1. T


    Hi all, when we got our E27 a few years ago one of the PO’s had removed the toilet and holding tank. We have been using a port a pot but now I am ready to reinstall a jasco head. i have 2 questions. 1: what is under the head ledge (for lack of a correct name)? Our boat has no access to that...
  2. Head - Toilet Mount

    Head - Toilet Mount

    Toilet mount in the head.
  3. Head Sink

    Head Sink

    Sink in the head.
  4. jacksonkev

    A few questions about head cleaning/maintence....

    Spring is in the air and so is the smell coming from my head. I never use the head. I bought the boat 3 years ago and have basically never opened the door to the head. The bucket takes the brunt of the abuse on the boat. But I think I'm going to "allow it" this year. I just can't stand...
  5. lonokai

    Holding Tank/Head Removal Ericson 27

    I have a 1975 Ericson 27. The head and holding tank, I want to remove and replace with a porta potty for a few months, then a composting head. Whats the best way to remove the entire system to include piping and electrical/macerator, etc.... The boat yard wants 10-12 hours and $110 an...
  6. Andrew Means

    time for a new toilet in the head - anyone replaced theirs recently?

    Our very old toilet in the head is leaking in multiple places (some grosser than others) and rather than spend days rebuilding the pump I think it's time we just put a new one in there. I saw this one at Fisheries Supply and I think it should suit our needs pretty well. Installation seems...
  7. Sailhound

    Recommendations for a replacement head/holding tank seacocks

    I am pulling my 1972 e32 for survey and bottom paint. The seacock valves for the in and out of the head and holding tank look original, the old screw down valve and are pretty corroded. I thought i might as well replace them while I'm out. Can anyone recommend a good brand that isn't overpriced...
  8. R

    Ericson 35 Head Rebuild - Seattle Supplier?

    I am a finish carpenter in Seattle and a good friend of mine purchased an Ericson 35 sans head (removed for racing). He has asked me to look into replacing the works and I am looking to you all for some direction! Seattle has no shortage of marine stores so individual parts should be easy to...
  9. wolly bugger

    yet another head plumbing tread

    I have read many threads on this site about head plumbing and understand fairly well how this works. My problem/question is that I cannot find the place to fit it all in my E25. The h.t. will be under the v-berth but everything else needs to be in the head for access and room to the vent loop. I...
  10. C

    Leaking head on '87 32-3

    I am having a slight leak of water when the head is pumped. The fresh (salt) water seeps from the top of the head unit when pumping water to flush. I have checked the plastic nut that surrounds the pump shaft at the top of the unit and it is tight. I am not sure of the unit model, but I am...
  11. D

    Head portlight for E30+ 1981

    Hi everyone. I want to replace the small portlight in my head (the old corroded sliding one that hasn't slid for decades I'm sure). Measurements of the cabin cutout are 5 1/4" X 13 1/4". I was wondering if anyone has done this and recalls which company they used for the replacement, type of...
  12. S

    Datamarine mast head rebuild kit

    Here is an option for repairing your masthead unit. While never mentioned (to me) by the DMI repair company (the last place repairing Datamarine), there is a rebuild kit for the masthead unit. I stumbled on a web site showing all the steps to repair the unit at...
  13. davisr

    which manual pump for holding tank?

    I am putting in a new head. I plan to route the outlet hose from the toilet to the holding tank. From there I plan to route one outlet hose to a deckplate for dockside pumpout, and another outlet hose to a through-hull for manual pumpout while underway. Whale sells two different "Mark V"...
  14. B

    Fresh Water Head ?

    We are replacing our Raritan head and thought of using just fresh water. The 32-200 has a stern water tank which has never been used on this boat. I assume it is turned off at the pressure water pump?? Anyway would it not work to run the line from the stern tank directly to the Raritan pump and...
  15. davisr

    anybody else have 1-1/4 inch waste outlet thru-hull?

    I recently removed the original waste outlet through-hull. It is is 1-1/4 inches. The norm, I believe, is 1-1/2 inches. At any rate, on my boat someone in the past used a reducing coupling to join the toilet's 1-1/2 waste hose to the 1-1/4 valve on the 1-1/4 through-hull. Not sure why they would...
  16. S

    Add a Mast Head Wind Speed and Direction Sensor on a E38

    My local boat yard is advising me that it would likely be necessary to remove the mast to place a wind indicator at the mast head of my E38. Is this necessary or can the wiring just be dropped down inside and through from above? Thanks Jeff Hart
  17. C Masone

    Raritan Head Bowl Size

    OK trying find an acceptable way to say this. On my E32-3 I can barely fit my butt and other "neccesary body parts" through the opening in my head seat at the same time! Anyone else have this complaint? Raritan has two bowls for the PHII head, marine size and houshold size. The Admiral...
  18. adam

    E29 question - sink outflow (in head)

    I just bought an Ericson 29. And the head hasn't been used in many years, so I've got to get it working again. The first puzzle that I'm working on is the outflow for the sink. This is the sink in the head. Right now, the outflow just drains onto my floor. Does anyone know where it was...
  19. R

    Wanted- electric motor for monomatic head

    Odd as it may sound I would like to keep the old Monomatic head in my boat. The electric motor is dead and not repairable. Contact: Ray Stevens, stvns@greenbelt.com
  20. J

    Wanted RayMarine ST4000 autopilot control head

    My E-28 was hit by lightning earlier this summer. All electronics were fried. Have replaced the VHF, SIGNET depth and Boat speed and WIndspeed and wind direction units plus all mast wiring and mast lights. Last item is the autopilot. Bad news is that the Raymarine ST4000 is out of service and...