1. Interior refit/repair

    E30-2 Interior refit/repair

    Took on a bigger project than I bargained for. The initial reason was water damaged/rotted sidewalls and some damage to the headliner in the main cabin. Figured it would be no big deal to replace the wood and rebuild the headliner. Not exactly the case. Things I've learned: 1. Multi-tool...
  2. Salon


    Our salon looking forward.
  3. Vee Berth

    Vee Berth

    E30 Vee Berth
  4. Forward Deck Hatch

    Forward Deck Hatch

    Forward deck hatch with exhaust fan.
  5. Galley Stove

    Galley Stove

    Gimbled galley stove.
  6. Salon Settee

    Salon Settee

    The settee in the salon.
  7. Pilot Berth

    Pilot Berth

    Looking aft, pilot berth on starboard side.
  8. erikwfab

    Interior turnbuckle question

    Inside my E36C there is a turnbuckle from the deck to the mast. What is the purpose of this and what is the proper tension? see photo
  9. Sven

    Attaching interior handrails ?

    Now that the new portholes are getting in place it is time to start looking at how to install interior handrails. I want to install them under the portholes along the molding in the picture below. (They will not interfere with the porthole dogs.) What worries me is that I have no idea...
  10. D

    Seeking portlight vinyl interior trim.....

    Time to reseal and repair my tired old aluminum portlights. Can't seem to find a supplier for the Inside 9/16" decorative vinyl trim that has become UV brittle and shrinking like my budget! Any ideas, links, product out there? Mid 70's, unkn manufacturer, no factory markings, & 3/16" tempered...
  11. U

    Are there any drawings for E38 interior?!?

    Was planning to post pics but camera didn't cooperate, maybe the humidity?!? I'm wondering if there are any of the original blueprints etc. for E38 interior elevations & layout. I'm missing wood components for v-berth, settee, dinette, galley casework & head. I'd like to bring her back...
  12. U

    E38 interior rehab, big job!!!

    Pics will be forthcoming, also a link to my personal site. My name is Frank (you may have guessed) & I'm a woodworker w/ a fair amount of professional experience in a variety of disciplines. This project represents my first major foray into boat carpenter-ing, a new & exciting challenge...
  13. Lawdog

    interior cabin wood panels

    I am considering replacing the wood panels attached to the sides of the cabin housing which surround the ports, as they are pretty rotted in places, but it appears they are fiberglassed to the hull. Has anyone done this before? thanks Neal E38
  14. D

    I'm thinkin' about varnishing the interior

    Her interior is the original oiled mahogany and teak. Any advise? Brand of varnish? I'm wondering about Smith's CPES and any residual oil issues although I can call Smith & Co. for that. 1987 hull #283 35-3 Obligatto Thanks in advance Del Warne
  15. Sven

    Teak ply for interior work - marine grade ?

    There is some interior joinery in our future as we turn Senta II into our world cruiser. Some of that work will be plywood rather that solid teak, for obvious reasons. When I built a small speedboat as a kid I built it out of marine grade plywood, but that was the actual hull, not interior...
  16. CSMcKillip

    Interior cushions

    Has anyone replaced the interior cushions? We have a total of 10 that we are looking to be redone, I have the cost for materials and labor but want to make sure we are in the " ballpark" for the quoted price.
  17. Andrew Means

    interior audio speakers

    Sometimes the equation of Time Spent Assessing the Job + Money Spent Buying Tools Required + Time Spent Learning the Requisite Skills + Time Spent Doing The Job + Time Spent Fixing Your Mistakes adds up to more than the money spent to have somebody who knows their stuff do it well. In this...
  18. jreddington

    Interior Cushion Upholstery Material

    The V-Berth and quarterberth cushions on my 1984 E-28+ have had it with splits in them. The thing is I love the material. It is a dark (but lighter than Navy) blue with white dots. I think it is Ericson original since I've seen this same pattern on Ericsons of that vintage listed on...
  19. larossa

    Bronze Port Protective Coating - Interior

    I have an E31C and it has bronze ports. On the interior the bronze bezels have tarnished. I have them off the boat right now and we be cleaning them up. Is there a coating I could put on them such as lacquer or something better that would protect the nice golden finish? Thanks, Brian...
  20. B

    Interior Wood on E23

    What type of wood is this? I am trying to find something to match it. 1975 E23. Is it White Oak? with clear varnish?
  21. Steve

    Any Interior Fabric Ideas?

