1. Steve

    Any Interior Fabric Ideas?

    This time of year is great to have stuff like cushions redone etc.. We would like to renew several of our worn interior cushions, but running into a brick wall regarding "matching" the original OEM fabric navy blue with white dot pattern that Ericson used. If we are unable to match, we may...
  2. treilley

    Teak Interior Refinish Project Documented

    I finally finished the descriptions for all my interior refinish project photos from last winter. This is a great winter project because you can do most everything right up to applying the finish. But as everyone knows a sucessful job is 90% prep, right...
  3. Gary Peterson

    Interior Teak

    I am removing and replacing some of the Teak panels on the cabin walls of our 1983 E381. The biggest piece is the one in front of the Stbd portlight in the main cabin. It was damaged from water intrusion from the Dorade box leaking around the water seperators on the Stbd side and running down...
  4. chtaylor

    Interior Non-skid Stains

    Ever since I bought my 1977 E32-2 a little over a year ago, I have been trying to get rid of some pre-existing black stains on the interior non-skid. I have tried just about everything that West Marine sells as stain remover to no avail. I have also tried Comet, Barkeepers, Ajax with bleach...
  5. dustintodd

    Restoring interior woodwork

    My leaky portlights have caused a lot of streaking and mildew in the surrounding woodwork. I had been speaking to a bunch of friends about techniques for cleaning up the wood and need some input. One friend recommended a combination of scraping ( using a utility knife blade) and oxialic acid to...
  6. D

    Interior Brightwork question

    I just purchased a 1977 E25 Centerboard, #355, and want to work on sprucing up the interior. All the brightwork below seems to be varnished, (bulkheads, drawers, lockers, steps, etc.) They all seem to have original finishes on them, and are getting ugly looking.(not scratched or damaged, just a...
  7. treilley

    Interior Teak Finish: Oil to Varnish

    Interior Teak from oil to varnish Well, the interior refinishing project has begun. We have been experimenting with different techniques to remove the lemon oil and lighten the teak. To clean the wood, we used Captain John's Boat Bright teak cleaner(from WM). This removed a lot of dirt...
  8. treilley

    Interior lamp wanted

    I am looking for one of the gold, round interior lamps that were installed in the 35-3. I think they are about 5 inches in diameter. Thanks.
  9. bigtyme805

    12v Interior Light Covers Needed

    Can anyone direct me where I can purchase new covers for my Interior lights. They are the common square models. I checked WM and Boaters World, no dice! I checked online but its like checking a needle in a haystack. The ones I have are starting to get a yellow coloring like cigarette...
  10. L

    New interior cushions

    My 1984 Ericson 381 needs new cushions: Does anyone know the interior manufacturer who made the interior cushions for the Ericsons in So. CAL.??? Or Does anyone know of an interior manufacture that does a good job at reasonable prices in SO.CAL?? --- I am in the Marina Del Rey to Long...
  11. C

    Original Interior Varnish

    Ericson Builders...What was used as Interior Varnish on Mahogony Ply for circa 70's boats :confused: My guess is Gloss Polyurethane. Gloss Cetol seems to match well.... Would like to match Original coating :nerd: Happy Coatings :egrin: :egrin: /) /)
  12. wurzner

    E38-200-Accessing Strut from Interior?

    I have a 1986 Ericson 38-200 with the engine mounted under the galley, not the companion way stairs. I'm curious how you get to the strut support from the inside. thanks shaun
  13. N

    Interior rehab

    Nova has been dockbound for years and has some serious wood rot on the cabin interior around the portlights. I am renovating her and would like to fix this by replacing it. I would like to preserve the pieces to use as a template but really don't have an idea as to how to remove them without...
  14. M

    Interior Wood Identification

    A previous owner removed the backrest of the starboard settee, shelf, and all storage space to install a fuel tank big enough for the Titanic. I am about to restore that area, but I need help identifying the wood. The first two pics (from the port side) are solid wood, and the third is a...
  15. B

    Interior Finish & Holding Tank

    I recently bought an 1978 Ericson 36C that was sunk and I am restoring it. The engine was preserved so that should be OK. Two questions: The interior was never varnished, should I varnish it or use teak oil? Which will give me the least grief? There is no holding tank for the head, it...
  16. D

    interior cushions for E27

    Any recommendations for a vendor to replace interior cushions for an E27 in so. California? thx in advance db
  17. G

    Interior cushion replacement

    I have a 1983 E28+ that could use all new cushions in the cabin. I'm not going to tackle this job via Sailrite or other DIY means. I'm located north of Chicago and would like to know if anyone can recommend a professional in the area to make the new cushions for me. Anybody have an idea of...
  18. P

    35-3 interior cushions

    I am looking to have my cushions re-upholstered. Does anyone know of an upholsterer who has the patterns so I can get some prices. Thanks
  19. M

    What finish can I use on the interior?

    If you read my prior post you will see the Regalus had a small leak from a cockpit drain hose. There was one through hull hose already replaced which may have let in way to much water at one time. It looks like Regalus may have had about 7 inches of water in the cabin at one time. There is a...
  20. E

    1986 E38-200 interior

    Hi !Me and my husband have been putting together `86 E38-200 for last 1/2 a year .It was sunk a while back in hurricane and last owner dissasembled it all and now we have a chore of putting it all back together ( electrical , plumbing , cabinetry...)We have pretty much finished electrical and...