1. E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    E35-3 E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    After tackling the Block Improvements (see Blog entry: "E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Control-Ends & Blocks)", which will add 4:1 purchase, ball-bearing sheaves for friction reduction and added block durability (resistance to "parallelogramming"), and better lead-in for an un-cleated line to aid...
  2. L

    Installing Frigoboat in E35-3

    We've just purchased a Frigoboat refrigeration system to install in our boat. I'm trying to figure out where to install the compressor so that it's within 5 feet of a good location for the keel cooler. My preference is in the starboard cockpit locker on the liner shelf above the CNG tank...
  3. J

    1983 E35-3 Hatches

    Can anyone confirm for me that the raised flange that the hatch mounting trim ring screws into does not have a wooden core material. I am assuming this area was built without the core material. I am planning to rebed my forward hatch and need to know if I have to epoxy plug the screw holes...
  4. L

    E35-3 issues to look for?

    Hello all e35-3 owners and other knowledgeable folks, I am new to this forum having found EY.o when researching info on E35-3s. I am in the market for a new boat and found a local e35-3 offered for sale that has a lot of design features that seem to fit what I am looking for. I will be going...
  5. S

    Looking for an E34 or E35-3 in SF Bay Area

    If you have an 80's 34 or 35mk3 and you are interested in selling, drop me a line! Regards, Peter
  6. treilley

    E35-3 Genoa lead cars

    I have the original multi line Merriman genoa lead cars on my boat. I would like to swap them out with new ones that have bearings and possibly an adjustable car system. The problem I am running into is that all the cars I have found on the market today have 3/16" shoulders that go under the T...
  7. treilley

    E35-3 standing rigging tension

    I am installing all new standing rigging and need the inital tension settings. I have looked in the manual but cannot locate it and I cannot search this site using more than 1 word otherwise I get an OR search. I hate the description in the manual that says the wire should deflect so many...
  8. treilley

    E35-3 Rudder Position Sensor

    I finally have the mechanical installation of my RPS complete. I removed the quadrant. This made the installation much easier. In the first photo you see the RPS installed on the bottom of the cockpit sole. The center of the RPS is in line with the center of the rudder post. The arm is...
  9. I

    Brand new mainsail for sail - E35-3 owners take note

    We have a customer who is unable to take delivery of a brand new mainsail for an Endeavour 33 (std rig) Before it goes on Ebay I wanted to give the E35-3 community a chance to buy it. Highlights 8oz high modulus Dacron 2+2 battens (new tapered battens included) 2 reefs Radial patches...
  10. D

    87 E-35-3 Battery switch diagram

    :confused:Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Perko Battery switch? Despite having my manual, I'm not clear of the "OFF" selection function of the switch. I still have lights and function on my Breaker panel. Thanks, Del Warne s/v Obligatto
  11. M

    Cockpit Drains E35-3

    Hello all of you E35-3 and big brother E38'?..... I remembered searching a thread "Aft cockpit drainage/backing up" started by Gareth Harris...... I finally decided to check and see if my drains were crossed as per the instruction manuel......and they are.....SO......I find that Cory...
  12. M

    E35-3 Tall Vs. Short Rig

    A while back there was a thread concerning tall vs short rig which I frankly have not bothered to find at this time...... BUT.....going through a pile of papers that were given to me with my boat I happened on a sheet showing all of the rig dimensions from the 23/1 through the 35/3 (which is...
  13. M

    Original Owners of E35-3

    It would be interesting to know if there are any owners out there who have had their boats since NEW..... There are many questions that could be answered concerning average replacement time for many of the items lurking out there just waiting to quit that have not yet done so...
  14. Sean Engle

    FS: E35-3 at Shilshole in Seattle

    I just got back from Shilshole - there's a maroon E35-3 with a 'For Sale' sign on it at the foot of I Dock (broker row)...don't know the year or condition - this is just an FYI... :egrin: //sse
  15. N

    E35-3 standing rig wire size??

