1. Interior refit/repair

    E30-2 Interior refit/repair

    Took on a bigger project than I bargained for. The initial reason was water damaged/rotted sidewalls and some damage to the headliner in the main cabin. Figured it would be no big deal to replace the wood and rebuild the headliner. Not exactly the case. Things I've learned: 1. Multi-tool...
  2. Salon


    Our salon looking forward.
  3. Vee Berth

    Vee Berth

    E30 Vee Berth
  4. Forward Deck Hatch

    Forward Deck Hatch

    Forward deck hatch with exhaust fan.
  5. Galley Stove

    Galley Stove

    Gimbled galley stove.
  6. Salon Settee

    Salon Settee

    The settee in the salon.
  7. Pilot Berth

    Pilot Berth

    Looking aft, pilot berth on starboard side.
  8. erikwfab

    Interior turnbuckle question

    Inside my E36C there is a turnbuckle from the deck to the mast. What is the purpose of this and what is the proper tension? see photo
  9. Sven

    Attaching interior handrails ?

    Now that the new portholes are getting in place it is time to start looking at how to install interior handrails. I want to install them under the portholes along the molding in the picture below. (They will not interfere with the porthole dogs.) What worries me is that I have no idea...
  10. D

    Seeking portlight vinyl interior trim.....

    Time to reseal and repair my tired old aluminum portlights. Can't seem to find a supplier for the Inside 9/16" decorative vinyl trim that has become UV brittle and shrinking like my budget! Any ideas, links, product out there? Mid 70's, unkn manufacturer, no factory markings, & 3/16" tempered...
  11. U

    Are there any drawings for E38 interior?!?

    Was planning to post pics but camera didn't cooperate, maybe the humidity?!? I'm wondering if there are any of the original blueprints etc. for E38 interior elevations & layout. I'm missing wood components for v-berth, settee, dinette, galley casework & head. I'd like to bring her back...
  12. U

    E38 interior rehab, big job!!!

    Pics will be forthcoming, also a link to my personal site. My name is Frank (you may have guessed) & I'm a woodworker w/ a fair amount of professional experience in a variety of disciplines. This project represents my first major foray into boat carpenter-ing, a new & exciting challenge...
  13. Lawdog

    interior cabin wood panels

    I am considering replacing the wood panels attached to the sides of the cabin housing which surround the ports, as they are pretty rotted in places, but it appears they are fiberglassed to the hull. Has anyone done this before? thanks Neal E38
  14. D

    I'm thinkin' about varnishing the interior

    Her interior is the original oiled mahogany and teak. Any advise? Brand of varnish? I'm wondering about Smith's CPES and any residual oil issues although I can call Smith & Co. for that. 1987 hull #283 35-3 Obligatto Thanks in advance Del Warne
  15. Sven

    Teak ply for interior work - marine grade ?

    There is some interior joinery in our future as we turn Senta II into our world cruiser. Some of that work will be plywood rather that solid teak, for obvious reasons. When I built a small speedboat as a kid I built it out of marine grade plywood, but that was the actual hull, not interior...
  16. CSMcKillip

    Interior cushions

    Has anyone replaced the interior cushions? We have a total of 10 that we are looking to be redone, I have the cost for materials and labor but want to make sure we are in the " ballpark" for the quoted price.
  17. Andrew Means

    interior audio speakers

    Sometimes the equation of Time Spent Assessing the Job + Money Spent Buying Tools Required + Time Spent Learning the Requisite Skills + Time Spent Doing The Job + Time Spent Fixing Your Mistakes adds up to more than the money spent to have somebody who knows their stuff do it well. In this...
  18. jreddington

    Interior Cushion Upholstery Material

    The V-Berth and quarterberth cushions on my 1984 E-28+ have had it with splits in them. The thing is I love the material. It is a dark (but lighter than Navy) blue with white dots. I think it is Ericson original since I've seen this same pattern on Ericsons of that vintage listed on...
  19. larossa

    Bronze Port Protective Coating - Interior

    I have an E31C and it has bronze ports. On the interior the bronze bezels have tarnished. I have them off the boat right now and we be cleaning them up. Is there a coating I could put on them such as lacquer or something better that would protect the nice golden finish? Thanks, Brian...
  20. B

    Interior Wood on E23

    What type of wood is this? I am trying to find something to match it. 1975 E23. Is it White Oak? with clear varnish?