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    A friend caught this picture of us heading to the starting line for a race this past October.
  2. Donny


    Donny Phillips was live.
  3. M

    E25 Rudder Gudgeon Plastic Bushing Replacement

    I finally have my new (for me) 1973 E25. For safety I removed the rudder for transport on the trailer (lifting line was pretty weathered) and noticed the plastic bushings in the rudder rod gudgeons (1/2"SS rod) were cracked and brittle. Anyone know of a source of new bushings? As a last...
  4. J

    E25 CB running rigging dimensions

    Am digging into getting my E25 CB on the water - and don't have the original sheets to make measurements. Does anyone have recommendations for diameter and length for main, jib, genoa and spinnaker sheets? thanks
  5. mwelter

    For Sale 1975 Ericson E25 $7500.00 or with trailer $9300.00

    1975 Ericson E25 Sold for $8000.00 5-14-16 25’ Ericson Sailboat 1975 with trailer Turn-key condition 1. Beam 8’ 2. Draft: Swing keel 2’ to 5’ 3. Displacement 5,400 lbs. 4. Ballast 2,500 lbs. 5. Towing weight a. Axels 6,780 lbs. b. Tung 580 6. Sleeps 6 ( V-birth & 2 double settees) Sailing...
  6. davisr

    Ericson 25 Hull Restoration

    Some time ago I had finally had enough of the dull and pasty looking hull that I had inherited from the previous owner. Drawing upon the advice of Maine Sail in his Sailnet article on the subject, I compounded, polished, and waxed the hull. Some time later I did the same to the deck and the...
  7. davisr

    Ericson 25 Rudder Repair

    In a recent thread in the Design sub-forum there was a discussion regarding the E23 and the E25 rudders. Perhaps some of the year models have rudders made of 9/4 mahogany. I know that my E25 rudder does not; rather, it is constructed in a fashion similar to that of the centerboard - a carbon...
  8. davisr

    using Dow Corning 795 Silicone to caulk glass-gasket joint in portlight

    I'm wanting to hang on to my original aluminum-framed portlights with tempered glass. I plan to rebed the portlights to the exterior of the cabin with butyl tape. This question does not concern that part of the job. Instead it concerns the gasket that holds the glass within the frame. I want to...
  9. davisr

    oem cleat issues

    Does anyone have cleats that look like these? I pulled these off today. It was impossible to turn the screw heads, so I went down below. In the chain locker, I was easily able to remove the nuts. Went back on deck. Still impossible to get any movement from the screws. Went down below. Tapped the...
  10. davisr

    wiring bilge switches when using ACR and 1/2/Both/Off Switch

    In doing the research and planning for the rewiring of my boat, I've frequently consulted Don Casey and Nigel Calder, but I've found Maine Sail's many pictures and postings to be especially helpful, especially when planning the main circuit. Maine often discusses the use of an Echo or ACR and...
  11. davisr

    where's your holding tank vent?

    Vikings, Where are your holding tank vents? I'm trying to figure out where to install mine. I'm thinking of putting the through-hull (or hulls) just beneath the sheer stripe, but I'm a little concerned about water intrusion. I've found two links that show two different approaches. Thanks for...
  12. davisr

    ericson masthead toggles

    I've searched around and haven't had any luck finding other discussions on this subject. The toggles on m E25 are 3 1/2 inches long and 1/8 inch thick. For some reason or another they have 5/16 inch pins. The tangs for the shrouds, on the other hand, have 3/8 inch pins. At any rate, like many...
  13. davisr

    Grounding for AC and DC

    I've spent a lot of time reading Don Casey, Nigel Calder, and the many helpful postings by MaineSail on this and other forums regarding rewiring projects. I have several charts and diagrams that I'd like to pass by everyone soon in order to get some learned opinions. First, though, I would...
  14. davisr

    converting from wire-rope halyard to all-rope

    It's time to replace my wire-rope halyards. I've read various books and postings on the benefits of converting from wire-rope halyards to all-rope. My question, therefore, is not whether or not I should make the conversion, but how best to make it. My existing wire is 7 x 19, 5/32 inch. The...
  15. davisr

    wire luffs in ericson sails

    Vikings, I don't believe that my jib is original to my 1975 E25cb, but I can say that it has been around for a while. It has a wire luff sewn into it. This wire luff is used in an old Schaefer roller furler with a drum at the bottom and a swivel at the top. The original purchase documents that...
  16. A

    E-25 cb bimini?