    Hello, I am looking for a boat and am considering an '87 E35-3. The standing rigging is original and I want to get an estimate for replacement. Can anyone tell me the wire size or sizes? Also, I would appreciate any comments from owners about any potential problems to look for. Neil
  16. treilley

    E35-3 Cutlass bearing

    Can anyone give me the make, model and source for this bearing? Thanks
  17. Cory B

    FREE! E35-3 Custom VBerth Mattress

    We have custom mattress that came with our E35 that we need to get rid of. Its just too firm for me. I don't know its age for certain, buy I suspect its 3 or 4 years old. It is in very good shape with no rips, tears, or noticeable stains or mildew. It has a vinyl-like material on its bottom...
  18. R

    E35-3 ...Shop manuals needed for 3 cyl. Universal Kabota engine and Hurth tranny

    I would like to put new rings etc. in my engine. I have it out to repair or replace the tranny which gave up on the forward gear.. looks like my winter is going to be fun..fun..fun. Would appreciate a shop manual for these.
  19. M

    Misc Information for new E35-3 Owner

    I have an 87 E35-3.....in generally excellent condition....but the PO was not a watchmaker.....some things are just showing a bit of wear and neglect. For one, the throttle cable looks like it has been played with, and when the engine is warm and the cable is pulled back to full idle the engine...
  20. L

    150% Laminate Genoa for E35-3

    This sail is like new. It had been recently purchased from Scott Sails in Annapolis by the previous owner. It was part of his racing sail inventory and I do not race. Not officially, anyway:egrin: The sail is currently on consignment at Bacon Sails in Annapolis. Let me know if you're interested...
  21. R

    E35-3 vs. E34

    Is the E35-3 hull identical to the E34? E34 overall length is 34ft. 11in. I know that the interior is different. :egrin:
  22. Sean Engle

    E35 or E35-3 Grid/Beam Cracking?

    Here's something interesting: I just got this email from an owner - who asked about an apparent warranty issue with (what appears to be) the grid cracking beneath the mast. Their email: The pdf referenced above (out on PSC's servers) has also been downloaded to EY.o's server - and can be...
  23. G

    E35-3 correct prop/pitch

    Hi All, I have an 86 E35-3 with a newer Universal 30hp/4cyl engine & a MaxProp. I'm trying to decide if I have the correct pitch on my prop. Does anyone know the correct hull speed for these boats? Right now I'm running at 6.2 knots at 2700 rpm. This rpm is just above the recommended...
  24. L

    E35-3: 155% Tri-Radial Genoa

    I have a 155% genoa made by Scott Sails of Annapolis for my E35-3 in 2003. I recently bought the boat and don't intend to race so I've decided to sell this sail. It's in like new condition. Because of the difficulties of selling sails long distance, I've consigned with Bacon and Associates...
  25. L

    E35-3 Leak Under Galley Sink

    I have fresh water (not sea water) collecting in the forward/port corner of the galley sink cabinet. The water is not coming in through any of the thruhulls in that cabinet. I have dried it out and observed the area with a flashlight and seen evidence of water seeping up out of a seam in the...
  26. L

    E35-3 Opening Ports

    After much searching, I've found the brand and model of the opening ports used on my 1985 E35-3. I needed this info in order to find screens for these ports. The ports are Bomar Extruded Portlights 3000 Series, Model N3410. There are parts, screens, and complete replacement ports available from...
  27. L

    E35-3 Opening Port Screens

    I need to purchase screens for the opening ports for my 1985 E35-3. Have others found what the replacement part brand and model might be? Thanks. Laura Bertran 1985 E35-3, Footloose Annapolis, MD
  28. L

    Mylar Genoas for E35-3 For Sale

    I have a 135% and a 155% genoa made by Scott Sails of Annapolis for my E35-3 in 2003. I recently bought the boat and don't intend to race so I've decided to sell these sails. They are in like new condition. Because of the difficulties of selling sails long distance, I've consigned them with...
  29. L

    E35-3 155% Genoa For Sale

    My recently purchased E35-3 came with a suit of recent racing sails which are in excellent condition. I don't plan to race (formally, that is) so I'd like to sell one or two of these sails which are nearly new. The sails, a 135% and a 155% are carbon fiber laminates made by Scott Sails in...
  30. L

    Toilet Replacement for E35-3

    Hello- When I had my “new to me” E35-3 surveyed, the piston pump on the WC Imperial Head was found to be leaking pretty badly. The toilet looks to be original to the boat, i.e. 1985, so I’d like to replace it rather than rebuild it. Normally, I’d get a Raritan PH II but I think it...
  31. L

    E35-3 Dorade Leaks

    With the weather improving a bit in Chesapeake country, I'm starting to tackle some projects on our newly acquired boat. I believe we've got water leaking in through the storage bin/dorade box just forward of the mast. The surveyor noted evidence of moisture in the deck around this area. The...
  32. Steve

    E35-3 running rig question(s)

    A lingering question, -I never have found an Ericson rigging schematic to follow on the E35-3, only a factory inventory list of rigging materials, I've always wondered about the official main sheet rigging layout versus the apparent slight interference with the boom vang at the boom...
  33. P

    E35-3 "Bluewater" boat?

