keel repair

  1. How to repair a fiberglass keel stub

    E32-200 How to repair a fiberglass keel stub

    I’m writing this note in mid-July, 2021. The repair work described was completed in June of 2021. I hit a rock fairly hard with the keel of my boat in February. The impact pulled the front of the keel away from the hull and shoved the back of the keel up into the keel stub. I’m calling the...
  2. gkjtexoma

    E30+ Keel

    Hello all! Just had our E30+ acquired in March hauled out for a bottom job, elimination of a few through hulls, new seacocks, routing the cockpit scuppers to through-hulls on the transom or overhang (crossed), a name change (Freeform -- did you know the name Island Time has been in the top ten...