    Has anyone put a bimini on there e-25? If so how did you do it and do you have any pictures?
  17. raslocum

    E25 trailer for trade or sale.

    I'm on Lake Texoma. I have no plans to ever trailer my e25. Anybody interested? I'd be happy to trade for a good 8hp outboard. I'd also be happy to trade for cash. Fyi, this trailer is set up for a centerboard model e25. Trailer is in decent shape. was stripped and re-primed with a 2...
  18. J

    E25 sails

    I have 7 head sales and 2 main sails for a E-25 for sale. All sails are in good to excellent shape. I also have a used Hood sea flex furler, a e-25 mast with standing rigging and boom, and a mast step and base. I am located in North Carolina.
  19. M

    E25 Tabernacle

    I'm looking for a mast tabernacle for an E25. Mine is broken at the base of it. If you have one or know where I might get one you can email me at mskpsm@gmail.com & I'll be forever in your debt. Thanks. Mark
  20. P

    Main Sail E-25+?

    I've gotta replace my Main for my E-25+. Is there a place when I can learn what the dimensions ought to be? Thanks Pat NH USA
  21. W

    E25 Starboard Bulkhead Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1973 E25 that I am working to bring back up to respectable condition. One of the issues is replacement of the aft bulkheads where the chain plates attach. The port was easy to remove and use for a pattern. However, it appears the only way to replace the other is to cut it...
  22. davisr

    which manual pump for holding tank?

    I am putting in a new head. I plan to route the outlet hose from the toilet to the holding tank. From there I plan to route one outlet hose to a deckplate for dockside pumpout, and another outlet hose to a through-hull for manual pumpout while underway. Whale sells two different "Mark V"...
  23. G

    E25 cb handling issues under power

    Hello, Just purchased a 1973 E25 cb. The boat came with a 9.9 outboard. Took the boat out for the first time in 20-25 knot winds and moderate chop. The boat was difficult to steer, heeled between 10 & 15 degrees and was almost impossible to bring into the wind. I didn't feel safe enough to motor...
  24. davisr

    anybody else have 1-1/4 inch waste outlet thru-hull?

    I recently removed the original waste outlet through-hull. It is is 1-1/4 inches. The norm, I believe, is 1-1/2 inches. At any rate, on my boat someone in the past used a reducing coupling to join the toilet's 1-1/2 waste hose to the 1-1/4 valve on the 1-1/4 through-hull. Not sure why they would...
  25. R

    E25+ for sale

    Fire sale price for my 1983 25+ $ 6k One of the last 10 built. Visit her website. http://home.comcast.net/~ericson25/site/
  26. davisr

    E25 rub rail and hull-to-deck joint

    There are quite a few threads out there that discuss rub rails and hull-to-deck joints. Many people favor Taco, others Wefco as sources for rub rail replacement. The hull-to-deck joint on the E25 appears to be similar in construction to what is found on other boats in the Ericson line. So...
  27. S

    E25 engine install

    I want to install an engine in my E25 swing keel. Anyone have any experience with this?
  28. D

    E25+ v. E27

    After looking for quite some time, I've decided that Ericson is my first choice. Inspected a 1979 E25+ yesterday that looks to be in generally good shape but it is a shoal draft (not my preference) and then happened upon an 78 E27 today. The 27 is the last of that make while the 25+ is the...
  29. Joe

    E25 Masthead Allows Rain to Enter Spar

    Is this standard or am I missing a membrane of some kind? I couldn't find any previous thread addressing this issue. Thanks.
  30. P

    E25+ Electrical/Shorepower?

