1. vanilladuck

    Galvanic Isolator mounting location E32-3

    Installing a galvanic isolator on Rumour, an Ericson 32-3: Any suggestions from experience, word of mouth, or hearsay on where to mount this thing? Instructions say to keep it in a dry ventilated area and it only needs to be connected inline of the green grounding conductor from the shore...
  2. vanilladuck

    YAHOO! Yet Another Haul Out Outline

    Having just had the E32-3 for a few months, I've only sailed her a handful of times and fixed a few things (eg. Boom Rehab and Stuffing Box, etc). After officially re-christening the boat this weekend, we took her out for a sunset sail around the SF Bay and the main sail got stuck on the way...
  3. vanilladuck

    Stuffing Box & Packing Material Choices

    Context: About to adjust the stuffing box on the E32-3 as it's dripping a little too much for my, albeit novice, taste. A drip every 2-3 seconds at the dock and a few drips a second underway in forward gear. I'm reading that it should be no drips at the dock and a 2-6 drips per minute with the...
  4. T

    Pondering replacing the interior ceiling/headliner E32-2

    This is down a ways on the priority list, I think re-coring the decks has more priority, but the replaced the center skylight/hatch with a smaller skylight/hatch and there is a 4" open area of fiberglass all the way around since the new one is much nicer, but smaller. I was thinking of pulling...
  5. F

    1987/88 E 32-300 Where is the battery charger?

    Still have old lead acid float charge batteries and switching to AGM so need to switch charger settings. Can't find the charger and know there is one on board since a "Statpower 20+" manual came with the boat suggesting a replacement by the previous owner(s). On the assumption the Statpower...
  6. Whats in a name?

    E32-3 Whats in a name?

    My Ericson 32-3 was built in 1985, hull number 657. The boat still has it’s original name in a faded graphic on it. The reason the boat doesn’t have a new name is quite simple. I suffer from analysis paralysis. I started with a list of about 50 names, and about 50 of them were terrible...
  7. The big flop theory.

    The big flop theory.

    A little about me… I’m new to owning and working on a sailboat, and I would suspect a lot of the stuff I’m writing is obvious to everyone but me. I’ve spent a good part of my life pushing pixels around the screen like a digital drug dealer to help lure audiences into buying sugar and renting...
  8. Filkee

    E32-3 Reefing Mysteries

    There is nothing I want more than to be able to reef my main. I mean, refrigeration would be nice but here I am in year two, more than a little baffled by the subtle differences between the pictures in the manual and the bits and pieces I have found in plastic bags under berths. Below are a few...
  9. S

    E32-3 battery size

    Currently I have two group 24 batteries in the original battery box with little space to spare. Manual says there should be two 105Ah batteries in there. I do not beleive I can get more than about 80Ah from group 24 meaning the box is supposed to accept larger batteries. Christian mentioned...
  10. J

    1986 E32-3 Water Intrusion, Structural Issues

    I am evaluating an E 32-3 for possible purchase and there is evidence of water intrusion (down mast and into shallow bilges) which was allowed to accumulate on floor over winters. Aside from the cosmetic issues presented, should this lead to concerns about resultant structural weakness. (the...
  11. M

    E32-3 Haulout - Seascape @ San Francisco Boatworks

    Hello Fellow Ericson Owners! I have owned Seascape, an Ericson 32-3 (vintage 1985) since the fall of 2013. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and I race and cruise in the bay and in near coastal waters. I have been reading this site for a few years but never really contributed much. I recently...
  12. M

    Feedback on Ericson 32-3 mast repair

    Hello, I'm seriously considering making an offer on a 1985 Ericson 32-3. My concern is that it appears to have some kind of mast repair. The work was done by a previous owner so I don't have more information than what's visible (pics below). There are two external plates riveted right above the...
  13. Christian Williams

    E32-3 Emergency Tiller Specs

    Both the rudder post extension and the crossbar are 40" long 1/8th" wall aluminum tubes. The post extension has an outside diameter of 2 and 3/8ths. The crossbar ("tiller") diameter is 1 and 1/2". The slot in the post tube is 6" long, declining in width from 3/4" to 1/2". This rig makes a...
  14. G

    WTB: Emergency Tiller / Emergency Clam Gun for E-32 MKIII

    I think the prior owner traded his emergency tiller for single malt. Anyone have one of these lying around? Don't make me try to fabricate one... I will subject you all to a blog post about it :egrin:. Second choice: Anyone made one of these and created a blog post about it that I can follow?
  15. G

    E32-3 Survey crowdsource comments please

    Gurus: We are getting a pre-purchase survey survey done later this week on a 1987 E32-3. The surveyor who is aware of this wonderful community very astutely commented: "As I'm sure you have studied the Ericson owners site and blogs in great depth, please advise (or send me links) to any known...
  16. G

    Windless test sail

    We are off for our demonstration sail on the "midwatch". Not a puff on the lake at this point but still - it beats doing chores!:rolleyes:
  17. W

    Tender E 32 MK III

    This question is a takeoff from the rudder post/question. I didn’t want to change the subject so I started a new thread. Seth, when in 24-26 knots of wind I had the 3<SUP>rd</SUP> reef in and my 90% jib about 50% rolled up and was still fighting to keep from rounding up into the wind. Loads of...