1. G

    Head Holding Tank Disposal

    First, let me apologize if my question is answered somewhere else. I did search the threads. Anyway, what is the environmentally friendly and law compliant way of disposing of an old holding tank. I am probably overstating the obvious but it is plastic. And because I am going compostable, I...
  2. P

    Shower drain/sump on E30+

    Wondering if anyone can help me figure out the best way to deal with the shower drain on my '86 E30+. I'm in the process of doing some refit work - including possibly replacing the cabin sole - and trying to get it more ready for some short distance cruising. I've never used the shower. If I...
  3. tpcorrigan


    Hi all, when we got our E27 a few years ago one of the PO’s had removed the toilet and holding tank. We have been using a port a pot but now I am ready to reinstall a jasco head. i have 2 questions. 1: what is under the head ledge (for lack of a correct name)? Our boat has no access to that...
  4. Head - Toilet Mount

    Head - Toilet Mount

    Toilet mount in the head.
  5. Head Sink

    Head Sink

    Sink in the head.
  6. jacksonkev

    A few questions about head cleaning/maintence....

    Spring is in the air and so is the smell coming from my head. I never use the head. I bought the boat 3 years ago and have basically never opened the door to the head. The bucket takes the brunt of the abuse on the boat. But I think I'm going to "allow it" this year. I just can't stand...
  7. lonokai

    Holding Tank/Head Removal Ericson 27

    I have a 1975 Ericson 27. The head and holding tank, I want to remove and replace with a porta potty for a few months, then a composting head. Whats the best way to remove the entire system to include piping and electrical/macerator, etc.... The boat yard wants 10-12 hours and $110 an...
  8. Andrew Means

    time for a new toilet in the head - anyone replaced theirs recently?

    Our very old toilet in the head is leaking in multiple places (some grosser than others) and rather than spend days rebuilding the pump I think it's time we just put a new one in there. I saw this one at Fisheries Supply and I think it should suit our needs pretty well. Installation seems...
  9. Sailhound

    Recommendations for a replacement head/holding tank seacocks

    I am pulling my 1972 e32 for survey and bottom paint. The seacock valves for the in and out of the head and holding tank look original, the old screw down valve and are pretty corroded. I thought i might as well replace them while I'm out. Can anyone recommend a good brand that isn't overpriced...
  10. R

    Ericson 35 Head Rebuild - Seattle Supplier?

    I am a finish carpenter in Seattle and a good friend of mine purchased an Ericson 35 sans head (removed for racing). He has asked me to look into replacing the works and I am looking to you all for some direction! Seattle has no shortage of marine stores so individual parts should be easy to...
  11. wolly bugger

    yet another head plumbing tread

    I have read many threads on this site about head plumbing and understand fairly well how this works. My problem/question is that I cannot find the place to fit it all in my E25. The h.t. will be under the v-berth but everything else needs to be in the head for access and room to the vent loop. I...
  12. C

    Leaking head on '87 32-3

    I am having a slight leak of water when the head is pumped. The fresh (salt) water seeps from the top of the head unit when pumping water to flush. I have checked the plastic nut that surrounds the pump shaft at the top of the unit and it is tight. I am not sure of the unit model, but I am...
  13. D

    Head portlight for E30+ 1981

    Hi everyone. I want to replace the small portlight in my head (the old corroded sliding one that hasn't slid for decades I'm sure). Measurements of the cabin cutout are 5 1/4" X 13 1/4". I was wondering if anyone has done this and recalls which company they used for the replacement, type of...
  14. S

    Datamarine mast head rebuild kit

    Here is an option for repairing your masthead unit. While never mentioned (to me) by the DMI repair company (the last place repairing Datamarine), there is a rebuild kit for the masthead unit. I stumbled on a web site showing all the steps to repair the unit at...
  15. davisr

    which manual pump for holding tank?