    I just bought an '79 E25+ here in New Hampshire and it has what appears to be an A/C electrical panel in the Engine compartment (thru the panel below the sink) with 3 metal toggle switches on it and NO discernable markings. The paint has faded. The boat has ShorePower that seems to be original...
  31. A

    Leaking E25

    The last time I went to my boat, I had water in the bilge, Water on my port side counter, water on the port shelf behind the settee and water in the stowage lockers under the settee ( a lot!!! ) So I've been doing a bit of investigation as to when my boat is leaking. I thougt maybe it was...
  32. A

    E25 Front Hatch is old and rotting...

    So there are a few things I want to update on my Boat, one of them is my front hatch (Above the head) It doesn't stay open because one of the hinges pulled out of the rotted wood. I was thinking about just reusing the top plastic and making a new hatch with my mitre saw? I think it's pretty...
  33. A

    Some pics of a sunday sail on my E25

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/12192368@N08/sets/72157624049280149/show/ I'm the Guy with blonde hair, black glasses. Got Heel?!
  34. D

    Looking at an E25+ tomorrow...

    I am completely new to sailing. I've been on sailboats, but never sailed (if that makes sense). I'm signed up for adult lessons (2/wk, 4 wks) starting in June. In the mean time, I've continued my annual ritual (now in our 20+ year) of looking at sailboats for sale. This year, I've managed to...
  35. Kringe

    E-25 keel installation

    I will be installing my new keel in the coming week and amd wondering if anyone is interested in pictures of the process. I can post pics with progress along the way. Lemme know if anyone is interested..
  36. A

    E25 Bilge help - Drain question

    Hi, I washed out the inside of my boat today, I have the whale gusher pump attached in the cockpit. When I pump it, the water in the bilge near the stairs seems to drain fine. The water in the bilge near the v berth and the head doesn't seem to want to drain? There is some sorta device...
  37. A

    E25 mast raising...

    Hi, I'm about to raise the mast on my E25. I don't know if I have the hinge or not, does anyone have a pic? Basically if I do I can raise it with the shrouds / halyards? Looks pretty easy from the examples I've seen on the net. Adam
  38. Kringe

    E-25 Keel installation question

    I am installing my new keel next week and am interested in the pendant line setup. Since my keel fell off, I lost the cable and block assembly. Does anyone know exactly what I should be looking for as far as purchasing the right hardware to make a new pendant line and block assembly? Thanks in...
  39. Kringe

    Small bit of advice about e-25 keel installation

    So I am ready to pull the boat and install the new keel next week. Since I lost my keel I also lost the pendant cable and block. Does anyone have any advice as to how to contruct a new pendant line and which size it would be and what sized block I would use? I have seen pics but they are just...
  40. G

    E-25+ Out of Boston

    Not earth shattering news, but I haven't seen much in this category, so I thought I'd let you know that an E-25+ (Promises) will be sailing out of Boston toward Buzzard's Bay this weekend, with eventual home being New Bedford. I bought the boat end of season last year and this will be my first...
  41. davisr

    does brand of fiberglass cloth make a difference?

    I'm trying to get the best deal on fiberglass cloth (in the 6 oz. range) for several projects in which I plan to use West Systems epoxy. It seems there are three brands of cloth to choose from: West Systems Episize, Evercoat, and Composites One. It appears that the best deal on West Systems...
  42. davisr

    E25 Companionway Hatch

    Yesterday I tacked a question onto an old thread titled, "Making a Sliding Hatch." Today I am starting a new thread, because it seems I may be facing a problem that might be specific to the E25. This morning I removed several of the pieces of teak from my hatch to see what might be between the...
  43. A

    E25 Holding tank size?