    Is the E35-3 generally considered strong enough for offshore cruising? Primary area would be the Gulf of Mexico and possibly the Carribean.
  34. G

    Installing bulkhead heater in E35-3

    I am outfitting a recently-acquired E35-3 for cruising the west coast of BC. Among other things to be installed are a bulkhead diesel heater (e.g. Dickenson Newport). Any thoughts from those familiar with the E35-3 about the best location for the heater and vent pipe?
  35. D

    Polar Diagrams for the E35-3

    I recently finished a book by John Heyes titled "Winning Races" . One of the many things he introduced me to was the polar diagram. Has anyone seen or obtained a copy for our Ericson 35-3's? Our boat is at Ventura, CA. It's a 1986, hull # 240, her name is Seabird. Any information you can...
  36. P

    E35-3 PHRF Measurements?

    Does anyone have the measurements for filling out a PHRF application? I can't read some of the numbers on the owners manual I downloaded and some of the measurements they ask for aren't in there either. Specifically, I need the four mast related measurements: 1) I = height from deck to the...
  37. S

    Wanted: Used E34 or E35-3 headsail

    Interested in a decent 115% or 155% headsail. Needs to be in good enough shape to do club racing. Looking for a reasonable price. Prefer dacron, but would consider mylar.
  38. C

    Replacement cockpit coaming box for E35-3

    The cockpit coaming box on my E35-3 has started to deteroriate. It looks like it was made of some sort of plastic and is securely glassed into the cockpit wall. Over the years, winch handles and other parts & pieces have managed to break out several chunks of plastic in the back of the box...
  39. Steve

    E35-3 Cockpit cushions

    I have a full set of off-white vinyl cockpit cushions, 5 pieces in all, customized to fit the 35-III perfectly. My wife wanted to change the color since we Awlgriped the hull navy blue... The shop used the internal foam from the former in the new cushions leaving us very usable and almost...
  40. S

    1988 E35-3 Leak at anchor locker

    I have a 1988 E35-3, I have a significant leak at the compartment for the anchor on the bow. I have pulled off the headliner in the forward compartment and I've been keeping the area dry inside until I can rebed the locker. The previous owner has done this once already. Does anyone have any...
  41. Steve

    E35-3 Interior Mast Shroud

    My interior mast shroud originates at the cabin top then terminates aft of the mast base. There is an opening on the port side of the mast about 3/4 up from the step that confuses us. Could this be where the OEM shroud channeled then terminated internally in the step rather the externally. It...
  42. Steve

    E35-3 Flasher

    Our PO left us a "Flasher" (at least thats what the bag was labled), however not completely sure we know how to rig. We assume it tacks to the bow and the rest comes back either direct to the winch or prehaps via the outside track. No addtional rigging was found it the various piles of stuff...
  43. Sean Engle

    E35-3 - Waterline Off or To The Bootstripe?

    I'm getting ready to haul out my E35-3 to do the bottom again - and have always kept that space of gelcoat beneath the boot stripe clear (not painted) as that was the original design. Several people have suggested I paint up to the bootstripe to raise the bottom paint above the "scum line"...
  44. Steve

    Shower/head - E35-3 & others

    Sean -great head project, gives me food for doing the same -some day "soon"! When you pulled the teak trim off the shower valve/seat area, was the splash backing sealed by a lip underneath, otherwise did you have to caulk the joints before reinstalling the trim. I just finshed taking a...
  45. John Yandow

    Refrigerator on a E35-3

    Hi, I am investigating installing Refrigeration on my E35-3. I had a few question for my fellow E35-3 owners who have installed or purchased the boat with a refrigerator as an option. 1. Which cooler do you have it installed in, small or large one? 2. Where is or did you install...
  46. John Yandow

    E35-3 Holding tank removal

    I went to see Mean Jean for the first time this year, she is looking great. Sean, I was reading your holding tank project, this is on my list this year, right after my rudder bearing "fix", still deciding how to proceed. Anyway, you said "used an extended phillips driver to remove the lower...