1. Solar Arch is Finished

    E26-2 Solar Arch is Finished

    So I finally launched and got the arch assembled the rig went up and oh my god the back stay missed it. I planned on it but you know that guy Murphy. Its putting out about 8 amps of DC and I'm happy as hell.
  2. S

    E26 Built in the 1970's?

    My husband and I are looking at two different E26's in our area (Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA). They are both built in the early 70's, according to their current owners -- one in '71 ($3500) and one in '72 ($8,000). We have been looking for more info on them but have come up short. According to...
  3. yodaears

    E26 reefing

    I had a friend take my main sail off of my E26 and he pulled the reefing lines through the boom. I can't remember how it sets up. Can someone take a picture of the setup? Its a stock isomat boom. Thanks!!
  4. J

    Lazy Jacks on E26

    After two yearssailing my 87 E26, I've come to the conclusion I need to install lazy jacks. Wesail on steep L. Erie waves and lowering the main is a little too exciting formy comfort level. There is an excellent Good Old Boat article on the subjectand together with EY.O input I've grasped the...
  5. kelargo

    E26 mast length?

    I have a E26 (1985) and it needs a new mast. The original is gone. Would there be any problems putting a 32' 9" mast on it? The extrusion is 4" x 7" shape. I believe this mast is a little bit longer than the original. I guess it can be cut down.. but I'm wondering it its ok to use this...
  6. A

    E-25 cb bimini?

    Has anyone put a bimini on there e-25? If so how did you do it and do you have any pictures?
  7. J

    transducer location?

    I have a 1969 e26 and am armpit deep in overhauling the whole boat it seems. At this time I am looking for a place to install a transducer inside the boat against the hull. Has anyone had any success with installing a transducer against the hull using epoxy? At the moment I am unsure if the hull...
  8. B

    E26 Holding tank?

    My 1988 Ericson 26 was fitted with a small holding tank (6 gallons) by the previous owner. Looking at the brochure, it seems the boat can take a 13 gallon tank. When I look on the web, there are a huge variety of holding tanks available. Can someone to take a look at their holding tank and...
  9. K

    E-26 New Owner Questions

    just got a 26' sail boat and know nothing about it i have had power boats would love to learn sailing can anyone please give me pointers its in my driveway now i have no owners manual not sure how to find one online thanks
  10. P

    New Owner of The Creamy Pint E26

    Just thought I'd stop in and say hello. I picked up The Creamy Pint in Oxnard a few months ago and will be continuing the legacy of this fine boat. It's a 1967 E 26, Hull #53. The previous owner was on this site, you'll never guess his member name, but this looks like a great community for...
  11. B

    E26 best tiller extension?

    Question for other owners of the E26 with tillers. I bought a 1988 this fall and have been doing a number of projects getting it ready for the spring. I wanted to put a tiller extension on. Although the previous owner didn't have an extension mounted, the port seatback does have a tiller lock...
  12. R


    LOOKS LIKE IT GOT SOLD! I do not know the owner. Boat is at our Marina... Looks like a nice boat. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=14665916&cat=197&lpid=&search=
  13. D

    E26 Fin Keel height?

    Can anyone tell me how long the fin keel on an E26 is? I'm considering the purchase of one 1300 miles away and considering transporting myself on a friends trailer because the shipping quotes are simply too expensive. The trailer has adjustable brackets but I need to confirm that their minimum...
  14. D

    Need an E26 Anchor Locker Hatch Cover

    I've just bought a 1988 E-26 and need a replacement anchor-locker hatch cover. Any ideas where I might find one? Don Calcote (donc3317@gmail.com):esad:
  15. B

    New to me E26 - stiff steering

    Well, I'm happy to say I've closed the deal on the E26 that I've been asking questions about re: cockpit led reefing. I worked on the boat over the weekend and with the help of the previous owner measured for new sails. Today, I met with the sailmaker and those are underway. Attached are a...
  16. R

    1988 E26 Rudder WANTED

    Trashed the rudder on a reef. Need replacement. Long shot, but I thought I'd post!
  17. B

    Best "all round" genoa for E26

    <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 251); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 251);" size="1"> Looking for a little advice from you experienced E25+ and E26 owners.... I'm about to purchase a 1988 E26 (hopefully before week is out) and it needs new sails. I'm...
  18. B

    E26 Reefing

    I've got a handshake on a 1988 E26. The boat is good shape, the surveyor gave me a thumbs up. There are few things that I need to do, but nothing drastic. I'm sure I'll be hitting you all up for information over the coming months (and years!). One question - I'll be ordering new sails and I...
  19. T

    Looking at E26 1984 for purchase

    Thank you in advance for any comments. I am looking at an 1984 E26 for purchase. I am a newbe to the E26 and wanted pros and cons to this boat. Anything I should be careful to look at to make sure I am not buying a hidden project boat??. I am considering a haul out for full survey, with...
  20. Jeff Asbury

    Anybody know this E-26?

