1. Adding an Oil Pressure Manifold and Gauge

    E32-3 Adding an Oil Pressure Manifold and Gauge

    I first posted on this subject in 2017 when I pulled the ammeter and the old charging circuit out of my Universal (M-25) engine panel. I wanted to replace the ammeter with an oil pressure gauge. This would require adding an oil pressures sender in addition to the existing oil pressure switch...
  2. Engine Compartment

    Engine Compartment

    Mee Mee's engine compartment
  3. D

    M25 Rough Engine Operation

    The Universal M25 (5421) on the Ericson 33 I sail has not been starting easy or running normal since launch in May. Once started, it coughs and chokes at idle to the point it stops running, but if we keep the RPM at 800 or above it runs OK. We added injector cleaner to the fuel tank to help if...
  4. D

    Replacing a Univeral diesel timing gear cover (long, with pictures)

    This is how I went about replacing the timing gear cover on my 5424. It was the most complex thing I've ever done on an engine and there was a lot of learning involved, so putting this here in case anyone else needs to do this. The general process is the same for any 80's era Kubota based...
  5. V

    Universal M-18 adding high temp alarm

    Seems like this is something that someone has asked before. Let me know if that is the case. I would like to install a high temp alarm on my 1985 Universal M-18. The only one I have found is on Catalina Direct. While fine boats, mine is a 1985 Ericson 30+. I spoke to the sells department at...
  6. bgary

    Raw Water Pump Prices 2017 (former 'forum anomaly thread')

    I tried to open the new thread in Maintenance and Mechanical (raw water pump) and got nothing but a blank page. Tried it a couple of different ways, on a couple of different devices (PC, phone, etc).... no joy. Anyone else seeing this?
  7. S

    E27 Outboard Cutout Option

    While I know Ericson had the outboard transom cutout in its earlier models, does anybody know if they offered it as an option during the later years? Like towards the end of the production run? I'm looking at a pretty clean late model E27 with an outboard and the inboard compartment looks pretty...
  8. M

    Universal M40 32 HP intermittent starter prob

    Good day happy E owners, As a new owner of a 1986 E38220 (can anyone explain this to me, i.e. is it hull #20 of the E38-200 series? Or is it something else?) My understanding is that the M40 32 HP Universal engine is original, running hours unknown. I am new to this happy group, I was out...
  9. Shadsboat

    Universal Diesel Oil dipstick fracture

    Hi out there, My oil dipstick broke off about six inches from the end (which end now sits in my oil pan). My engine is the 32HP Universal diesel that came with the Ericson 38 in 1984. Anyone know where I can get a replacement dipstick and if there is any danger in leaving the broken end in the...
  10. raslocum

    Outboard Motor Mount Advice

    Hello all! I'm about to undertake some mid winter changes to my e25 since it's too cold to actually enjoy sailing right now. My wife and I anchor often, and throw a rope ladder over the side. We've grown tired of how difficult it is. More than a few guests have been embarrassed trying to...
  11. A

    Excellent Marine Mechanic

    If any fellow Ericson owners in Southern California are in need of expert advice and help with their engines, I concluded business with a marine mechanic who I would recommend without reservation. He says what he is going to do, then he does what he says. I would be pleased to provide anybody on...
  12. M

    Engine Mount rail installation

    Anyone have any tips for keeping the steel engine mount rails under the Atomic 4 from rusting? The marina I'm currently at is replacing one of the engine mounting rails, and the other is in fair condition. I'm curious if painting them, or using Naval Jelly will help them last longer than the...
  13. Christian Williams

    Starter Motor and Alternator Rebuilding

    I took the original starter motor from my M25 to Luis, who came recommended by a gold-plater yacht yard in Marina del Rey. JB Auto 10967 Venice Blvd LA 90034 310 839 8685 He took it apart, greased it, and ground the bendix fair while I watched. Cash deal. Reinstalled, the motor cranked...
  14. Y

    Universal diesel Model 12 - exhaust smoke

    I have had the engine on my 1987 Ericson 28 since I bought it 3 years ago. I do not know the hours. I usually run it no higher than 2100 rpms. But it started giving me a bit of mostly-white smoke. I ran it at 2300 rpm and more smoke came. Looking for an experienced skipper to tell me if this...
  15. G

    Thank You All, S/V Spirit Soul - First movement in 19 years

    Back in 1992, the second owner of an E38 hauled the boat for a total refit. The boat was partially disassembly (removal of mast, rigging and most bolt on exterior hardware). There was a complete stripping of bottom gelcoat (due to blisters) followed by re-fairing which include 2 layers of...
  16. A

    Do I need an Engine Room Blower?

