keel bolts

  1. Keel Bolt Replacement

    E32-200 Keel Bolt Replacement

    After removing my keel from my boat as part of my hull fiberglass repair, it was revealed that my fore and aft keel bolts had weathered excessively. For the forward bolt, given the slope of the leading edge of the keel, the yard decided the best way to effect a repair was to drill out the...
  2. D

    1987 E-38 Keel

    Hey guys! We are in the midst of a refit and are going to launch sometime next week. Since we've been on the hard for six months, we've noticed some rusty water weeping out of our keel/hull joint. While I would love to pull/rebed the keel, the yard we are at doesn't generally do this type of...
  3. Lawdog

    Keel bolt torque

    Does anyone know the torque values for the keel bolts for a 1983 Ericson 38 with deep keel? I just had the keel bolts redone by Marskeel/Marsmetal, in Toronto. It took them about 3 weeks and the job came out excellent and under $4K US. They also faired the keel. The Keel on my 38 had never...
  4. C

    37 mk2 keel issues: help and adise please

    I am looking at purchasing a '73 mk2 37'. The boat suffered a split in the shell of the keel as pictured. Boat stands sunk into the ground and placed additional stress on keel which resulted in the cracking of fiberglass. I read the following about this keel from an article posted by the...
  5. J

    1986 E32-3 Water Intrusion, Structural Issues

    I am evaluating an E 32-3 for possible purchase and there is evidence of water intrusion (down mast and into shallow bilges) which was allowed to accumulate on floor over winters. Aside from the cosmetic issues presented, should this lead to concerns about resultant structural weakness. (the...
  6. V

    Water Coming Up Around Keel Bolts

    My 1982 E38 is on the hard. I've owned the boat for a year, and there's always been water in the bilge, so I'm concerned about the state of the keel bolts and bedding. Therefore, I've started the process of removing, replacing, and re-torqueing the keel nuts and washers. Of twelve total, the...
  7. D

    35-3 Electrical Current

    I have a 1986 Ericson 35-3. In the course of chasing down and resolving an electrical problem, I discovered that I have what appears to be stray DC current between the mast and keel bolts. Here are some specifics: Shore power off and DC breaker off. Batteries disconnected on both positive...
  8. N

    Where do we start?

    Hi everyone!We just sailed our new (to us) Ericson 38 home to Portland ME and are very discouraged by the amount of water in the bilge. Every day, I am using a shop vac to take out about 6 gallons of water from the bilge. Where do we start looking for the source of the leak? Thanks!