    Hi, I currently have what looks like a porta potty with pumpout. I was considering a Jabsco compact with holding tank conversion. I'd have to add a holding tank and a through hull for the water inlet. (maybe this won't get done this year) So I guess I'm wondering what size holding tank fits...
  44. davisr

    deadrise for thru-hull

    I am in the process of upgrading the electrical system and electronics for my E25. I'm thinking about purchasing the new Garmin GPSMap 541s while the $100 rebate is in place. I'm looking a several different thru-hull transducer options. The existing thru-hull is about three feet forward of the...
  45. davisr

    plow anchor for E25-E27

    Would have posted this question on the recent discussion regarding the Anchor Poll thread. Since this is a specific question, though, I have chosen this format. I am outfitting my E25 for modest coastal cruising and know that it would be smart to include a plow-type anchor in my anchor inventory...
  46. A

    E25 V Berth dimensions?

    Hey guys, just verbally agreed to buy an E25. I'm pretty excited!! Do you know the dimesions of the V Berth? Are there any how - to's on extending the starboard settee into a double? Thanks!
  47. Kringe

    dropleaf table on E25

    Can anyone show pictures of their dropleaf table or have plans on how to construct a new one? I simply do not have a table on the interior of my boat and would like to have one of the fold up types. Would it be fairly easy to construct one?
  48. R

    Considering late model E26 and E25+

    We are land locked:esad:, so its occaisional over nights, but mostly day sailing for our family. I like the E26 for its inboard and it gives a bit of cruiser feel (keeps me dreaming). The 25+ to me seems more sleek and agile and better caters to the race side of me. Any input on these little...
  49. S

    E-25+ or E-27 in Tampa Bay/St. Pete area

    I originally posted this in the regional board but it was suggested that I might get more responses here. I'm relatively new to sailing and currently looking for a sailboat in the 25 to 28 foot range. Two near the top of my wish list are the Ericson 25+ and the Ericson 27. None are available...
  50. davisr

    battery compartment ventilation

    I'm thinking of using my starboard side cockpit locker as a compartment for two 6V golf-cart batteries wired in a series. Knowing that these flooded cells will release hydrogen during charging, I want to provide some passive ventilation for this locker so as to avoid the build up of this...
  51. davisr

    E23-E27 fuel tank ventilation

    Many with E23s and E25s have outboard motors. Some E26 and E27 owners do as well. I'm curious to know how many owners out there stow their fuel tank (or tanks) in the cockpit, near the motor. The fellow I bought my E25 from stowed his portable fuel tank in the starboard cockpit locker. When I...
  52. davisr

    getting more space from the lazarette

    The access to the lazarette in the E25 is not in the cockpit sole, but through a small door behind the companionway. This, of course, is where the engine would be - if my boat had an engine instead of an outboard - so some might refer to this space as the engine compartment. At any rate, it...
  53. davisr

    E25 shorepower connection

    I am currently researching my options in terms of rewiring my E25. One feature that I would like to add to the boat is a shore-power receptacle, so that, in the modest coastal cruising that I am planning on doing, I may stay overnight in transient slips from time to time for the purpose of...
  54. davisr

    E25 series or parallel circuits?

    In the month since I have purchased my E25, cb, I have been removing deck hardware for rebedding and have been reworking the centerboard. Concurrently, I have been doing research for some other needed upgrades, one of which concerns the wiring. I have been reading Don Casey's two books, This Old...
  55. Joe

    E25cb Backstay Chainplate Access

    I'm now stripping the boat of all deck hardware for rebedding and repaint. I've been struggling all morning to remove the backstay chainplates (as well as the rear lifeline and navigation light) through the lazarettes. I really don't want to go through this struggle when I reattach them, so I'm...
  56. davisr

    e25 centerboard trailering weight

    Dear E25 cb Owners, I am in the process of buying and e25 centerboard version. At the same time I am also in the market for a good galvanized trailer that I can use to trailer launch the boat in salt water. Since there are no good used sailboat trailers of this kind that I can find on the...
  57. P