    In my 1990 diesel powered E28, there is a functional engine room blower fan and duct hosing. The installation is obviously original. However, the ducts are not vented to the outside of the boat, they are connected to thru-hull fittings at the top rear of the cockpit coaming sides that have blank...
  17. S

    E34T Diesel Engine

    Does anyone have any first hand experiences with the 16 HP 2 Cylinder Yanmar which was a replacement motor for some of the 30-35 foot Ericsons? I don't have a model number but the one I am referring to is the raw water cooled version.
  18. stgermain45

    Universal M12 Engine Belt

    First off, this forum is great! Since purchasing a 1987 E-28 in August, I've been following the sound advice and wisdom from the great folks at this site for my own projects. Thank you so much!! I'm a little mystified with the belt on my Universal M12 diesel. When purchasing the boat, we were...
  19. G

    Engine room blower hose

    Newbie here. We just bought a 1976 32-2 that hadn't been sailed in several years. While bent double inside the starboard lazaret trying to get at the front of the Atomic 4, I kept bumping into a floppy 3-inch corrugated hose that droops inside the hull from the lower bilge area to the blower...
  20. F

    Engine survey E34

    The surveyor’s report began by saying “the engine and related systems appear to have been well cared for, engine starts and runs clean, no exhaust smoke or fuel on the water, shifts forward to reverse cleanly.” The report also said ”Propeller shaft recently had some work to include installing...
  21. D

    Repower an E34 with a new engine.

    Presently have a 20 year old 23 hp Kubota/Universal that is getting tired. I'm down to 4.5 knots in a two foot chop and 3.5 knots in worse. I am thinking of replacing with a Yanmar 3YM30G (29 hp) but wondering about a 3JH4SE (40 hp). I have a three blade 15 inch MaxProp with new one inch shaft...
  22. S

    E25 engine install

    I want to install an engine in my E25 swing keel. Anyone have any experience with this?
  23. W

    Hauling the engine apart...

    Recently, I hauled apart a Universal Atomic 4 engine, which came out of my Ericson 32-2 Take a look: http://www.moyermarine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4557
  24. D

    80% re-make of E 35 MkII in Hawaii

    Aloha all, just thought I'd post some pics of my re-make of my 1973 E35-II. I bought the boat for $9000 in March 2009 and worked on her for an average of 4 hours/day for almost a year to get her into her present condition. One of the main things I did to make her user-friendly in Hawaii is to...
  25. Poco A Poco

    A-4 Engine Wanted - Seattle

    My 1973 E-27's atomic engine is a rustbucket and I am looking for another to replace it with. Mark
  26. U

    E35-2 Engine position change

    As the engine mounts on my 1972 E35-2 had rusted away, and I need to fit a new engine anyway. To give us a bit more room I have decided to re-locate the engine under the companionway steps. Has anyone else out there done it? All the brochures and plans I have found so far have shown the engine...
  27. B

    E333 Engine cooling problem

    I have an intermittent problem causing engine overheat due to loss of sea water cooling circulation. This is with a Yanmar 3GM30F. I have already checked and claened the sea water strainer, (no blockage), replaced the water pump impellor, (nothing wrong with old one), checked all lines, etc...
  28. Special K

    Engine mystery

    I am seeking good ideas from those more learned than I, in the ways of diesel engines (that means everybody, especially Loren). If the engine in our 1986 E28 has not been started within a day, it will often not start on the first attempt. After turning on the glow plugs for 60 to 90 seconds, the...
  29. TS Farley

    replacement engine on a E 35 MK II

    Would anyone have advice on what would be a good replacement engine for a recently acquired 1975 E 35 MK II? The current original Westerbeke is working well, but exsanguinates oil into the bilge. The mechanic's advice is to just keep using it until it gives out.....he can't see where the leak...
  30. R

    Stripped holes in engine mount stringers...

