1. trickdhat

    Furler Purchasing advice

    We have an older Profurler LC-32 on our 35-3. It has had a few issues since we purchased the boat last year. We‘ve had binds, furler wrap, and a sagging head stay. None of the issues have been too bad so far, but it doesn’t feel great having to play the sheet and furling line or running to...
  2. MarineCityBrian

    Factory Document Harken Mk I, Unit 1 &1.5 Furling System Installation Manual 2020-02-16

    Unsure if standard equipment, but a common upgrade for 80s and 90s Sailboats. Mk 1 was the original offering from Harken. The earliest versions used roll pins to fasten the foils to each foil connector. These early versions are difficult to service and frequently destroyed when removed. This...
  3. S

    Replacement Furler for 1981 E38

    Looking to replace the furler on my E38. Any tips, advice, experience with this? I was looking to rebuild the existing drum assembly but it's taken weeks to find out I can't get a replacement bearing. So, not looking for advice on repairing the old one. Thanks in advance Steve Hula Moon...
  4. M

    Schaefer roller furler decline

    A rigger has told me that the Schaefer lower bearing housing on a 1987 E35-3 has a know defect. Lack of a drain/flush port means they deteriorate and one started decline quickly. Has anyone experienced this problem? I'm sure Schaefer has fixed any problems in the past 25 years. If I have to...
  5. richwilson

    Furler Problem

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with the staysail furler on my E-31 cutter. It is an older Schaeffer unit. While I was anchoring, the anchor rode got on top of the furling drum and put some pressure on it. When I released the pressure, the furling drum came apart into its 2 pieces. Nothing is...
  6. A

    dacron furler

    am interested in a dacron genoa for my roller on an i 31 any help is appreciated also prefer the higher cut
  7. S

    Stainless Steel Roller furler

    I am cleaning out some older sailing gear. I had bought this for another smaller boat and found it to be too large for my purposes on that boat. Stailess steel roller furler with fairlead, wire, turnbuckle and top swivel. Drum diameter is 4.5 inches. Not sure of manufacturer, maybe somebody will...
  8. K

    Furler Question

    To avoid a potential tripping problem while boarding my 30+ I am hoping to shift the furling line of my Harken roller furler from starboard to port. Aside from the ergonomics of pulling from the right side verses the left side, I can not see any reason why the furler wouldn’t work just as...
  9. S

    Identify this furler?

    I need a little help identifying this jib furler. It's on an Ericson 27 that I just bought. Clearly, the lower bearings have popped out, and the drum has lifted off the bearing race, which is now rusted. I might try to replace the race/bearings, if I can ID the furler and find parts for it...
  10. N

    CDI Mainsail Furler - Considering for E32-3

    Well I knew sailing could be expensive. After finishing a local race in wind gusts up to 33 knots I managed to severely tear my 22 yr old mainsail in our 1986 E32-3. If it is not repairable I am considering installing a CDI Mainsail Reefing System. Anyone have any experience with this or the CDI...
  11. L

    Harken furler for sale

    Hello everyone. I have a complete lower section of a Harken MkIII Furler, unit O, 3/8" pin for sale. The unit is brand new, never used. It is, I think, 3 or 4 years old. Missing are the foil sections and the upper halyard swivel. The drum,toggle,lower extension with feeder slot are...
  12. D

    Hood 800 furler

    As it says, Hood Seafurl 800 furler. I took this off my 38 as I thought it small for my boat. There are some problems, and some money will have to be spent for a good installation. Everything works and it's complete, but the feed tube is cracked, minor damage to other parts. $150 obo plus...
  13. Mark F

    Wanted Furler

    I'm looking for a furler for my E27. I need a plastic foil for tabernacling. A SnapFurl or CDI would work. Thanks
  14. treilley

    Streamstay 2 furler

    Can anyone give me any advice on how to disassemble a Streamstay 2 furler unit? I have it apart to the point where either the bottom toggle assembly is frozen or I am turning it the wrong way or something. I need to get it apart to inspect the headstay. Any help is appreciated.
  15. F

    Maintaining Harken Furler

    The boat we bought recently has a Harken furler (Model/Mark II), which works well. The manual mentions taking the drum apart annually or so to rinse the bearings and apply something like McLube dry lubrication, and to similarly rinse/lubricate the top at the masthead. I want to keep it in good...
  16. treilley

    Roller Furler Line

    Is there some magic formula for figuring out how much line I need to furl a 150 for my E35-III? Does anyone know how much I might need and what size line? I usually use something like 1/2 inch becuase it is easy to handle.
  17. wurzner

    Ericson 30 Mast and Harken Furler in MA - $850

    Here is an add I saw. Don't knot anything about it or the person, just posting it for the group. shaun ---------------------------------------------------------------- FOR SALE: 33' Mast & furler located at MA, Art Olive. Work phone: 508 3623 464 Home phone: 508 362 3464...
  18. wurzner

    Hood Furler with 3 into 1 extrusion - Which one is it?

    I purchased a used furler on ebay and am trying to figure out which one it is. It's in good shape and has a split drum which I like for racing. I'll only use the furler once a year for my cruise, so I wasn't too excited about dropping ~3 k for system and sail. That being said, the hood system...
  19. T

    Luff Groove size for Harken Furler E 38-200

    Anyone know the size of the luff groove on one of these? I am at work doing what I do best, cruising the internet looking at boat related stuff and I dont know the size. Guess I'll look at harken's site. I am looking at some used sails at www.baconsails.com and wonder if they will fit in my luff...
  20. E

    looking for servicable genoa and/or furler

    Hi All, Had a bit of a mishap with my genoa during a fantastic sail this past Thursday night. Looks like she's not worth repairing. Anyone have something serviceable they are tired of tripping over? I am more than willing to pay reasonable value for the sail. Looking for a luff of about...
  21. Sven

    Schaefer furler cleanup

    At 19:18 -0700 5/4/05, Sven U. Grenander wrote: >Has anyone here taken a furler similar to this apart ? It was a bit nerveracking, but I managed to get it apart and back together again without losing any parts :-) Once I got it open I was amazed that it had worked well up until about a...
  22. Sven

    Schaefer furler, bearings servicable ?

    The furler setup is kind of funky. A prior owner apparently wanted to do it on the cheap and came up with a workable but non-optimal hank-on jib furler. It has worked great for furling the jib, but doesn't really work for reefing the headsail, no matter. The problem is that the bearings...
  23. D

    CDI Roller Furler

    I am looking to add roller furling on my E29, does anyone have any experience with CDI Furlers? How about any tips on roller furlers in general, what to look for , what to avoid, etc? Always appreciate the input and advice found here, Thanks in advance. Dave
  24. S

    Roller Furler manufacturer?

    I was recently given a rolling furler unit for my E-29' (w/sail!) that I can not identify. What is unique is that it doesn't fit over the headstay like a "modern" furler. Supposedly, it is simply raised via the halyard, behind the forestay. I have seen a similar furler rigged this way and the...
  25. A

    Roller furler - repair or replace?

    I have a Hood SeaFurl II on my 1984 E-38 which won't unfurl completely on its own. The last few rotations almost always have to be done by hand by grasping the foil and rotating. Even after the genoa came down for winter storage, rotating the foil on its own takes two hands and a lot of body...