    Information needed on E25 purchase

    I am in the process of searching for a trailerable boat. So far the search have been concerned on boats like the Ranger 23 and Catalina 25s as these are available around here. I have always been a fan of Ericsons having rented an E 28 years ago for a night sail on the SF Bay. I am currently...
  58. Rob Hessenius

    E-25 Sleeved Mast Success Story

    After a long winter of mast repair, my boat finally went under wind power this weekend. I will admit I stared at the mast all day and listened to every creak that the boat made. I lost a total of 5" off the height. Total cost of the project was a few doolars shy of $600, all in materials...
  59. wolly bugger

    E-25 sucesfull mast raising

    I bought the boat a couple of weeks ago, the previous owner had never taken the mast down, but I had to for transportation. I read and reread the booklet about mast raising as well as many posts from this website. Everything seemed easy and made sense except those boom guys :confused:. It all...
  60. J

    E25 CB/Rig project help

    Just realiized I probably put this in the wrong (for sale) post I'm trying to prepare my 1974 E25 CB for sale and I am waist deep in projects: I have the mast down to replace the standing rigging and I would like to fix a bend I put in it many years ago when I snapped a cap shroud in a blow...
  61. J

    E25 Presale Project Help ??

    I'm trying to prepare my 1974 E25 CB for sale and I am waist deep in projects: I have the mast down to replace the standing rigging and I would like to fix a bend I put in it many years ago when I snapped a cap shroud in a blow, its a minor bend (about 3" end to end unstayed) but it is too...
  62. Rob Hessenius

    Demasting E25

    A couple of people asked me to tell of my demasting expierence last year. Its kinda long and a story that you really dont like to relive. I hope this might help out someone out in the future. This happened on Sept 15th last year. Last spring I decided that I was just going to replace all...
  63. K

    Lake Lanier GA

    Yesterday I moved my E25 to it's new slip and as it turns out there was another Ericson in the slip next to me. It made me wonder if there were more of us Georgians on this board. I'd love to hear from you! Looking forward to meeting my new neighbor this summer. Ken
  64. M

    E-25+ For Cruising Mexico?

    I have just been (almost) given a very nice E-25+. She has the original saildrive(?) which isn't running, but has an outboard mounted on the transom. Don't know what is wrong with the saildrive, or even if its worth fixing, but that's not the jest of my questions. Knowing the draft is a little...
  65. R

    E25+ For Sale (price reduction)

    Good condition, $11,500 http://home.comcast.net/~ericson25/site/
  66. R

    E25+ For sale

    1983 25+ for sale. located in Connecticut. Visit my webb site: http://home.comcast.net/~ericson25/site/
  67. Cruzzor

    Where to put the compass on E-25

    A friend just gave me a brand new Ritchie B-51 Bracket Mount Compass. Cockpit space is limited on the E-25, I'm thinking of a temporary mounting scheme so I don't have to leave it out all the time. Any (smaller) Ericson owners with ideas? Pictures?
  68. D

    E25 Traveler Replacement

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">I'm considering replacing/upgrading...
  69. gjersvik

    E-25 w/trailer For Sale (Hull #81)

    Serenity, a 1973 E-25, with many improvements, is for sale. The attached flyer should answer most questions about the boat, but I will be happy to answer any remaining questions. Contact information is included on the attached flyer. - Charlie
  70. J

    E25 Rudder

    :mad: Well it happened. While out for an extended sail my brother yelled LOG and then BANG!!! Broken rudder. Not only the rudder but also the top casting which includes the top gudgeon and tiller mount. The gudgeon is ok but the tiller mount is shot. We were able to jury rig it and made the 40...
  71. D

    E25 Porta Pottie Installation

    My "new to me" 1977 E25 came with a brand new portpottie that was unmounted. The base of the john is too large for the molded base in my enclosed head. Is there a special john that fits the small angular base, or do I have to make something to attach the standard hold downs to, and hold the...
  72. E

    E25 Damaged Luff Track

    :esad:I had a tree fall on my E25 while it was on the trailor in the driveway. The mast took the brunt of the impact. As you can see from the pictures the mast luff track was damaged. I live in East Tennessee where the number of trusted experienced folks to repair this type of damage is...
  73. D

    Spreader bracket needed for E25

    I need to replace a broken Spreader bracket on my 1977 E25. Does anyone have one, or know who makes replacements. Pic is of good one! thanks
  74. rbonilla

    e25 1970 somethin' ??

