1. E29 Galley Extension

    E29 E29 Galley Extension

    Last winter and spring, I committed a few more projects / abominations on my boat. These next few posts confess to some interior modifications that I have been thinking about for a few years and finally executed while the boat was hauled-out and sitting next to the workshop for nine months. The...
  2. Galley Stove

    Galley Stove

    Gimbled galley stove.
  3. Galley Reefer

    Galley Reefer

    Looking aft, galley and reefer.
  4. T

    E27 Galley Sink Removal

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody has ever tried to get the galley sink out of an Ericson 27 (or similar). The sink is so deep that it needs to be lifted straight up but there isn't enough clearance due to the pitch of the hatch. I've included a photo. Any help would be greatly...
  5. adam

    E35-2 Extending galley behind bulkhead

    I'm extended by galley behind the bulkhead and wouldn't mind some advice. When I bought the boat, there was a sheet of plywood covering the hole shown in the photo and a new electrical panel mounted in it, which has now moved adjacent to the chart table. I wonder if the original electrical...
  6. adam

    E35-2 Galley updates / redesign

    I'm soon going to undertake some modifications to my galley and I wanted thoughts or idea before I started. 1) I just got a big 3-burner force 10 propane stove to replace the missing stove (which I'm guessing was originally alcohol). I'm probably building a propane locker in the stern locker...
  7. dt222

    E27 Galley Countertop

    I'm soliciting thoughts on what you might do in this situation. As you can see from the picture, a PO did a hack job on the galley countertop so that a coleman camping stove could sort of be held in place (first thing thrown out). Any thoughts on how to approach this gaping hole in the...
  8. CSMcKillip

    Galley maid

    Ok, I have searched, I have gone to the site, and I have looked thru all the boat soca, and I have not found any material on the galley maid 3 burner cooktop stove or oven. Problem is I have no idea what I would be doing to get it started, I know that you prelight the burners, but how? The oven...
  9. ignacio

    E27 Galley Countertop replacement

    Looks like the galley countertop needs to be replaced. The PO let several years of water intrusion get in there and now it's seriously delaminated/rotting. Aside from simply removing it so I can get the pattern for the replacement, anyone have any tips for how to go about this project? The...
  10. S

    E27 Galley Sink Drain Plug

    Hi All, When cleaning up my E27 after a 1.5 year restoration/outfitting project I was using my trusty ShopVac that sucks up virtually anything and I fear that I may have inadvertantly sucked up the drain plug/strainer from the galley sink. The bag is long gone:esad: Does anyone have any...
  11. T

    Foot pump installation in galley help please

    I have "73 Ericson 35 MKII and would like to install a foot pump to the galley sink. If anyone hase done this and has suggestions / hot tips and pictures it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! trl Dagny T Hull 305
  12. erikwfab

    Galley Maid alcohol stove conversion

    I have the origional 3 burner w/ oven alcohol stove aboard my 1976 E36C. I need to either convert the burners to propane or replace them with new alcohol ones. My problem is that the current burners are cast steel worn and dont burn clean. Because they do not burn clean,they soot up the...
  13. Captain Crunch

    Pluming Sea Water in Galley

    Plumbing Sea Water in Galley I currently use the old bucket method to get sea water into the galley sink to do dishes. I would like to plumb sea water through a faucet or the existing old fresh water hand pump that is still mounted next to the sink without drilling another hole in the hull. I...
  14. B

    Refurbishing a galley stove that's been underwater

    I've been looking for a new stove for our E39 and have an opportunity to buy (for next to nothing) a 2-year old Force 10 stainless steel stove/oven that was on a boat that sank in the slip. The stove was supposedly underwater for 4 hours. Does anyone know what would need to be addressed with...
  15. W

    Galley console in E38

    The ice box and sink console in my '90 E38-200 project perpendicular from the port hull to midships where, it appears, it is tabbed once to the hull (TRFG) in the forward starboard corner. That tab was broken when I bought the boat and I've never asked how it happened (shudder). The tab held...
  16. G

    32-3 galley drawer removal

    Hi guys! I have a '87 32-3 and need drawer help. The little latch that locks the drawer shut on the top drawer in the galley is loose. The wood which holds the metal tap above the drawer appears to be split. The thing slides on a plastic track, but I can't seem to find a release to completely...
  17. treilley

    Galley Sink

    After 2 seasons we finally got fed up with the miniature galley sink in our 35-3 that our plates would not even sit flat in. I searched all over to find the right size sink and faucet that would fit without doing major cutting. The sink is an Elkay 17x17x6 and the faucet is a chrome plated...
  18. C

    Galley fiberglass repair

    The corner of my galley counter has been chipped off, I think when the PO replaced the engine. Does anyone know how I would go about repairing it? I am including a photo. Thanks, Michael 1973 E27 #359
  19. F

    Nasty leak into the galley food storage cupboard....

    I have discovered that the food storage cupboard on my E30+ (the cupboard just aft of the refrigerator opening, beside the galley sink, next to the opening for the garbage disposal on some models) gets quite wet. This seems to happen only after I've hosed down the deck (haven't noticed it after...
  20. H

    galley range

    I find I am in need of a new galley stove/oven. Anybody have any idea of what changes out easily with the propane 3 burner w/ oven that came stock on the 1985 E 38? I miss my lasagne! Harold, S/V Mischief :devil: Maker