    I am putting in a new head. I plan to route the outlet hose from the toilet to the holding tank. From there I plan to route one outlet hose to a deckplate for dockside pumpout, and another outlet hose to a through-hull for manual pumpout while underway. Whale sells two different "Mark V"...
  16. B

    Fresh Water Head ?

    We are replacing our Raritan head and thought of using just fresh water. The 32-200 has a stern water tank which has never been used on this boat. I assume it is turned off at the pressure water pump?? Anyway would it not work to run the line from the stern tank directly to the Raritan pump and...
  17. davisr

    anybody else have 1-1/4 inch waste outlet thru-hull?

    I recently removed the original waste outlet through-hull. It is is 1-1/4 inches. The norm, I believe, is 1-1/2 inches. At any rate, on my boat someone in the past used a reducing coupling to join the toilet's 1-1/2 waste hose to the 1-1/4 valve on the 1-1/4 through-hull. Not sure why they would...
  18. S

    Add a Mast Head Wind Speed and Direction Sensor on a E38

    My local boat yard is advising me that it would likely be necessary to remove the mast to place a wind indicator at the mast head of my E38. Is this necessary or can the wiring just be dropped down inside and through from above? Thanks Jeff Hart
  19. C Masone

    Raritan Head Bowl Size

    OK trying find an acceptable way to say this. On my E32-3 I can barely fit my butt and other "neccesary body parts" through the opening in my head seat at the same time! Anyone else have this complaint? Raritan has two bowls for the PHII head, marine size and houshold size. The Admiral...
  20. adam

    E29 question - sink outflow (in head)

    I just bought an Ericson 29. And the head hasn't been used in many years, so I've got to get it working again. The first puzzle that I'm working on is the outflow for the sink. This is the sink in the head. Right now, the outflow just drains onto my floor. Does anyone know where it was...
  21. R

    Wanted- electric motor for monomatic head

    Odd as it may sound I would like to keep the old Monomatic head in my boat. The electric motor is dead and not repairable. Contact: Ray Stevens, stvns@greenbelt.com
  22. J

    Wanted RayMarine ST4000 autopilot control head

    My E-28 was hit by lightning earlier this summer. All electronics were fried. Have replaced the VHF, SIGNET depth and Boat speed and WIndspeed and wind direction units plus all mast wiring and mast lights. Last item is the autopilot. Bad news is that the Raymarine ST4000 is out of service and...
  23. J

    Broken head stay

    Broken headstay :esad:By this time tomorrow I will have talked to many experts and will eventually write a book on this subject, but for now I am dumbfounded and need help on what to do about the broken headstay on my 1987 e26 (fractional rig).<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  24. Spalding

    rudder head

  25. F

    E29 head model

    I am trying to find the model of the head installed in a 1977 E29. I need to get a rebuild kit and cannot find any marking on the head to identify it. Thanks for the help. Al
  26. WBurgner

    E38 Head Faucet

    I have a head faucet that has one of the plastic knobs stripped allowing it to turn without opening the tap. Replacement knobs don't seem to match up well enough to work, so I will replace the whole faucet set. If I get a household faucet set will the fittings make for a direct connection or...
  27. J

    Used Raritan head and "Y" valve on Craigs list

    Spotted this today on Criags list. I have not interest bust seem like a good deal http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/boa/1715900778.html
  28. Mikebat

    Convert head to fresh-water flush

    In my head, the E32-200 has a compartment with a cover built into the countertop. I don't use it for anything since whatever is put in there gets wet. I guess its purpose is for disposal of used toilet paper, since you aren't supposed to put that down the head. It's big enough for 2-3 gallons...
  29. G

    Head sink drain

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a new sink drain fitting for the head on my E35/3. Has anyone found a source? The sink is an oval stainless one, but the fitting isn't available as far as I can determine. I've been to 4 marine stores, as well as West Marine, 2 plumbing shops as well as Home...
  30. S

    Head Sail Size for 1989 E 38-200

    My original equipment North Sail head sail is starting to require patching and I am eventually looking at the purchase of a new head sail.I currently have a roller furled 105.I sail shorthanded alot and race occasionally again with limited crew.I would be interested in opinions regarding head...
  31. B

    E27- Replacement for Original Raritan Head?