    :egrin: greetings fellow vikings... i l@@ked at an e25 today, they guy thought is was a 1983 or so...the molding and interior didn't look it to me... hull id # is >> ERY25112M74A so...its been a while since i red the numbers...but, i believe he has a ericson 25, hull 112 , built in...
  75. R

    E25+ For sale

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am putting my 1983 E25+ up for sale. Once sold I will be looking for a E30+ or E32/E34. She sails very well, I've put 600 miles under her keel this past season and 500 the season before that. See pic's at...
  76. J

    What size engine for an E25

    What size engine for an E-25 I just recently bought an E25 and need to buy a new engine. (it came with a seagull motor). I'd like to get one big enough to have an alternator to be able to help charge the batteries. Will the transom support a 102 pound 4 stroke? Thanks for your input!
  77. T

    Difference between the 1978 E25 and the E25+?

    Can someone please tell me if by the hull numbers, you can determine which your boat is. E25 or E25+. A few years ago, someone wrote, if she had 6window lights, 3 each port and starboard, it was a 25+ as the plain E25 had only set of 2. Sure would appreciate some clarification. Thanks.:confused:
  78. T

    E25+ for Sale: Dallas TX

    Reduced price. Husband's illness and disability is forcing sale. She was fully refitted June 2003. New gel-coat, bottom paint, and interior make over with new custom berth cushions, salon and galley updates. She has been lovingly maintained and cared for. If any interest or questions email...
  79. Cruzzor

    E-25 Water Storage Tank Capacity

    I have a 1976 E-25. Anyone know how many gallons the water storage tank holds?
  80. Rob Hessenius

    E- 25's and E-23's Centerboard

    Hey Guys- I removed my centerboard today. If anyone needs some pictures related to the board or trunk, now is the time. Just let me know what you need. Rob Hessenius
  81. Rob Hessenius

    E-25 CB Third Window Question

    I know there are some 25's CB's out there that people have added a third window similar to the 25+,27, 29's. My question is what size have you added or have on your boat? I want it to be propotionate to the main cabin lights. I know one light will be in the head and opposite, above the...
  82. Joe

    E25 Cradle

    I'm about to start on the manufacture of a cradle for the E25 so that I can work on the centerboard now and in the future. I intend laminating three 3/4" exterior plywood sheets together to make Keel Profiles at two places: 6" or so in front and back of the centerboard cavity. These two...
  83. raslocum

    outboard for E-25?

    When I bought my boat last year, the deal did not include the engine. The former owner let me have free use of it for the majority of a year, however. Finally, he came to retrieve it, and I need a replacement. What it was running was an 8 horse Tohatsu 2 stroke w/ alternator, and electric...
  84. R

    E25+ for sale

    I am putting my 1983 E25+ up for sale. Once sold I will be looking for a E30+ or E32/E34. She sails very well, I've put 600 miles under her keel this season and 500 last season. See pic's at http://home.comcast.net/~ericson25/ericson.html s/v Breeze Rich
  85. J

    E-25 hull shape

    I've had my '74 E-25 for about 3 months or so and I'm very happy with it so far. Moving up from a Hunter 23 has made a lot of difference. I do have a design question. On boats this size and smaller with centerboards or fixed keels, I've noticed that the hull aft of the keel has a gentle...
  86. M

    e-25 Outboard Battery Cable...route to battery box?

