1. Sven

    E38 question on Cruisers Forum

    From: if anyone wants to answer. -Sven
  2. Sven

    Cruisers & Sailing forum hacked

    Seems like someone really messed up the Cruisers & Sailing forum. It was redirecting to some search site this AM and then slowed to a crawl, finally just timed out and now redirects to a we've got a problem status page. Hope they have back-ups so...
  3. B

    A new Sub Forum?

    Months ago while poking around in the forum I came upon a thread that encouraged members to send in there best ideas and alterations they had made to their boat to make it more comfortable and fun. I would like to suggest that a sub forum similar to “Cooking on board- Recipes” be added to the...
  4. Rob Hessenius

    E-25 Parting out on Sailnet Forum

    Hey Guys and Gals- There is a guy over on sailnet's forum that posted parts for a E-25. Just go to the Ericson section and you will see it. B'Gosh I feel like the town cryer. Rob Hessenius
  5. G

    New to Forum - Chesapeake Bay

    Corrected post... amu Wow...! A great collection of Ericson knowledge (and other stuff) here on the Info Exchange! I've checked out before, but apparently missed these great postings. She's a beautiful 1989 Ericson 34 ("Galatea") we sail out of Rock Hall (yes... she...
  6. Sean Engle

    Rating Forum Threads

    Did you know that you can rate forum threads? At the top of each thread is a small button marked 'Rate Thread'. Click on it, and you'll be given the opportunity to voice your opinion on the posted comments. Providing other users with your opinion is useful - and makes those threads that are...