    My 1974 E27 has a manual Raritan head that is original equipment, as far as I know. I've fixed it several times, but its days are limited, and I'd like to replace it with a new head. Does anyone know if there are any manual heads sold by West Marine or other that fit directly into the existing...
  32. A

    E29 Head Conversion

    I am wondering on any suggestions on replacing my head which is a standard discharge type head to like an electro scan or some other eco friendly solutions that could be done without a holding tank. P.s. Not to handy with a wrench may have to pay to have the work done so what would be the best $...
  33. G

    Head Plumbing

    Hi All, Just wondering how many people have their wye valve pre-holding tank so as to be able to flush straight overboard if necessary. And how many flush everything into the tank first and use the wye valve for overboard or deck pumpout. The previous owner had an overboard flush on one...
  34. Lucky Dog

    Plumbing - composting head

    Any thoughts - I was at Strictly Sail in Chicago last weekend. I was good over all. Natures Head is a composting head that does not require a heat source. The is a optional solar powered vent. It is a little taller than most marine heads. Practical Sailor wrote a review about composting...
  35. R

    Ever remove the head from a Universal 5432?

    Hello All, Down at the boat today checking on her, etc. and noticed something I thought I saw once before. On a Universal 5432 engine the thermostat housing is bolted to the front of the cylinder head. When the head is installed the mounting boss on the engine block for the coolant pump is...
  36. W

    E 27 Conversion Tiller to Wheel WTB Tiller/Rudder Head

    Anyone out there have tiller parts after converting to wheel on an E 27???? Could really use tiller/rudder head for rebuild on E 23-1
  37. E

    Wanted: Wilcox Crittenden Skipper Head

    Hi, Looking for a Wilcox Crittenden Skipper head in any condition. Please contact me if you have or know of one for sale. Thanks
  38. J

    1976 E 32 head valve repair

    Recently the water intake valve began leaking water into bowl. Must now shut off main valve to keep water out. Anyone have a clue as to make and model of this year boats head? Suggestions on replacing/repairing valve?
  39. A

    E27 Head plumbing.

    Hello, I'm a new owner of a '76 E27 that although very sound needs a lot of esthetic attention. Hopefully I attached the picture correctly. My first of many questions is about the head. It does not have a deck connection for pump out. There are 2 through hulls I beleive that the larger one is...
  40. T

    Data Marine Mast Head Unit repair or replacement

    My original mast head anemometer has slowed to an unbalanced crawl. To make matters worse, a big bird tried to sit on it and when it spun on him, his frantic flapping in getting away, knocked off the directional fin. The dilemma now is what to do. The other original instruments still work well...
  41. J

    Ericson 26 Head Problems

    Hello all. Two months ago my wife and I became the proud owners of a 1985 Ericson 26. The bones of the boat are good, but I am finding that the PO didn’t do routine maintenance. This site has been great for the research before we bought the boat, and for the maintenance that I’ve done since...
  42. N

    1986 E32-3 Head Faucet Brand for Parts?

    Shown in the picture is the Head Sink Faucet and the broken Valve from the cold side. I can't find a brand or model for sourcing parts. If anybody knows just what Brand this Faucet is and or where I can get new parts it would be appreciated. I did try an RV parts place and they could not match...
  43. Jeff Asbury

    Head sail with the true reef ties in it?