    I have on my e-25, an older 7.5 hp Merc with electric start and an alternator so that batteries charge when the motor runs. Access to my battery box is in the cabin, under the steps. My portable gas tank is located in the gas locker (in the cockpit starboard-side storage box) with the fuel...
  87. B

    1976 E-25 For Sale $6500

    Currently near Helena, Montana Center board model (also ballasted) Sails great! Good mechanical condition, some minor cosmetic blemishes consistent with its age. Mainsail, Genoa, and Jib in good condition. Spinnaker and whisker pole that I've never used but assume to be in good shape...
  88. S

    New E25 Centerboard and Rudder

    Just a note to say that my new E25 centerboard and rudder worked flawlessly (pics were shown in a previous post). The new centerboard, made out of High Density Plastic with a lead-weighted tip (about 50# total weight of the board) was a joy to work with. Just a quick pull with the hands and up...
  89. S

    E25 Boom Needed

    I have a broken boom and it ain't fixable. Sooooo, I need to replace it. Don't ask, I did something really stupid. The extrusion cross-section doesn't appear to be manufactured anymore. I have a new loose-footed main. What are my options? Is there something out there now that I should...
  90. J

    Water in E25 bilge

    I've found water in the bilge under the head and forward sole access plates. However, there is no water under the rear sole access plate where the bilge pump pickup is found. Are there limber holes to move the water aft? If not, is there a way to get the water to the bilge pump? Again, thanks.
  91. J

    Rig tension for E25

    Being new to my E25 (#137) and and having owned only fractional rigs before, I have questions about several things. Because a masthead rig is new to me, I'll start with rig tuning. I've read the posts here and on several web sites where opinions vary widely. So, I started with the owners manual...
  92. J

    Need to move Bow Eye, E-25

    Hi - just brought my new old '74 E25 (#137) home and I'm in the process of getting it ready for the water. I'm moving up from a Hunter 23 (it's for sale btw) and so far I'm impressed by the increased quality of the Ericson. Seems like a much stronger boat with better quality of finish...
  93. S

    E25 New Centerboard and Rudder Pics

    Here are four pictures of the new centerboard and rudder that I had Idasailor Marine build for me out of high density rigid polymer. I haven't sailed them yet but am relieved that the centerboard project is really done now, fixed right, and maintenance free. Incidentally, I took Bob Boe's...
  94. R

    Wanted sails for a E25+

    I am looking for a used Main and Jib, in good condition for my 1983 E25+. Thanks Rich
  95. S

    E25 Rudder/Tiller For Sale

    I have a nice condition, undamaged tiller and rudder for sale from my Ericson 25 c/b if anyone is interested. This one has never split, it doesn't appear to have ever needed repair for PO damage, not been been abused, nothing is bent, no rust pouring out of it, and hardware on rudder included...
  96. P

    E25 sails needed

    I need a mainsail for my E25 (not E25+).
  97. B

    E-25 C/B for sale, Homer, Alaska- REDUCED**

    Sitting pretty, Homer, Alaska. Very solid, clean boat- Good trailer (all new brakes, electrical, tires, etc) New through hulls and standing rigging '06. $8,500/obo- Balloon payment due in ten days on new boat and MUST SELL! www.alaskaboat.com/pl072.htm brian icreate@alaska.net
  98. E

    E25 Chain Plate/Bulkhead Connection Structural

    I am looking at purchasing a '74 E25. The owner has indicated that the bulkhead around the chain plates has received water penetration. He has re-enforced the bulkhead. Two questions: Is this chain plate/bulkhead connection structural? If so, does this fix look solid?
  99. M

    E25 main sail for sale

    E25 150 genoa for sale I have a 150 genoa for a CB E25. No tears or damage. I would say that it is in fair to good condition. Asking $150.00. drshrein@cox.net
  100. L

    Cabin top repair (E-25)

    I have a 1974 E 25 centerboard that needs core replacement on the cabin top. I need suggestions/advice from anyone who has done this repair and how to keep it from leaking and rotting again.