    Anybody on this board own, or know the whereabouts of this E-26? These were shot in 2001 before my Brother In Law sold it. Photos taken at Zittel's Marina near Olympia, WA. As you can see on the transom she's named Hideout. She was the boat that sold me on the Ericson brand. Just curious...
  21. J

    Reefing points

    I need suggestions on where to put reefing points on my main sail. I just bought the 1987 e 26-2 (fractional rig) with a nice crisp set of north sails but no previous owner ever had reefing put in. I do. I'm dropping the sail off to a sailmaker in a few days and need to make a decision. I'm not...
  22. S

    E26 Asymetrical

    How have others flown Asymetrical Spinnakers from the E26? I have read the threads on the use of the "Tacker" type gizmos and have concluded the best way to fly is via some type of bowsprit or direct attachment to the anchor roller. On my boat the pulpit stanchions partially block the anchor...
  23. J

    Changing halogen bulb mast light/new stereo

    I sent my 13 year old up to see how we (he) can replace a burnt out halogen bulb. Together we were unsuccessful figuring out how to make it a "quick fix". It looks like the whole assembly needs to come off the mast. Yes? No? Advise? Also, the wife and kids bought me an early father...
  24. S

    E26 (1987) transom thru-hulls

    My E26 has 3 lines that drain through the transom. 2 are cockpit drains and 1 is for the manual bilge pump. They are 1 1/2" nylon. Twenty three years of UV have caused them to crack on the inside along the bottoms. This causes them to leak into the bilge-whenever it rains. Has anyone figured out...
  25. R

    E26 Rigging

    Finally got my 88 E26 home:egrin:! What a beautiful boat! She came with a cruising spinnaker. I am trying to figure out the rigging for the halyard. Based on the lables the PO placed, the genoa halyard exits just above the headstay as expected, the main exits rear at the masthead, and the...
  26. markvone

    Keel Type/Draft from Hull Number?

    Does anyone have (or know of) documentation that will identify the keel configuration (std, shoal or wing) from the Hull Identification Number for the 1984 - 1988 Ericson 26? It will save me a trip to visit ERY26385G888 if it doesn't have the std/deep keel. Thanks! Mark
  27. davisr

    plow anchor for E25-E27

    Would have posted this question on the recent discussion regarding the Anchor Poll thread. Since this is a specific question, though, I have chosen this format. I am outfitting my E25 for modest coastal cruising and know that it would be smart to include a plow-type anchor in my anchor inventory...
  28. R

    Considering late model E26 and E25+

    We are land locked:esad:, so its occaisional over nights, but mostly day sailing for our family. I like the E26 for its inboard and it gives a bit of cruiser feel (keeps me dreaming). The 25+ to me seems more sleek and agile and better caters to the race side of me. Any input on these little...
  29. markvone

    WANTED: '84-87 E26 w/std keel & tiller

    Boat must be the 4'11" std/comp keel version. I'd prefer a fresh water cooled engine, but the 7.5 hp Yanmar is OK. I'm not crazy about the lack of teak in the '88 model interior, but the right boat (and price!) might change my mind. Boat will be berthed in the Annapolis, MD area, so I'll...
  30. S

    E26 Scupper thru hulls

    Finally found the source of the water that continually collects in the bilge of my 87 E26. It is the plastic fittings that go thru the transom. Does anyone know the hole size and the hose size? Should I go with bronze?
  31. davisr

    E23-E27 fuel tank ventilation

    Many with E23s and E25s have outboard motors. Some E26 and E27 owners do as well. I'm curious to know how many owners out there stow their fuel tank (or tanks) in the cockpit, near the motor. The fellow I bought my E25 from stowed his portable fuel tank in the starboard cockpit locker. When I...
  32. S

    E26 auto bilge pump

    I would like to install an electric bilge pump in my '87 E26, along with a float switch. Can anyone tell me how it was done at the factory? What kind of pump (self priming, remote or centrifigal), location, routing of hoses and location of overboard fitting? I am hoping to not have to cut...
  33. T

    Can someone tell me which of the E26 models this is?

    Can someone tell me which of the various E26 models this is? (The lack of a cutout on the transom confuses me.) http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/boa/1275492974.html I'm thinking of driving down and having a look to see how much of a project this really is and am trying to do my research ahead...
  34. S

    E26 Cabin Deck Thickness??

    Zoran (AKA Akavishon) was kind enough to give me his old rope clutches which were in good shape. I will use one on my E26 for the mainsheet halyard to simplify the hoisting process. Before I drill, I was wondering if anyone knew the approximate thickness of the cabin deck of a E26-2 (1988), so...
  35. D

    e26 san francisco

    Hey now, my name is Mark and I was wondering if there were any other e26 owners around the bay. I have a 1968 e26 and I would love to get some ideas/advice. Look forward to hearing from you.