    Interesting head sail with the true reef ties in it. I wonder how that works. Could a sail maker do that with my 140? This a photo from friends of mine's Baba 30 on a recent crossing from Ventura to Hawaii. You can see the rest of the photos at this link. It took them 28 days. Love the...
  44. R

    Head faucet/shower combo

    Hi all, did anyone try to replace a faucet/shower combo in the head? The one that came with our 32-3 is way too short - I cannot even wash hands there. Plus, it started to leak recently... The issue is that it has 2 holes going through the countertop. WM does not have currently anything...
  45. Sven

    Head adventure

    :scared: On our return from Catalina the head plugged up. We had been too careful about not filling the holding tank with water ... big mistake ! So, the dreaded job for the Memorial Day weekend was to unplug it ... obviously man's work. I'd had almost two weeks to plan it out and dread it...
  46. M

    E-27 Head ?

    Hi All, our E27 was built in 1976 prior to the marine pollution regulations so the current system is illegal. We seem to have two choices, either install some kind of holding tank somewhere and cut a hole in the deck for pumpout purposes or go with a portable. We are leaning towards the...
  47. R

    Autopilot head dry-off?

    Hi all, my trusted Navman G-pilot probably swallowed some water/humidity over the winter. The LCD display does not show all the segments, but the pattern changes through the day, so I hope it's not a completely lost case. Any experience with drying off instrument heads? Reps at Navico told...
  48. SASSY

    Mast Head Sheaves

    How many mast head shivs are required for a 1987 E-34. I know the specs for the shivs, but not how many. I assume 1 shiv per haliard but does the storm sail haliard use a standard shiv. thanks, Andy
  49. ChrisS

    Plumbing question: head to holding tank

    I'm getting ready to dismantle the current head and holding tank setup this week to clean and paint the bilges, and then rebuild the system. It must be at least 25 years old, and is due for replacement. There is a Y valve with direct discharge or to the tank; the tank is located under the...
  50. Sven

    Shower arrangements in fwd head of E39B ?

    Do any of you have pictures of shower arrangements in the forward head of an E39B ? How about a shower sump installation (I believe the stock setup drains into the bilge) ? Thanks, -Sven
  51. A

    Jabsco head service kit

    I believe it might be time to service parts of my Jabsco head. It appears there are two different service kits, pre-1997 and later. How can I tell if I have a pre- or post 1997 Jabsco head? :confused:
  52. D

    Wanted head door E27

    Looking for a door for the head on my E27 project either used or a resource for aftermarket thx db
  53. E

    Mast Head Light

    Has any one replaced the anchor light wiring while the mast was up. My anchor light has not been working so I went up the mast to check it out. The bulb is ok, checked with a meter, so I checked for voltage got ZERO. I pull the light fixture off and the wires had corroded off and fallen down...
  54. larossa

    Head Sail Sock

    Hi All, I currently getting a new head sail built and need some advice. I have a roller furler and need the UV protection on the leach of the sail when it’s rolled up. Many boats I've seen have it trimmed in Sunbrella. With this route I think you are adding a fair amount of weight to the...
  55. W

    35’ Head Cabinetry?

    Rebuilding head cabinetry on 1974 35’. Have bits and pieces from original sink and area behind sink and need to figure where they go. Does anyone have any photos of that area from a 70’s hull that they could send? Thanks, Bill
  56. D

    1976 E27 Head / Lines to pump out

    I am still considering a E27 here in the Chesapeak Bay area. The owner has recently had a new holding tank installed. My problem is the look of the resulting installation. The lines now feed to a pump out fitting on starboard deck (I presume because we can't dump the stuff overboard anymore). My...
  57. G

    E27 - Main or Head Sail Driven

    I've gotten a lot of local advice about sailing and one particular topic is weather a boat is head sail or main sail driven. Factional rig boats are thought to be more main sail driven; while older mast head rigs are head sail driven. It's been my experience with my E27 that when I reef the...
  58. D

    E27 - no sink in head

    Does anyone know why there is no sink for the head in 1976 E27 Sloop? Can one be added? It's a very important concern for "She Who Must Be Obeyed".
  59. ChrisS

    32-2 holding tank and head replacement

    Peeww! Old hoses, and old recirculating tank, and an old leaky Groco HC head all require serious attention. The current configuration is a head to holding tank with a Y valve between the two for overboard discharge, but I need a pumpout station to empty the tank. So I was thinking of going to...
  60. T

    E27 Wood Rot on Head Wall

    I have 1975 E27 that has had a small leak that has been dripping down on the head wall and the Mast support, the mast support has a little damage (1/32 of a inch) but the plywood in the wall is damages for about 4 inchs deep and 24 inches long. My question is has this happen to anyone else...
  61. Mikebat

    New head - what type?