    Hello All, Had the engine hoisted back in again only to find that the three holes I tried putting the lag screws in were completely stripped. I'm more than a little pissed right now as lag screws are a poor idea in the first place to hold the engine mounts down for a few reasons. Lag screws...
  31. CSMcKillip

    Diesel engine cleaner

    What do you all use to clean your engines? What are the best results and what do I need to look out for? http://picasaweb.google.com/m/viewer#photo/CSMckillip/5405606617022603825/5430887646435156530
  32. R

    Oil leak... in pan under engine

    about a pint of engine oil in pan yesterday... Checked oil and it was a little over full. Looked at log and yes one of my Sea Scouts added a Qt last week. could not find drips or leaks until started and then our mechanic says from the oil switch. On line I found a note about the relief valve...
  33. bayhoss

    Engine Zinc

    Hello to all, Does anyone out there know if the Universal M-12 (10hp) has an engine zinc. I've looked all over, the only one I came up with was the one for the heat exchanger. Best, Frank E28
  34. F

    Question about engine overheating

    Hi, The Universal 5416 16 hp diesel engine on our boat always runs at about 160 degrees--warms gradually to that temperature and stays constant with no apparent fluctuation in the gauge. I do regular maintenance--oil changes, fan belt tension, turn grease cup, change coolant every two years...
  35. P

    Questions on an '82 25+

    We're looking at a 1982 25+. I've given the boat a pretty thorough walk around and it has been well taken care of as far as I can see. We have yet to make an offer and take it out for a trial. My question is this; did all of the 25+'s have inboard diesels? This one does not. It has a...
  36. Sven

    Phew, good engine service results :-)

    We had the engine on Senta "serviced" back in April or so. The mechanic was an idiot, and not very bright either, so we didn't feel we knew the condition of the engine even after having it serviced. This last week we had a mechanic recommended by the rigger spend some quality time in...
  37. F

    First partial engine alignment--some thoughts to share

    We had some new vibration on our boat with the engine running, following installation of a new transmission by a diesel mechanic. I hoped it might improve on it's own once the transmission wears in a bit, but that didn't happen. I read up on engine alignment, and debated whether to attempt...
  38. S

    Increased engine noise due to exhaust riser closing??

    Sorry if this has been asked, I could not find it. My engine noise is louder than in previous years. This only occurs at idle. With an increase in rpms there is little noise. Could it be that the exhaust riser arm is becoming clogged where the water comes in but with increased rpms more water...
  39. C Masone

    Universal Engine parts on Long Island

    Any suggestions on where to gat parts for Universal on Long Isalnd? Or diesel parts and service in general?
  40. P

    Water accumulation in engine pan?

    Greetings, My 1981 E 28+ has standing water in the fiberglass pan under the engine. I am guessing it is coming in from the shaft gland. Shouldn't this water drain down into the bilge? Even when I turn on the electric bilge pump the water remains in the pan under the engine. I wonder if...
  41. C

    Universal Engine History

    In my continuing search for Universal to Kubota crossover charts, a few gems appear now and then. Note to Moderator; please archive this for future reference This has been published on the Catalina 30 website but this version is from Hess Marine? and it varies slightly from the version on the...
  42. F

    38-200/1989 engine cover

  43. mherrcat

    Engine anti-siphon vent

    Related to another thread where we got to talking about water coming from the anti-siphon vent through hull. I tried the method mentioned in Calder's book; to vent the loop higher than the highest point in the exhaust system. I still got water coming out of the hose. My exhaust hose is looped...
  44. F

    Operating blower motor while engine running

    In a current post about engine parts/function, Loren mentioned that he was advised by his mechanic to run his blower motor whenever the engine is operating. It had been my understanding that one should operate the blower motor before starting the engine (especially in a gas engine) to clear the...
  45. S

    Turning the engine over (w/o power)

    Hey everyone. First post. I live in Seattle Wasington (shillshole bay) and have a 1976 E29 with an atomic 4. Unfortunately i had an incident where water got aboard the boat and managed to get in the crankcase. I changed the watery oil and added new oil and magical mystery oil per Don Moyer's...
  46. A

    Where are engine zincs located?

