1. T


    Hi all, when we got our E27 a few years ago one of the PO’s had removed the toilet and holding tank. We have been using a port a pot but now I am ready to reinstall a jasco head. i have 2 questions. 1: what is under the head ledge (for lack of a correct name)? Our boat has no access to that...
  2. Rigging Aloft

    Rigging Aloft

  3. Salon


    Our salon looking forward.
  4. IMG 20191215 1550597

    IMG 20191215 1550597

  5. Bow View

    Bow View

    View from port side.
  6. Bow Shot

    Bow Shot

  7. "No Problem"

    E29 "No Problem"

    I guess it's time to introduce "No Problem," the ~1971 Ericson 29 Tall (double spreader model with inboard lowers) hull #8 I picked up two years ago and began to re(build)fit. There will be quite a few chapters in this blog due to the sheer volume of work going into her. I want to preface...
  8. J

    In Search Of 1979 E27 Cradle

    I recently moved to a marina closer to my home and they are pushing on my getting for a cradle for winter storage. Either that or unstep the mast and put it on stands, which they really seem to dislike. Does anyone have a cradle they would like to part with or specs to build the cradle. I am...
  9. C

    WANTED: Bimini and cockpit cushions '78 E27

    Hey guys! I am looking for a Bimini/dodger and some cushions for my cockpit. If it can fit a 1978 E27 that would be great. I am located near Marina Del Rey, LA, CA Im tired of sitting in the sun all day. Thanks!
  10. Forward Deck

    Forward Deck

    I pressured washed the whole deck. Looks great except for the hand rail we took off. Epoxy and a lot of sanding required too.
  11. Bow Wrapped for Winter!

    Bow Wrapped for Winter!

    Finally tarped for the winter. That was a tough job. We used a 50 ft tarp and cut it into 3 sizes. With the help of tarp cli...
  12. Our New Boat!

    Our New Boat!

    We just bought the Dolphin. She was sitting on stands in the marina for almost 2 years. Not in too bad of shape!
  13. Springtime at Last!

    Springtime at Last!

    Here we are in late April and we finally removed the tarps. We have a ton of work to do. We had a good winter, with not much snow...
  14. S

    50 year old fiberglass! When does the last owner get stuck with garbage?

    I’m looking at a 1971 E27 locally. 50 years old right around the corner. Surely even the best maintained boats have a final shelf life? Thoughts?
  15. C

    '78 E27 Cabin hacks

    Hey! I have a 1978 Ericson 27 and i am looking for some inspiration/ideas on how to customize my cabin for better storage and space. Feel free to send over pictures and diagrams of how you have made your E27 PERRRFFEECCTTT! Thank you for all the support!
  16. cworley

    1976 E27 - Replacement Spreaders

    Hello - Need to replace the 2 aluminum spreaders on my 1976 E27, they have developed some pitting and do not look very dependable anymore. Does anyone know of a vendor who sells replacements? I have never replaced spreaders. Replacement looks relatively straight forward. Any suggestions...
  17. C

    1978 E27 Fuel Indicator

    Hey! I need to replace my fuel indicator because the receiver wire is missing. I attempted to take it out but gas started to slowly come out so i stopped. I guess i still had some fuel in the tank . Does anyone happen to know the length of the fuel indicator? OR does anyone have a...
  18. C

    WANTED - Teak Handrails for 1978 E27

    Hey! I am looking for some nice teak handrails for my 1978 E27. Currently I have those ugly black ones and would love to get some teak on my deck. I am located in Marina Del Rey, LA, CA Thanks!
  19. V

    E 27 boom install and rigging

    Hi, We have been recovering a 1978 E27 here in Valparaíso, Chile. When my friends removed the mast, they forgot to take pictures of the very special way the boom and the mainsheet rigging were installed:esad:. It seems a quite tricky system. Could anybody owning a similar one, please, send us...
  20. C

    '78 E27 Atomic 4 Universal Overheating

    Got a strange issue (at least strange to me), I bought my boat 2.5 weeks ago and it was running great the first weekend... well after I got new batteries. I took her out last Saturday (cinco de mayo), she warmed up for about 15-20 mins. While warming up I had it in neutral and little to no...