1. E

    Purchased 39 Ericson...Looking blueprint or layout of the interior.

    Hello Fellow Sailors.... I have recently purchased a 1972 39' Ericson needs a little TLC but The shell, outside, electronics are in great condition........ I would like to get any and all information about the boat, especially the interior layout, dimensions, possibly blueprints... If...
  2. gjersvik

    E-25 Interior Refinishing

    This spring I brought all the wood (except bulkheads) home for refinishing. Instead of stripping off the old finish and that marvelous aged look, I wet sanded the wood with steel wool and paint thinner. The amount of dirt and grime that came off was amazing. The wood was then refinished with...
  3. S

    Interior counter and sink for head

    After down-loading and printing all the specs on my 1974 E27, I noticed a E27 in one of the sales brochures as having a counter and sink located in the head space. Where do I get the specs or measurements for installing such a feature ?
  4. R

    E34 Interior Finish

    Re: 1989 E34 by Pacific Seacraft. Is the interior finish oil or satin varnish. I have a few water drips down the inside of the cabin sides which acts like an oil finish.
  5. R

    Cover for interior light ('86 E-30+) needed

    Recently, I replaced the bulb on one of the interior lights on my '86 E-30+. I replaced the (incandescent) bulb with another low-wattage one, though it appeared to be somewhat brighter and therefore made the interior light cover a bit hotter than the origninal bulb, which was designated only as...
  6. N

    deck painting and interior fiberglass painting

    i plan to paint the deck of my e-27 at the deck this next month. I was told i could sand down the original textured ' non-skid', tape around the patterns of old nonskid, and paint in two tones- using textured paint in the areas where there was texture. I was told a single part poly paint would...
  7. C

    Windy day...lots of interior water

    Next time I'll reef when it blows 33 MPH! :scared: Two leakage sources on my E35: Windows: Been waiting to deal with this...cannot wait any longer. I see in archives several costly replacement options as well as something about using "Closed cell foam tape". What is it? Is it worth...
  8. C

    interior cushions

    Hi everyone It's winter and I'm working on my usual list of projects to keep "BYE DESIGN", our '78 34T, looking good and performing well. I'm now thinking of tackling the interior cushion upholstery. Currently, the cushions are upholstered in a patterned, velvet-like uphostery ( I'm not sure...
  9. footrope

    Interior Lighting Tips?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for interior 12VDC lighting ideas and sources for fixtures. The lighting in my E38 is so limited, we've brought a small 115VAC 40Watt lamp to set on the dinette table when we're sitting still. Otherwise it's too gloomy at night. That's not a great solution, especially...
  10. J

    interior portlight covers

    I own a 1986 ER -35 III and need to replace the plastic covers on my Lewmar portlights, which have deteriorated with age. I have been told they are no longer available. anyone have a source for these covers?
  11. G

    Interior Finish

    I have an 87 34 and have water damage around several portlights down below. I was curious what other owners have used to refresh the finish on their boats? Would also be interested in hearing about the brightwork on deck are well. thanks
  12. R

    E26 Interior

    Has anyone removed the carpet type lining of the E26? If so what holds the pieces together? I need to remove mine to replace what I suspect is plywood that the carpet is stapled to that has been damaged by a leak. Can the carpet be easily replaced in the vee bearth as I need to go leak...
  13. E

    Portlight interior trim rings

    I own an E32-3 (1987) #713. Does anyone know if the beige trim rings that fit around the portlights can be replaced. Mine are cracked and falling apart so I am afraid to touch them.