weathered) and noticed the plastic bushings in the rudder rod gudgeons (1/2"SS rod) were cracked and brittle. Anyone know of a source of new bushings? As a last...
  4. J

    E25 CB running rigging dimensions

    Am digging into getting my E25 CB on the water - and don't have the original sheets to make measurements. Does anyone have recommendations for diameter and length for main, jib, genoa and spinnaker sheets? thanks
  5. M

    For Sale 1975 Ericson E25 $7500.00 or with trailer $9300.00

    1975 Ericson E25 Sold for $8000.00 5-14-16 25’ Ericson Sailboat 1975 with trailer Turn-key condition 1. Beam 8’ 2. Draft: Swing keel 2’ to 5’ 3. Displacement 5,400 lbs. 4. Ballast 2,500 lbs. 5. Towing weight a. Axels 6,780 lbs. b. Tung 580 6. Sleeps 6 ( V-birth & 2 double settees) Sailing...
  6. davisr

    Ericson 25 Hull Restoration

    Some time ago I had finally had enough of the dull and pasty looking hull that I had inherited from the previous owner. Drawing upon the advice of Maine Sail in his Sailnet article on the subject, I compounded, polished, and waxed the hull. Some time later I did the same to the deck and the...
  7. davisr

    Ericson 25 Rudder Repair

    In a recent thread in the Design sub-forum there was a discussion regarding the E23 and the E25 rudders. Perhaps some of the year models have rudders made of 9/4 mahogany. I know that my E25 rudder does not; rather, it is constructed in a fashion similar to that of the centerboard - a carbon...
  8. davisr

    using Dow Corning 795 Silicone to caulk glass-gasket joint in portlight

    I'm wanting to hang on to my original aluminum-framed portlights with tempered glass. I plan to rebed the portlights to the exterior of the cabin with butyl tape. This question does not concern that part of the job. Instead it concerns the gasket that holds the glass within the frame. I want to...
  9. davisr

    oem cleat issues

    Does anyone have cleats that look like these? I pulled these off today. It was impossible to turn the screw heads, so I went down below. In the chain locker, I was easily able to remove the nuts. Went back on deck. Still impossible to get any movement from the screws. Went down below. Tapped the...
  10. davisr

    wiring bilge switches when using ACR and 1/2/Both/Off Switch

    In doing the research and planning for the rewiring of my boat, I've frequently consulted Don Casey and Nigel Calder, but I've found Maine Sail's many pictures and postings to be especially helpful, especially when planning the main circuit. Maine often discusses the use of an Echo or ACR and...
  11. davisr

    where's your holding tank vent?

    Vikings, Where are your holding tank vents? I'm trying to figure out where to install mine. I'm thinking of putting the through-hull (or hulls) just beneath the sheer stripe, but I'm a little concerned about water intrusion. I've found two links that show two different approaches. Thanks for...
  12. davisr

    ericson masthead toggles

    I've searched around and haven't had any luck finding other discussions on this subject. The toggles on m E25 are 3 1/2 inches long and 1/8 inch thick. For some reason or another they have 5/16 inch pins. The tangs for the shrouds, on the other hand, have 3/8 inch pins. At any rate, like many...
  13. davisr

    Grounding for AC and DC

    I've spent a lot of time reading Don Casey, Nigel Calder, and the many helpful postings by MaineSail on this and other forums regarding rewiring projects. I have several charts and diagrams that I'd like to pass by everyone soon in order to get some learned opinions. First, though, I would...
  14. davisr

    converting from wire-rope halyard to all-rope

    It's time to replace my wire-rope halyards. I've read various books and postings on the benefits of converting from wire-rope halyards to all-rope. My question, therefore, is not whether or not I should make the conversion, but how best to make it. My existing wire is 7 x 19, 5/32 inch. The...
  15. davisr

    wire luffs in ericson sails

    Vikings, I don't believe that my jib is original to my 1975 E25cb, but I can say that it has been around for a while. It has a wire luff sewn into it. This wire luff is used in an old Schaefer roller furler with a drum at the bottom and a swivel at the top. The original purchase documents that...
  16. A

    E-25 cb bimini?

    Has anyone put a bimini on there e-25? If so how did you do it and do you have any pictures?
  17. raslocum

    E25 trailer for trade or sale.

    I'm on Lake Texoma. I have no plans to ever trailer my e25. Anybody interested? I'd be happy to trade for a good 8hp outboard. I'd also be happy to trade for cash. Fyi, this trailer is set up for a centerboard model e25. Trailer is in decent shape. was stripped and re-primed with a 2...
  18. J

    E25 sails

    I have 7 head sales and 2 main sails for a E-25 for sale. All sails are in good to excellent shape. I also have a used Hood sea flex furler, a e-25 mast with standing rigging and boom, and a mast step and base. I am located in North Carolina.
  19. M

    E25 Tabernacle

    I'm looking for a mast tabernacle for an E25. Mine is broken at the base of it. If you have one or know where I might get one you can email me at mskpsm@gmail.com & I'll be forever in your debt. Thanks. Mark
  20. P

    Main Sail E-25+?

    I've gotta replace my Main for my E-25+. Is there a place when I can learn what the dimensions ought to be? Thanks Pat NH USA