    I recently bought a 1987 E-35 MK-3, that has a Universal model 25XP. Looking at the owners manual and Universal engine manual, I am unable to find any mention of where zincs for the engine are located. I assume there must be at least one zinc in the heat exchanger, but what about the engine...
  47. N

    Normal Universal Diesel Engine Life is?

    Hello all. We have a M25 Universal Diesel with 2600 hours on it which I suspect is the original engine from 1986. It starts and runs well. Doesn't leak, overheat or misbehave in any way and I keep up with oil changes and filters. I'm wondering just how much life is a reasonable expectation for...
  48. mherrcat

    Engine sea water intake

    Another thread got me thinking about this. My boat has been in the yard for over a month for some mechanical work and bottom painting. When I took it in I did not close the engine sea water intake valve. Should I be concerned when the engine is started after the boat goes back into the water...
  49. Randy Rutledge

    DANGER!!! Engine blower install problem on E-29

    I posted a concern my girlfriend had about the engine compartment blower. "She asked how does the bilge blower work?" After her concern I removed the intake side hose from the blower and left it that way until today. Today I pulled on the hose that I had removed from the intake side...
  50. Andy Schildhorn

    Engine Overhaul

    Trying to figure out which is the best way to go. Have an old Yanmar 2QM20H 20hp Diesel in our 1979 Ericson 35. Should I be considering a rebuild or look at a newer motor? Thanks for any advice on this one. Andy
  51. K

    E32 steel engine beds

    Atomic 4 wasn't taken care of by previous owner and a leak in the side plate rusted out the steel engine bed. Now I have to take out the remaining bed and build new ones. Has anyone been this fortunate? I am fairly good with epoxy but starting a job like this is totally new to me. I have all...
  52. D

    E-35 Engine mounts

    I have a 1987 Ericson 35 MKIII The bolts that hold my motor mounts have stripped the fiberglass bed. I would like to drill 3-3inch acesss holes in the sides of the bed and install through bolts with backing plates to hold the mounts in but am concerned about weakening the moter bed. the sides...
  53. Bob Robertson

    New engine intake hose for a 38-200

    Hi, I’m a little embarrassed about procrastinating for so long about this, but I just haven’t been able to figure out a reasonable solution. I have a 1988 38-200. The engine is under the companionway stairs and the water intake through hull for the engine is under the galley sink. The 20...
  54. J

    Yanmar engine shaft coupling

    Yanmar shaft-coupling with some use, but solid with shaft-bolts fits 7/8" shaft, is available cheap.
  55. mherrcat

    Engine Temp Sender - M18

    The temp sender on my Universal M18 may be dead. I tested the function of the temperature gauge and it appears to be OK. I used a multimeter to test the sender itself and the resistance readings do change as the temperature goes up, but no reading on the gauge. Torresen Marine sells a...
  56. E

    What is the "pull out toggle" on the engine control panel.

    Hi all, I am a new owner of a 1980 Ericson 35-2. Purchased the boat in Ventura and had it trucked up to San Francisco. Because of the distance, I did not have a chance to become as familiar with the boat before the purchase - so now the fun begins! BTW - don't recommend that approach, but...
  57. J

    E29 Atomic-4 Engine mounts

    I am concerned that the Engine mounts in my E29 for the A4 do not hold the engine captive to the hull. The design of each mount is basically a shoe that is bolted to the engine compartment that receives a rubber foot which has the integral bolt used to secure the A4, and assumes gravity will...
  58. K

    engine bilge

    It was time to clean the bilges. I couldn't find any exit hole in the engine bilge. I did see a white plastic pipe that runs through engine bilge foward to the bilge under the dust pan, then a hole into the main bilge, hole to the second bilge, hole to the bilge under the mast. Confused...
  59. steven

    placement of engine tach on E35-2

    My 35-2 has what looks like the original engine starter panel in the helmsman's cockpit well on the starboard side. A tachometer is also in the well but it is mounted on the rear bulkhead facing forward (i.e., under the helsman's seat on the star. side). The tach is completely unreadable...
  60. Gmilburn