    The Lavac Popular model seems like the way to go for a durable, low-maintenance head replacement. My current sanitation system is in need of overhaul, but I hate it and have wanted to replace it since I got the boat. Actually, it's just the toilet I hate. The sanitation system is fine. The...
  62. N

    E27 Rudder head and Tiller Casting

    There is a lot of slop in the tiller on my E27. The entire range of motion appears to be due to either a lot of wear, or a bad fit, between the casting that bolts to the tiller, and the one that bolts to the head of the rudder. I have shimmed it, and messed around with it, but in the end it...
  63. A

    E23 head

    My E23 has the head curtain but alas no head. Based on the limited dimensions available behind the curtain is there a head that you would suggest? I was looking at the thetford 135 marine as an inexpensive solution. Thanks! Ivan
  64. Loren Beach

    Cockpit Table [Master Thread]

    Cockpit Table success story: I thought others might want to view the really *cool* Ericson-built table that I recently bought from another EY.org site member. The top and fiddle joinery is identical to the construction of our dining table, so I assume that this circa-1990 table came from the...
  65. M

    removing under lazzerette port bulk head

    I'm in the middle of replacing 3 (likely original) gate valve seacocks on my 1975 E27. Yup, she's on jack stands and dry. One (already removed) was the water in for the head. Easily removed. The second, slightly aft of the sink, and has a junction of plumbing directly above the seacock. Two...
  66. L

    Floor In Head Needs Replacing

    Hi, all- Shower stall leaks that were finally corrected this summer have resulted in a soft, delaminating teak and holly sole in the head of our 35-3. The damaged area extends to just inside the head door and the edge of the shower sump. I need to remove the damaged flooring and replace with...
  67. bigtyme805

    Head Window Replacement need advice for 30+

    I want to replace my Port Window on the head side. I need help. Does anybody know a good replacement window that would fit the old one? The glass is cracked but not leaking yet. I want to keep the same look and of course that means aluminum. Does anybody know the cutout size for 1985 E30+? I...
  68. jamescio

    Head Help

    I recently purchased a "new" used 1982 Ericson 30+...Love the boat! I am still learning all the little things about her. I am having a couple of problems. The first is the head will not flush. I have located the seacock for the external water, I am confident it is on. It still won't flush...
  69. Randy Rutledge

    Drilling holes in mast head.

    Am I missing something? There are lost of threads about internal halyards on this site. Am I missing something or are the only things involved. 1 drill holes for the halyards to leave the sheaves and enter the mast. Anti-chafing at hole. 2 a clear path down the mast for halyards 3...
  70. R

    E27 Marine Head bolts

    I am considering changing out the original Raritan PHII on my E27 to a Wilcox Head Mate that has a different mounting bolt pattern. Does anyone know if the mounting bolts are lag screws that simply screw into the fiberglass platform or a wood backing plate? I am wondering how I will attach the...
  71. S

    Head vent

    Howdy, All - Very happy to be joining you as the proud new (to me) owner of a 1986 E38! Had her out once already single-handing and WOW, what a blast!!:egrin: I have been ghosting this great site for a while and you all really helped me with my research and final decision. Gotta love...
  72. T

    Raritan Manual Head

    I have a Raritan PH-II manual head. It's not drawing water into the bowl, but seems to be having no problem pumping the water in the bowl to the holding tank. I tried to prime it by dumping a few buckets of water into the bowl and they would pump out but no fresh water would enter the bowl...
  73. Tom Metzger

