1. T

    23-2 stern helmet decal size

    Anybody out there happen to know the correct height of the helmet decal on the aft portion of the 23' accent stripe? I meant to measure the stripe on my last trip, but....:rolleyes:
  2. Loren Beach

    Wear your helmet proudly

    From the daily newspaper: NOW we know why... :egrin: Perhaps the mooing is less self concious after a glass of APIAB or some dark rum, ya think? Maybe? LB
  3. M

    Ericson Helmet Logo

    All, A while back several people expressed an interest in finding the Ericson viking helmet logo to have a sign shop cut them decals for use on their boats. I have vectorized a scan I had of the logo and the resulting EPS file can be used by any shop capable of cutting the vinyl. I am only...