    E29 Engine Instrument Gauges

    I have a panel of three engine gauges on my E29. The water temp gauge is shot and a new wire to the sending unit did not fix the problem. I tried to remove the single gauge as they are pretty inexpensive and simple to replace. But low and behold, I cant get the old one off, even after removing...
  61. S

    Engine access hatch E32

    After spending a couple of hours draped over my A4 v-drive changing the water pump impeller, and a few days dealing with an exhaust mainfold replacement last year, I've come to the conclusion that I need to make access MUCH easier!! A water tight hatch in the floor of the cockpit is the option...
  62. J

    Many new parts - Engine still in alignment?

    Hello All, This weekend I will be installing a new shaft coupling, prop shaft, dripless seal, cutlass bearing and an Indigo prop. If the engine was in alignment prior to these upgrades is there any reason to think it will be out after I install these parts? I guess I am wondering if I will...
  63. G

    Auxillary Engine for E32

    I have a 1971 E32 I brought from auction. The Atomic 4 is seized and I'm considering replacing with deisel. Until then and to start sailing, I'm considering using an auxillary engine, i.e outboard, for the summer. What size motor should I be looking for and any other thoughts towards...
  64. J

    engine make?

    I know this won't take long. A friend of ours is looking at a 29ft ericson. It is a real fixer upper but he owns "The SailBoat Shop" locally and can do any glass work. we just don't know what kind of diesel engine is in it. I've seen it before or another photo of it. Any quesses with a thumb...
  65. L

    Diesel engine antifreeze

    I need to change my anitfreeze in the Universal diesel engine. What is the best antifreeze/most popular antifreeze used in diesel engines by Ericson owners? John Laiva 1984 E 381
  66. J

    What size engine for an E25

    What size engine for an E-25 I just recently bought an E25 and need to buy a new engine. (it came with a seagull motor). I'd like to get one big enough to have an alternator to be able to help charge the batteries. Will the transom support a 102 pound 4 stroke? Thanks for your input!
  67. J

    Cleaning up a filthy engine...

    I've had my E38 a few months now... and its my first boat (rookie!):egrin: I've been utilizing the wet, nasty weather we've been having to learn all kinds of things about boat maintenance! I spent most of the day today working on cleaning up the engine (Universal 5432) which is filthy with oil...
  68. N

    Engine coolant cabin heater-install ideas ?

    I have it in my head I want to install an Red Dot brand cabin heater in our 1986 E32-3 that uses engine coolant for the heat source. We motor a lot here in the Pacific NW and capturing some of that waste heat just seems like a good idea in these cold winter months. I have kind of looked at where...
  69. R

    Manual needed... M 25XP Universal Engine

    Thanks for putting up with me... one more thing. While I am at it does anyone have a maintenance or Mechanical manual on the M25XP giving specs and or instructions? Is there one to down load somewhere? Thanks, Ralph
  70. M

    thru-hull for water to engine

    I'm thrilled to say that today I was able to reach and remove the old thru hull to remove the original (I think) gate valve! Quite a tight fit behind the sink on my E27. Now, I need to replace it all. the outside of the thru hull had a small grate over it (had to destroy it), I presume to...
  71. K

    1988 E 38-2-- Engine Type

    Hello All: This may seem like a dumb question, but I'm not sure what type of engine we have. The mechanical survey we had done when we purchased the boat a few months ago indicated we had a 32hp, 4 cylinder Universal 5432. Someone recently suggested that Ericson in the mid/late 1980's...
  72. Shadowfax

    Engine Temp Gage M 25 XP

    OK, my engine temperature gage hasn't really worked in awhile, so in a maintenance frenzy I decided to fix it. I took the wire off the sending unit and grounded it and the gage went to below 0 degrees. I took this to mean that the gage itself worked. I replaced the sending unit, but to no...
  73. K

    HELP?? Diesel Fuel in Engine Bilge 38-200

    Hello All: After a couple months of elbow grease & TLC, we are on the 1st voyage on NAKESA, our new 1988 38-200 (with a Universal 32 hp), & have a perplexing problem. The engine bilge is filling with about 1" of liquid - pink in colour & a bit oily - could be diluted diesel - source is a...
  74. R

    I've been alarmed by my engine alarm...