    1 1/2" head hose

    I bought a 12" piece of Shields 101 sanitary hose and only needed half of it to replace the toilet to tank section on my 1987 E-34. Does anyone need a 6+ foot piece? Email me at trmetzger@earthlink.net
  74. A

    Finishing head wall

    We want to finish the inside of the head compartment. Behind the head is the fiberglass that is on the starboard outside of the boat. We are thinking of gluing lino-flooring on when we haul out. Has anyone seen this done or tryed this? Is there a better product to use?
  75. L

    Marine Electric Head

    Does anyone have an Electic head on their boat? How do you like it? Which type do you recommend and why? What is better --fresh water of salt water flush? Do elecric pumps really use less water to flush than manual pumps? I have an E-38 and have heard some good comments on using electric...
  76. A

    Rudder head 1975 32

    Any idea of where can I find a replacement?
  77. Captain Crunch

    Head window replacement

    Looking to replace the sliding head portlight with a sealed unit... I have access to lewmar products. Do they offer a standard portlight size that fits or almost fits an Ericson 35 1974.
  78. M

    Replacing Mast Head Sheeves

    I need to replace my mast head sheeves on my E35Mk11 1970. It is the original mast. I'm mystified as to how to remove the pins holding the sheeves. On the exterior of the mast are two small plates which cover the two pins. I removed these (in minus six degree weather) and found the pins...
  79. Mariner's Honey

    Ericson 29 head problem

    I recently bought an Ericson 29. My head is clogged or not flushing properly. The head has an eletric flush. No holding tank. I need a detailed diagram for the system, or advice on what to do to fix this problem. I have tried plunging the head, adding vegetable oil to lube things up. The through...
  80. Mariner's Honey

    Ericson 29 head problem

    I recently bought an Ericson 29. My head is clogged or not flushing properly. The head has an eletric flush. No holding tank. I need a detailed diagram for the system, or advice on what to do to fix this problem. I have tried plunging the head, adding vegetable oil to lube things up. The through...
  81. A

    head plumbing E38

    I am replacing the head and hoses on a 1981 E38. I cannot figure out where the vented loops originally were. The exhisting setup (not original) had none. I would like to have Y valve to overboard or to holding tank. It seems that to get the loop above waterline (especially at any heel, I will...
  82. C

    Mast head sheeves

    Hi; I just purchase a 1984 Ericson 30+ and I would like to replace my wire halyards, jib, spinnaker, main, with 7/16" rope. Can anyone tell me what size my mast sheeves (ID x OD x width) are and if there is room for rope sheeves? Carlos
  83. B

    Head gasket?

    Our Ericson 34, with a 23 hp fresh-water cooled Universal M25XP diesel, has a problem that the mechanic said (over the phone) is probably a blown head gasket. We have a coolant header tank and an overflow tank added above the hot water heater to prevent air lock; the pressure cap on the heat...
  84. S

    Head floor drain pan ? 35-2

    I am replacing the cabinets in the head of my 35-2, and, upon removal of old cabinets, noticed that the drain pan in the floor of the head does not lay flush against the hull...there is a running gap of 1.5in forward down to about .5 in aft. Is this gap there by design, or can I close fill the...
  85. treilley

    Noisy head fixed

    My wife was wondering why our head is so noisy in the new Ericson compared to the old Pearson. I explained that it was because the head inlet shares a through hull with the vanity outlet. After looking at it I came up with a solution. I simply screwed on a 1" PVC gate valve to the bottom of...
  86. Shadowfax

    Mast Head Leak

    The mast head of my "88 E34. And I wonder why my mast leaks!! This is the first time I've tried to attach a picture, so if it dosen't come through I'll try again
  87. Bolo

    Fresh water mystery in E32-3 head

    My wife and I spent the last three days commissioning our new "old" 32 (hull #722) and we're just delighted with our purchase. Like any new boat we been finding some small (thank goodness) surprises that we're not found during survey. However, there is one item in the head that just perplexes...
  88. S

    Head Hoses Replacement

    It's time to replace the Head hoses on my 1988 32-200. I plan on using Trident #101 Sani Shield. Has anyone done this on a 32-200 and know how much hose you used? I was thinking of buying a 50 foot roll until I saw a price for the hose.
  89. O

    Mast head light recommendation?

