hull paint

  1. Hull: Painted !

    O34 Hull: Painted !

    After several color layers of paint, both for the blue stripes and the pale gray hull color itself, four clear coats went on. Surface is sanded between coats. I believe that the 'grit' is 1500 or finer. That is followed by buffing with very very fine compoind. The shop has a huge-surface air...
  2. Hull Paint Progress

    O34 Hull Paint Progress

    This last week saw some good progress. The painting is definitely a two person job, and both have to know how to mix and apply the catalyzed paint. The stuff is really fussy about thinning, temperature, and etc. One person keeps running the 'gun' and the other mixes the paint components and...
  3. 2020 Re-Fit, Paint Progress

    O34 2020 Re-Fit, Paint Progress

    As of this week the hull is primed, first coat, and that layer is now sanded. A technique I find interesting is the method for sanding (320 grit) without missing any spots. Note the black material that is being removed along with some paint. This is a carbon black product, just for this purpose...