    A funny thing happened on the way back to the marina... Last weekend, wife and daughter and I had a great sail. We started by motoring out of our marina. The little Westerbeke 10TWO purred like a kitten. I make it my practice to monitor the gauges and wet exhaust every few minutes (which is no...
  75. Mikebat

    Engine control panel problem

    When I switch over to battery, the control panel for the M-25XP diesel comes on. Don't have to stick the key in. It makes the fuel pump run, which is quite annoying when I don't want to run the engine (ticktickticktickticktick), and probably not very good for the fuel pump. I do have to engage...
  76. S

    A terrific diesel engine resource

    First of all thank you so much for this great web site. :egrin: I have made two posts regarding my 28 "Seize The Bay". I have learned so much and gained confidence to fix things myself. A very big deal for this 48 year old woman! I would still be paying BIG mechanic bills if not for this site...
  77. J

    Sink over engine?

    I have just finished the delivery of my 1972 e35. 900 miles from Maine to Newfounland Canada. This boat sails like a dream and looks like a nightmare. I have alot of work ahead of me. Pics will follow. The PO "customized" it a bit. It is a mid engine with the sink directly over the...
  78. H

    Diode for Atomic-4 engine run-on?

    I put a Delco alternator on my A4 due to issues with the original Motorola. Ax expected, it continues to run after I kill the ignition due to existing current. The solution, according to all of the hot rod and tractor conversion websites, is to put a diode on the line. It certainly beats...
  79. D

    '79 E-27 Engine & Thru Hull Questions

    Was finally able to remove my E-27 handrails intact and will now thru bolt them back on with accompanying handrails (I made myself out of 1' teak stock, since aftermarket rails have too short a span betwwen loops) on the inside cabin to same bolts. Any suggestions as to embedding material...
  80. chtaylor

    Engine De-greaser

    I'm thinking about cleaning up my 1977 E32-2 this weekend. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on using Gunk automotive engine de-greaser to clean the engine and engine compartment on a fiberglass boat? Thanks, Charles Taylor
  81. R

    Engine Replacement vs. Rebuild

    I have a 1987 E 35 Mark lll, with a Universal 25 (20 hp) with three point mounting. My Crankshaft appears to have seized during operation earlier this week. I am haveing the engine condition assessed by pros this week, and am researching options re: used or rebuilt diesel engines in the SF Bay...
  82. R

    Engine cooling hose

    After viewing a few pictures of small Yanmar engines installed in Ericson boats, I am not sure of the purpose of this hose assy. According to the Yanmar parts book, the stock hose is aprox. 10" long and runs from the thermostat to the mixing elbow. My boat has the yanmar hose installed and...
  83. T

    E-27 / Atomic 4 Engine Control Panel

    On my new (to me) 1976 E-27 no longer has readable labels (faded teak / no remaining paint). There is a ammeter, temp gauge, ignition keyhole, starter button, and choke - got those figured out, but there is also a toggle switch. Any ideas as to what that is, before I go tracing / reading out...
  84. D

    Engine Zinc - E28+ - Do they have one?

    I often check the "pencil" zinc located in the heat exchanger of my Universal 11 HP diesel. It occurred to me this weekend that the engine really should have an engine zinc, too - as this motor was originally set up as a raw water cooled engine. The fresh water cooling with heat exchanger was an...
  85. R

    How to buid a custom engine instrument panel box...