    This time of year is great to have stuff like cushions redone etc.. We would like to renew several of our worn interior cushions, but running into a brick wall regarding "matching" the original OEM fabric navy blue with white dot pattern that Ericson used. If we are unable to match, we may...
  22. treilley

    Teak Interior Refinish Project Documented

    I finally finished the descriptions for all my interior refinish project photos from last winter. This is a great winter project because you can do most everything right up to applying the finish. But as everyone knows a sucessful job is 90% prep, right...
  23. Gary Peterson

    Interior Teak

    I am removing and replacing some of the Teak panels on the cabin walls of our 1983 E381. The biggest piece is the one in front of the Stbd portlight in the main cabin. It was damaged from water intrusion from the Dorade box leaking around the water seperators on the Stbd side and running down...
  24. chtaylor

    Interior Non-skid Stains

    Ever since I bought my 1977 E32-2 a little over a year ago, I have been trying to get rid of some pre-existing black stains on the interior non-skid. I have tried just about everything that West Marine sells as stain remover to no avail. I have also tried Comet, Barkeepers, Ajax with bleach...
  25. dustintodd

    Restoring interior woodwork

    My leaky portlights have caused a lot of streaking and mildew in the surrounding woodwork. I had been speaking to a bunch of friends about techniques for cleaning up the wood and need some input. One friend recommended a combination of scraping ( using a utility knife blade) and oxialic acid to...
  26. D

    Interior Brightwork question

    I just purchased a 1977 E25 Centerboard, #355, and want to work on sprucing up the interior. All the brightwork below seems to be varnished, (bulkheads, drawers, lockers, steps, etc.) They all seem to have original finishes on them, and are getting ugly looking.(not scratched or damaged, just a...
  27. treilley

    Interior Teak Finish: Oil to Varnish

    Interior Teak from oil to varnish Well, the interior refinishing project has begun. We have been experimenting with different techniques to remove the lemon oil and lighten the teak. To clean the wood, we used Captain John's Boat Bright teak cleaner(from WM). This removed a lot of dirt...
  28. treilley

    Interior lamp wanted

    I am looking for one of the gold, round interior lamps that were installed in the 35-3. I think they are about 5 inches in diameter. Thanks.
  29. bigtyme805

    12v Interior Light Covers Needed

    Can anyone direct me where I can purchase new covers for my Interior lights. They are the common square models. I checked WM and Boaters World, no dice! I checked online but its like checking a needle in a haystack. The ones I have are starting to get a yellow coloring like cigarette...
  30. L

    New interior cushions

    My 1984 Ericson 381 needs new cushions: Does anyone know the interior manufacturer who made the interior cushions for the Ericsons in So. CAL.??? Or Does anyone know of an interior manufacture that does a good job at reasonable prices in SO.CAL?? --- I am in the Marina Del Rey to Long...
  31. C

    Original Interior Varnish

    Ericson Builders...What was used as Interior Varnish on Mahogony Ply for circa 70's boats :confused: My guess is Gloss Polyurethane. Gloss Cetol seems to match well.... Would like to match Original coating :nerd: Happy Coatings :egrin: :egrin: /) /)
  32. wurzner

    E38-200-Accessing Strut from Interior?

    I have a 1986 Ericson 38-200 with the engine mounted under the galley, not the companion way stairs. I'm curious how you get to the strut support from the inside. thanks shaun
  33. N

    Interior rehab

    Nova has been dockbound for years and has some serious wood rot on the cabin interior around the portlights. I am renovating her and would like to fix this by replacing it. I would like to preserve the pieces to use as a template but really don't have an idea as to how to remove them without...
  34. M

    Interior Wood Identification

    A previous owner removed the backrest of the starboard settee, shelf, and all storage space to install a fuel tank big enough for the Titanic. I am about to restore that area, but I need help identifying the wood. The first two pics (from the port side) are solid wood, and the third is a...
  35. B

    Interior Finish & Holding Tank

    I recently bought an 1978 Ericson 36C that was sunk and I am restoring it. The engine was preserved so that should be OK. Two questions: The interior was never varnished, should I varnish it or use teak oil? Which will give me the least grief? There is no holding tank for the head, it...
  36. D

    interior cushions for E27

    Any recommendations for a vendor to replace interior cushions for an E27 in so. California? thx in advance db
  37. G

    Interior cushion replacement

    I have a 1983 E28+ that could use all new cushions in the cabin. I'm not going to tackle this job via Sailrite or other DIY means. I'm located north of Chicago and would like to know if anyone can recommend a professional in the area to make the new cushions for me. Anybody have an idea of...
  38. P

    35-3 interior cushions

    I am looking to have my cushions re-upholstered. Does anyone know of an upholsterer who has the patterns so I can get some prices. Thanks
  39. M

    What finish can I use on the interior?

