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    NWER.2005 - 79.jpg

    Day sail on Saturday...
  2. S

    Looking for an Ericson 29 - 35 (BC or Wa preferred)

    Hello all, Just in case someone here is thinking of selling, we are looking for our first keelboat. We had an offer on a '76 E29 which got away from us, but are now re-evaluating our size and budget parameters. Having studied most of the Ericson models from 27 through 35 (I love the 38, but...
  3. Tarrymore

    Difference between a mid-80's e32 MK II and MKIII

    Hello all, first post here and new to Ericson. So inspired by Christian Williams' YouTube videos I think I may have found my choice for my first 32. I also might just hold his channel record for most replays haha. I searched the forum for a "Difference between the 32 MKII vs MKII" thread...
  4. Survey Says?

    Survey Says?

    I had looked at a bunch of boats, walking around on their decks, rocking back and forth checking for soft spots, scanning the rigging for rust, examining engines, but mostly just wandering around getting fixated on things that now I know don’t cost a lot of money or time to fix, and completely...
  5. R

    TAFG layout for a 1987 E-32

    I am trying to find a drawing, picture or anything that will show me the layout of the TAFG on my 1987 E32. I am trying to route a drain line for the AC unit under the V berth to the shower sump to keep the AC drain water out of the bilge. I am looking for a path. My cabin sole is glued down...
  6. B

    Need help to identify winch from E32

    Hello, I lost one of my winch pawls to the sea floor. The boat is a 1971 E32. The winch is located on the starboard side of the mast for raising the main sail. All other winches on the boat are Barlows, but this one does not have any markings and it is not a Barlow (says the guy who sells Barlow...
  7. C

    WANTED - E27-E32 any year - SOCAL Area

    Hey guys! Looking for an Ericson 27ft to 32ft (1970s-1990s) sailboat in okay condition. I would love to find a boat that has a running engine, solid hull, and dry bilge. I don't mind fixing cosmetic issues. I am a young sailor looking to get my first boat. I have chartered for the past season...
  8. P

    Hull # for 1988 E32

    I recently purchased ERY32827C888. I'd like to understand what the number means and also confirm that the vessel is indeed a 1988. Can anyone advise on this?
  9. rbonilla

    anyone know this E32 owner in the Bay Area?

    "Seascape - Ericson 32-3 - PHRF Non-Spinnaker - Michael Bender" .... anyone know Michael..?? I am interested in getting in touch with him regarding his E32 "Seascape"...a BIG thanx !! Richard / Colorado :egrin:
  10. G

    selling my beloved E32-III. Long Beach, CA

    Hey folks, I took a job in Michigan and have to sell my beloved E32 "Tui". Owning her has been a privilege; a wonderful boat built by a fantastic company. She's in pristine shape and I hope to find a conscientious owner to be her next caretaker. Check it out here...
  11. A

    E32 Scorpion Spreader Length?

    Just picked up an E32 Scorpion (project boat at this point) and the spreaders are missing. Anybody out there have a clue for the spreader length on these boats?
  12. D

    E 32-200 '88 Sail Plan Dimensions + Sailmaker Recommendations Appreciated

    Time to replace sails. Does anyone know whether the 32-200 has the Mk3 Tall Rig or the same as the 333? Does anyone have experience ordering replacement sails online? I am specifically looking for the specifications for 100% and 135% roller-furling headsails, but additional sail info also...
  13. R

    1978 E32 rudder post

    We have a E-32 with a leaking rudder post. Does anyone have any info on repairing it or know were I might find a manuel? It only leaks while underway but it appers to be a good bit. Thanks for any info.
  14. I

    Mast height for E-32

    Our 1974 E32 had all of the running and standing rigging replaced...about 3 years ago (before we bought it). The new mast is 42 feet high. That's just the mast - from the mast step to the mast head - does not include the fittings on the top. I have looked through the resource material on this...
  15. T

    Spreaders on a 1970 E-32

    Just about done refinishing the 32 and getting it ready to head for Oriental NC. Running new rigging it has the orginal wood spreaders. Has anyone had luck replacing them. Im thinking using Ash and seal with epoxy Or did someone have aluminum ones made? If so how much did it cost
  16. M

    E-32 rainwater leak- rubrail? headsail track?

    I'm trying to stop up a rainwater leak into the galley storage area on my 1976 E-32. I've rebedded the stanchions in the area and the only culprits left (that I can see) are the outboard headsail track and the rub rail.<O:p</O:p <O:p</O:p First: I don't see any signs of the sail track being...
  17. R

    Genoa track size on 76 E-32

    Could someone please verify for me the size of genoa track on rails. From Specification in Standard Equipment document for E-32 1972 is - 1 1/4 " stainless steel genoa track, my boat has aluminum track. I am not 100% sure exactly the measurements cause my boat is currently docked in Mexico and...
  18. Gmilburn

    E32 Sliding Hatch For Sale

    Hi all, I have a sliding hatch from an E-32 that I’m interesting in selling. I bought it from a friend that was parting out a E32 and I thought it might fit my E-29 or be relatively easy to cut down to fit. After receiving it, and taking a hard look at it—I will clearly not fit, and the cut...
  19. R

    76 E-32 needed 130% Mule Sail

    I needed 130% Mule for my 76 E32 with hanks, or Jib 230 - 250 sq ft Dacron 6 oz - 7.5 oz.in good condition.
  20. B

    1974 E32 for sale in Chino, CA

    Palmer P60 gas engine removed. Short-handed rigged cutter with steel cradle lying on the hard. Main & 120 furling genoa on Hood Sea Furl. West System barrier coat. New cushions & batteries. Pressure water, refrigeration, 12 &110v. electrical, wheel steering, adjustable running backstays, propane...