1. M

    Adding a portlight/window to cockpit seating to illuminate quarter berth E-32

    Has anyone tried adding a portlight or access plate to the cockpit seating area (on the vertical face of the seat) above the port-side quarter berth? I was thinking about adding one or two at about calf-level when seated to help illuminate the dark cavern that is my quarter berth. I have to...
  2. bigd14

    Nav Light on Bow Pulpit Question

    I am relocating the bow lights to the pulpit and am wondering about how to seal the holes I will have to drill (or, figure out a way to make sure it all drains out somehow). The wires will enter at the top and exit on the aft stanchion base on the port side. If any water gets in it will travel...
  3. Bolo

    LED Anchor light

    I have an E-32 III (1987) and am thinking about changing the "standard" anchor light with a low draw LED light, preferably one that will replace the current incandescent type bulb Has anyone done this yet and if so what LED bulb did you use or is a completely new fixture required? I'm not...
  4. toddbrsd

    Port Light Tinting

    Anyone in the Long Beach area have their port lights tinted? Appears to be a DIY project, but curious if anyone has had a mobile tint service do theirs and if so, how much did it cost? Never attmepted this and seems easily doable, but sometimes in the long run its a better choice to hire a pro.
  5. 1

    34-200 Deck Light

    Does anyone know the original equipment maufacturer for the foredeck light located half way up the mast on a 1990 #-34
  6. adam

    E29 - Masthead and Bow Light Questions

    Please help solve my confusion. I have switches in my fuse box for a masthead light and bow light. Neither do anything at the moment. But both of them have wires coming off of them. I haven't yet tracked down where they go. There is a light (non-functional) 2/3 of the way up the front of...
  7. ragamuffin

    E27 Port Light Replacement

    I want to replace the forward port lights on ragamuffin has anyone done this on a 27? I would like opening ports on both sides (currently my head window is stuck closed), and maybe even add 2 in the v berth area. I only have one hatch and want more ventilation.
  8. HughHarv

    Light Bulbs

    Prepping my mast and need a source for T8 bulbs for masthead light, 12 volt x 10 watt anchor light and 12 volt x 25 watt navigation light. Or good led replacement source. Thanks.
  9. C

    Bow Light

    As usual, if something can go wrong, it is almost certain to. Went to put a new lamp in my port bow light last Saturday. I first very carefully removed the screws making sure I didn't lose them. Next proceeded to start removing the cover and lens. Didn't want to come off easily so I thought...
  10. WBurgner

    E38 Bow Light

    Anyone know the manufacturer and model number of the bi-color light on the bow of the E38's circa 1984? Mine is broken and I need to order a replacement, but I am two hours away from the boat. It looked like a small Aqua Signal and the top piece I brought home is identified "SK79". I have not...
  11. B

    Ericson 30+ Shattered port light glass

    When we returned from a recent day sail in about 10 - 20knts yesterday I noticed that the starboard port (not the opening port but the fixed port) was shattered. It looks like the lead car may have hit it but that seems unlikely. A friend suggested that my rig may be too tight. Any advice on...
  12. A

    H2o tank amadon light

    i have a potable water tnk beneath the cabin sole amidship which i have drained there are 2 pmp stations at the galley sink the inboard is now dry when pumped the outboard pump still pumps water where is the tank this water is coming from???/// all help much appreciated
  13. A

    amadon light

    CHEERS!!!! great site metric tons of info and support and thus far rapid reply to request keep up the great work thanks to all M L Engle
  14. C Masone

    E32-3 foward running light

    Yesterday I spent two hours trying to trace the wire to the running light on my bow pulpit. The wiring diagram says that the wires are gray (as opposed to the wiring for the optional LPG solenoid which is gray with white stripe) At the bow pulpit the wires entering the light are black...
  15. mherrcat

    Troubleshooting foredeck light circuit

    My foredeck light has been non operational for over a year. When a new wind vane was installed I asked that the foredeck light be checked. They installed a new bulb, but it still didn't work. About a month ago when I had some rigging replaced I asked again to have the light checked. The response...
  16. steven

    reverse polarity light

    Reverse Polarity on main shore power panel is lit even when main breaker is off. If main breaker is on, if I try closing any circuit - for example battery charger or outlets - Reverse Polarity will flash to bright red and instantly trip out the main. Is this indicative of a short? Would the...
  17. C

    Port Light Question

    I Have An Ericson -27, 1973 And Am Trying To Find Out Where To Get The Hard Rubber Gasget That Goes Between The Inside Frame And The Measures 1/2" Wide And 1/8" Thick And Goes All The Way Around The Port.please Help If You Can.
  18. R

    Converting ABI Nav Light from Zenon to LED

    Hello All, I thought I'd share this with you how to convert a 7 inch ABI Nav Dome Light from Zenon to LED. I did this just for the heck of it. I'll just decribe the photos... 1) Of course the bulb holder wouldn't line up for the Lunasea G4 6 LED Warm White bulb. 2) Had to drill an extra hole...
  19. H

    E-35 II light problem

    I'm rewiring an original electrical panel in an E-35-II, 1975, I think, and I'm stymied over where or how the factory routed the wiring for the cabin lights. Anyone know?? Many thanks, Howard Keiper Berkeley
  20. Sven

    Tricolor and anchor light

    When we have the standing rigging replaced we'll also have a tricolor and anchor light installed at the masthead. Since we'll be going broke paying someone to be up there anyway we might as well take care of some of the nav light issues at the same time :-D I'm looking for recommendations...