    This will be one of undoubtedly many, many postings on questions for our new Ericson 32... and our first real boat! Our mast head light was broken in transport... anyone have a recommendation for a replacement? Preferrably something we can order or pick-up at a local store. Are there...
  90. G

    Broken zipper in head liner

    Hi All, Has anyone found a fix for a broken zipper on their headliner? Almost all of mine were seized up with corrosion on the aluminum zipper pull mechanism. I've been working on them slowly over the past few months with liquid wrench, silicone spray etc. I've freed them all up except one...
  91. wurzner

    E38-200 Head Pump Access-NEED HELP (Seth, Help!!!)

    In the course of breaking in the boat last week, I inadvertantly destroyed the manual pump in the head. We sailed out of SF bay where I decided to pump a LOT of water into to the holding tank to flush it out before I hauled here to seattle (yes, we had pumped out at the dock before leaving)...
  92. Luffin it

    Head Portlight

    Does anyone out there know of a replacement portlight for the head on a 27 foot. The rough opening is 5.25 by 13.5. There doesn't seem to be a new replacement in that size. Most of the small ones are around 6" for the rough opening. If there's no replacement, is there a source for the guts like...
  93. T

    Head Plumbing Project E 38

    I removed the holding tank and cleaned with bleach. I Eliminated the vented loop, Y valve direct discharge route all together. The head now runs direct to the tank and can be either pumped out through the deck fitting or through the manual whale pump. I replaced all of the hoses with sealand...
  94. Jeff Asbury

    Broken Moorings and Unfurled Head Sails at Cabrillo and Cabrillo Way Marinas!

    First off I live in San Pedro. Around 9:00 am Monday January 2nd the rain was coming down hard and the wind was blowing like stink so I decided to drive out to Point Ferman to check out the breakers and get breakfast. What I found was a nightmarish storm with a really high tide that was just...
  95. wurzner

    Ericson Designs with Aft Cabin and Head?

    The wife casually suggested that maybe a different boat might make her more interested in cruising. I like the design characteristics of the aft head and cabin. As far as I can tell, only the 34 and the 38-200 had offered this configuration, as well as perhaps the 32-3. Are there other...
  96. J

    35-3 Water Supply to Head

    One of my many winter projects this year is to replace the holding tank on my 1987 35-3. I don't know if the currently installed RONCO 130 holding tank (the one with the "wing") is original and leaking, or whether one of the drain fittings below are the source of "smell" and minor leakage into...
  97. Lawdog

    Replacing head and hoses

    I will be replacing my Lavac toilet on my 1983 E38 with a manual model, and was hoping someone has pics of an 80 to 85 E38 head and hoses so I can see what they are supposed to look like. My prior owner installed a Lavac which I dont particularly like, and will probably give away, and has hoses...
  98. wurzner

    Tuff Luff 120546 Head Foil System- New

    I have a Tuff Luff System with 46 feet of extrusion that is for a #5 Luff Tape or #12 Rod. I paid 300 and I believe it is worth around $550. Email me at wurzner@yahoo.com if you are interested. Shaun
  99. B

    open up head on E25??

    is there any reason, structurally or otherwise.. why i can't take off a door, non-structural(?) piece of forward panel wall.. remove that nasty old 'throne' and make a more liveable fore area in my new (ok '78) E25/CB?? (porta-pottie for toilet) and while we're at it- opening...
  100. P

    Wanted - E-27 Head Door and Table

    As some of you know, when I bought my 1972 E27, it did not have the dinette table or the head door. If anyone out there has a spare they'd consider selling me, I'm all ears. Very tight budget, though. I'll likely build my own but if there's one lying around....... Thanks...