    If you read my prior post you will see the Regalus had a small leak from a cockpit drain hose. There was one through hull hose already replaced which may have let in way to much water at one time. It looks like Regalus may have had about 7 inches of water in the cabin at one time. There is a...
  40. E

    1986 E38-200 interior

    Hi !Me and my husband have been putting together `86 E38-200 for last 1/2 a year .It was sunk a while back in hurricane and last owner dissasembled it all and now we have a chore of putting it all back together ( electrical , plumbing , cabinetry...)We have pretty much finished electrical and...
  41. E

    Purchased 39 Ericson...Looking blueprint or layout of the interior.

    Hello Fellow Sailors.... I have recently purchased a 1972 39' Ericson needs a little TLC but The shell, outside, electronics are in great condition........ I would like to get any and all information about the boat, especially the interior layout, dimensions, possibly blueprints... If...
  42. gjersvik

    E-25 Interior Refinishing

    This spring I brought all the wood (except bulkheads) home for refinishing. Instead of stripping off the old finish and that marvelous aged look, I wet sanded the wood with steel wool and paint thinner. The amount of dirt and grime that came off was amazing. The wood was then refinished with...
  43. S

    Interior counter and sink for head

    After down-loading and printing all the specs on my 1974 E27, I noticed a E27 in one of the sales brochures as having a counter and sink located in the head space. Where do I get the specs or measurements for installing such a feature ?
  44. R

    E34 Interior Finish

    Re: 1989 E34 by Pacific Seacraft. Is the interior finish oil or satin varnish. I have a few water drips down the inside of the cabin sides which acts like an oil finish.
  45. R

    Cover for interior light ('86 E-30+) needed

    Recently, I replaced the bulb on one of the interior lights on my '86 E-30+. I replaced the (incandescent) bulb with another low-wattage one, though it appeared to be somewhat brighter and therefore made the interior light cover a bit hotter than the origninal bulb, which was designated only as...
  46. N

    deck painting and interior fiberglass painting

    i plan to paint the deck of my e-27 at the deck this next month. I was told i could sand down the original textured ' non-skid', tape around the patterns of old nonskid, and paint in two tones- using textured paint in the areas where there was texture. I was told a single part poly paint would...
  47. C

    Windy day...lots of interior water

    Next time I'll reef when it blows 33 MPH! :scared: Two leakage sources on my E35: Windows: Been waiting to deal with this...cannot wait any longer. I see in archives several costly replacement options as well as something about using "Closed cell foam tape". What is it? Is it worth...
  48. C

    interior cushions

    Hi everyone It's winter and I'm working on my usual list of projects to keep "BYE DESIGN", our '78 34T, looking good and performing well. I'm now thinking of tackling the interior cushion upholstery. Currently, the cushions are upholstered in a patterned, velvet-like uphostery ( I'm not sure...
  49. footrope

    Interior Lighting Tips?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for interior 12VDC lighting ideas and sources for fixtures. The lighting in my E38 is so limited, we've brought a small 115VAC 40Watt lamp to set on the dinette table when we're sitting still. Otherwise it's too gloomy at night. That's not a great solution, especially...
  50. J

    interior portlight covers

    I own a 1986 ER -35 III and need to replace the plastic covers on my Lewmar portlights, which have deteriorated with age. I have been told they are no longer available. anyone have a source for these covers?
  51. G

    Interior Finish

    I have an 87 34 and have water damage around several portlights down below. I was curious what other owners have used to refresh the finish on their boats? Would also be interested in hearing about the brightwork on deck are well. thanks
  52. R

    E26 Interior

    Has anyone removed the carpet type lining of the E26? If so what holds the pieces together? I need to remove mine to replace what I suspect is plywood that the carpet is stapled to that has been damaged by a leak. Can the carpet be easily replaced in the vee bearth as I need to go leak...
  53. E

    Portlight interior trim rings

    I own an E32-3 (1987) #713. Does anyone know if the beige trim rings that fit around the portlights can be replaced. Mine are cracked and falling apart so I am afraid to touch them.