    After much searching and little luck I decided to create my own engine instrument panel box. So here is how to create a custom engine instrument panel box with some 1/8 inch fiberglass sheet, fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. Oh and of course duck tape. Sorry I didn’t take photos of each step…...
  86. C

    Engine cutout in Transom E-27

    Are these cutouts from the factory or an addition afterwords? Also is their a Door that fills this space when underway ? Thanks Chris......
  87. M

    Engine Exhaust System e35II

    Enjoyed reading about Nicki's purchase and planned sail of his E-35II..... Nicki, and to all other's owning an E35II.....take a look at your boat's exhaust system. I've just purchased and installed a new Yanmar engine due to sea water entering my engine block through the exhaust system...
  88. R

    Replacing Recessed Engine Instrument Panel Compartment

    I've located an irritating leak. My instrument panel is mounted in a recessed compartment just below and aft of the port cockpit locker door. While I originally though that the caulking behind the flange of the compartment might be shot, I discovered that water was actualy following the top...
  89. J

    Engine Mounts

    Anybody have any thoughts on replacing engine mounts on an '88 vintage 25XP? Are they dried out and therefore less adept at damping vibration? Waste of money, no need, don't waste my time...?
  90. R

    E35-3 ...Shop manuals needed for 3 cyl. Universal Kabota engine and Hurth tranny

    I would like to put new rings etc. in my engine. I have it out to repair or replace the tranny which gave up on the forward gear.. looks like my winter is going to be fun..fun..fun. Would appreciate a shop manual for these.
  91. Loren Beach

    URL for A-4 (gas) engine info

    http://www.sailjazz.com/ftp Or, use their direct link within the writeup on that page : ftp.sailjazz.com It has been quite a while since I last surfed over to the SailJazz site, and I was just looking around and found an A4 folder with a big bunch of uploaded files in their FTP section...
  92. T

    Source for Universal Bronze engine paint??

    My next job is going to be a total clean up and rewiring, as well as re-routing new hoses in the engine compartment of our E34. I thought I would touch up all the spots on the engine where the paint came off. I Have not been able to find bronze engine paint anywhere. Anyone have any ideas???
  93. C

    engine compartment cooling ?

    A very respected diesel mechanic in Annapolis recently suggested to me that leaving the blower on will significantly help reduce the engine room heat and improve alternator performance too. I was skeptical until I tried it recently. Since the blower has a momentary switch I only ran it about...
  94. S

    Engine coupler help!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with their engine coupler? I need to align my engine and I think the coupler is bent. I took all 4 screws out on the coupler and both sides now don't align perfectly straight as it should. It seems the coupler on the prop-shaft is the problem it...
  95. Jason

    Universal Engine PDF's?

    Maybe some new universal engine pdf's to include in the specs and documents section? http://www.westerbeke.com/originals/pdfs/universal_5424.pdf There are more PDF's at the site, this is just a link to the one I have.
  96. F

    Engine Trouble!

    My friend and I both have Ericsons, his is a 32 and mine is a 27. Both have Atomic 4's for engines. Here's the problem: Yesterday out on Lake Mead (here in NV) we had an excellent day of sailing, we were in his E32, the wind was perfect, strong without overpowering the sails. Anyway on the...
  97. G

    Engine vibration

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on the engine vibration we're getting. I've noticed it a bit more over the past few months. It cycles on and off on with a regular rhythm. It lasts maybe 3 seconds, goes away for 3 seconds and then comes back for another 3. I do notice it...
  98. S

    Wanted: YSM8 Yanmar engine or parts.

    I am looking for YSM-8 Yanmar engine or parts to rebuild the one I have on my E27. Please contact me if you have any parts usuable also any parts you may have for the E-27 I would be interested in hearing from you. Specially a wind dodger or sail covers. Thanks! :egrin:
  99. O

    Flexable Shaft Couplings / Engine mounts

    Hi, I'm thinking about installing a flexable shaft coupling into the driveline of my 5432 Universal with a Hurth transmission. Boat is a '89 38-200. Has anyone installed this type of system and if so, what product did you use, and how does it work? Our driveline is pretty smooth as it is...
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    Kubota Block to Marine Engine Saga

    Well.......Now that I paid a diesel mechanic to give me a $6000+ estimate to rebuild my M4-30, I have a bunch of boxes of parts :rolleyes: I am looking at kubota tractor engine short blocks that I can bolt all the marine parts to. The M4-30 4-cylinder uses the kubota Y-850 block. From what...