1. Window rebedding, glass replacement?

    E32-200 Window rebedding, glass replacement?

    After a successful morning of electronics-wrangling, I felt emboldened to take on the task of re-bedding a portlight fixed window. I believe that my windows are original to my boat, and in an ideal world I would like to replace all of the ‘glass’ that has become crazed with superficial cracks...
  2. Re-bedding Lewmar hatches and mast collar with Compass Marine Bed-It butyl tape

    E32-200 Re-bedding Lewmar hatches and mast collar with Compass Marine Bed-It butyl tape

    Total hours: 12-15 hours, on multiple days Cost, $50 for butyl tape. $40 for Debond cleaner (only a little used on this job) Early July, 2020 It took some detective work, but after a careful review of the evidence, I suspected I had a leak or two in my cabin. I looked around, here and...
  3. goldenstate

    Re-bedding a Lewmar hatch

    I am preparing to re bed this Lewmar hatch after cleaning out the old gunk. Should I use butyl tape or 4200? Something else? Ideas welcome.
  4. G

    Portlights and Super Hatches for Sale - 1986 32.3

    Hello All, I'm selling 2 Lewmar fixed angled portlights, and 2 Lewmar SuperHatches. They are orginal to the 1986 32.3 and have been sitting in my inside house closet since 2008. I'm sure will fit across models and most late 80's years. 1 Lewmar 4L - No crazing, glass in great shape. They...
  5. D

    1986 35-3 opening portlights

    My opening portlights look like the Lewmar standard portlight, but dimensions don't match. The length of mine are 13.75 - height is 7.5. Any suggestions on replacemnt or overhaus parts? Particularyly interested in gaskets and screens, though I can probably repair those. Thanks.
  6. Loren Beach

    Orienting a 2 speed winch for Load Direction

    I am puzzled by how to best interpret the Lewmar install instructions for my old set(s) of 46 primaries and 43 secondaries. (They are being reinstalled with new angled risers to cure the occasional override due their being too low on the side deck.) A copy of the original Lewmar manual page...
  7. Leon Sheean

    Leaking Lewmar Hatch

    After replacing the "O" rings on the hatch 'dogs' the smaller (13 x 17 inch) forward hatch is still leaking. The leak seems to be coming around the gasket between the metal frame and the (intaact/non-cracked) gasket. Is it possible to [I]carefully[I] remove the gasket from the acrylic lens...
  8. Leon Sheean

    Lewmar Leaking

    The dogs on my hatches seem to have developed a slight leak and are on the spring list of projects. Is there anything special about opening the handle and fabricating new gasket material?
  9. A

    Lewmar "Old standard" Portlights

    Does anyone have any instructions from Lewmar regarding installation of the "Old standard" portlights, found in my 1990 Ericson 28? I have one non-opening portlight with a leak that shows up through 2 screws, it may be the horizontal external seam that needs re-sealing. How to re-seal it and...
  10. Joliba

    Lewmar portlight screens

    Does anyone know of a source for replacement screens for the old style Lewmar portlights on an E38-200? My 1988 boat has 12"x5" portlights. I'd appreciate any advice. Mike Jacker
  11. S

    Lewmar Ocean series hatches

    Does anybody know the correct size for the forward hatch (and the aft hatch for that matter) on an E 35 III? While searching here, I find references to both 60 and 70 series. My boat is not at home to measure. thanks Steve Murray E 35III #222 Charlottetown PEI
  12. S

    Lewmar Self Tailers For sale

    Hi, I have 2 Lewmar #48 Chrome Bronze self tail winches. Excellent mechanicaly and good chrome. One has minor pit in chrome. $2000 for the pair Also have 2 #40 Excellent mechanicaly and very good chrome. $1100 for the pair. Dal E39 Stillwater 360 708-3932
  13. S

    Unused Lewmar double high load racing blocks for sale

    I have these two beautiful new Lewmar 60 mm high load racing blocks for sale. They came with my boat in a box but I have no need for them. Retail $170 - $185 ea. I will take $125 a piece...
  14. G

    Leaking Lewmar hatch on E28+

    After sailing in some classic Lake Michigan chop and 20 knots of wind this past weekend I discovered that the forward hatch on my 1983 E28+ is leaking when there's green water on deck. Looking closely I can see that the rubber seal no longer contacts the hatch frame even when it's dogged down...
  15. Bob Robertson

    Lewmar port handle question

    Hi, A couple of my lewmar opening ports are leaking around one of the handles. Lewmar recommends taking the handle apart and lubicating it with slicone grease. Does some one know how to remove the button (See picture) that will allow me to remove the handle? Thanks, Bob
  16. Loren Beach

    Lewmar ST Winch trivia

    Our boat has early Lewmar self tailing winches (1988) and I am re-lubing them now. The manual indicates that the center shaft should be removed by pulling it straight up and out for cleaning and re-greasing. That shaft can rise, on ours, only until the gear teeth come in contact with the...
  17. C

    Lewmar Hatch Parts

    Does anyone know of a supplier for Lewmar hatch parts? I went to the Lewmar website and I have the part numbers. Apparently my 1983 E38 has Lewmar 'Superhatches'. I need at least one corner block (the thingy that holds the hatch down when you turn the handle. I spoke with two of Lewmar's...
  18. mherrcat

    Problems at Lewmar?

    I was talking to a rigging company today and asked about a Lewmar product. They said they were having problems getting Lewmar hardware. I asked if they were going out of business and he said something like, "That's what everyone in the industry is waiting to see." I searched on the web and...
  19. Bob Robertson

    Lewmar replacement acrylic - 1988

    Hi, I'm working with a local auto glass company that also replaces hatch lenses (not sure of the proper terminology). Our boat has Lewmar hatches, 1988 vintage. He has tried to sell me on Lexan, but my research has told me that Acrylic is the only way to go and it looks like some of the...
  20. P

    Lewmar Winch Handle with 5/8th shaft

    I just lost one of my Lewmar 40's Winch Handle, & I am having a problem finding a replacement in that all the newer ones are 1". If any one has one, or knows of a source, let me know. Thanks, Paul pahjr@verizon.net
  21. B

    Lewmar Opening Ports

    One of my opening ports will no longer stay open except in the full open position. Any suggestions and are replacement hinges available. Thank for the input. Bob Cole E-34 Sundance
  22. D

    28'er, Lewmar aft fixed portlight

    Okay, this very much puzzles me. I bought Nereus last fall and am fixing her up. I ordered 4 new Lewmar portlights (2 each 4L & 4R) since the current ones leaked like a sieve and looked hopeless to rebuild. I popped in the p/s foreward ones today. The cutout openings for the rear ones are...
  23. treilley

    Portlights for sale Lewmar, Beckson

  24. B

    Lewmar Opening Ports

    I though some EYO members might be interested in this source. I found replacement acrylic (the "glass") for the opening Lewmar ports for my '88 E-32-200 at http://www.catalinadirect.com/ for $32 each - $10 cheaper than Select Plastics. The part is called "Opening Port Replacement Lens" #Z2384...
  25. G

    1986 E-32 Lewmar Hatch Replacement

    Hi All, I'm going to replace my top-side hatches this winter. From reading through other posts, I believe my main cabin old Lewmar Super Hatch is the new Lewmar Ocean 60 Flat. I couldn't find any posts about the smaller forward hatch in the V-berth. I think it is the Lewmar Ocean 20 flat...
  26. Tom Metzger

    Lewmar Superhatch

    I replaced the Lewmar Superhatch on my 1987 E-34 this week and have the old hatch available if anyone is interested. It is the Size 60, approximately 22" square with a flat base, no flange. The hinges need to have the rubber parts replaced for it to stay up reliably, the lens is crazed and...
  27. Tom Metzger

    Lewmar deck hatches

    I have decided to replace the forward Lewmar deck hatch on my 1987 E-34. It looks like a #60 hatch, 20 x 20", and the question comes up as to the low profile or the medium profile series. Does anyone have any comments as to which series to buy? The difference at Defender is less than $40...
  28. treilley

    Great deal on Lewmar hatches on ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Lewmar-Marine-Ocean-Hatch-Boat-Hatch-Series-40-NOS_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ26448QQihZ013QQitemZ230043072425QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW These same hatches were listed at $225.00 last week and had no bids. Seller says he has more than one. I have been waiting for...
  29. J

    Printing Lewmar Hatch Article

    Hi: I can't get the Yachting Monthly Lewmar hatch replacement article to print properly. It's in jpeg format and opens in IE. Printing only gives me the top left corner of the page. Help? JG
  30. Sean Engle

    New Project: Rebuilding Lewmar Hatches

    I've just uploaded a new project to the Owner's Projects page - one from Chris Corcoran (submitted some time ago, I'm afraid) on the replacement of Lewmar Hatches. Great project - thanks for your contribution to EricsonYachts.org, Chris! :egrin: Also uploaded to the document server is...
  31. Shadowfax

    Lewmar Blocks

    I recently came upon information that may be old news to some, but was unknown to me. My '88 E34 came equipped with Lewmar Ocean 2 series blocks. Over the years, as I added halyards and other lines I needed to add blocks, which turned out not to be Lewmar because they where given to me by...
  32. Shadowfax

    Lewmar Port Gaskets

    Greetings All, I have been tracking down replacement gaskets for my Lewmar operating ports. I've talked to a couple of Lewmar retailers who ended up referring me to Lewmar to work out the size I need. After going around with them I am informed that Lewmar made a custom size port for...
  33. Jim Mobley

    Lewmar 4R Portlight Drawing

    I've noticed that there have been several discussions regarding the dimensions of the Lewmar 4R and 4L portlights and whether or not they will fit the openings in our boats. I can't (yet) answer the second part, but I have downloaded Lewmar's drawing of the 4R portlight, dimensioned it in...
  34. B

    Lewmar hatches no longer stand up

    The Lewmar hatches on our 1989 E34 no longer stay open at a 45 or 90 degree angle. Is there an easy way to fix this? Can the hinge tension be adjusted? Thanks, Brooke
  35. G

    For Sale: Lewmar Hatch and other stuff

    Lewmar hatch measures 25 x 25 across the glass. The tinted glass has some scratches and needs to be rebedded. $270.00 obo Spinnaker Stopper. Puts rubber bands on spinnaker as sail passes through it. $15.00 obo 32-2 Dinette, not pictured, comes with aluminum pole and base mounts $150.00...
  36. S

    For sale: hinge replacement for Lewmar hatch

    New replacement hinges for a Lewmar Rollstop (style name) hatch. The Rollstop hatches were made from ’86 to ’92. Fits the size 50 (444 x 574 mm), 60 (574x574 mm) and size 70 (694 x 694 mm) per the Lewmar web site http://www.lewmar.com/webspares/index.asp Part number is 19782200 and lists for...
  37. u079721

    New Lewmar Portlight Doesn't Match!

    One of the four slanted Lewmar portlights on my E-38 (the fixed deadlights, size 4R) had become so crazed from sunlight that I felt the need to replace it this fall. I don't know why only one crazed so badly, but at $350 each, I'm glad it wasn't all four. Anyway, I just received the hatch on...
  38. R

    Lewmar opening port leak

    Hi, all, congratulations to everyone on the East Coast with surviving the Isabel. One more newbie question... I finally had time to investigate my portlight leak, and found beyond any doubt that it actually leaks between the frame and the fiberglass. So, next step is to rebed it. But...