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    Where are electric fuses located?

    I have a 1987 E-35 MK-3 (Hull # 261) and some of the electrical hardware is suddenly not getting any electricity. The refrigerator isn't turning on in 110 V mode, and none of the 110 electric outlets are getting any power either. Most of the 12-volt hardware is working, but the depth, wind...
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    Where are engine zincs located?

    I recently bought a 1987 E-35 MK-3, that has a Universal model 25XP. Looking at the owners manual and Universal engine manual, I am unable to find any mention of where zincs for the engine are located. I assume there must be at least one zinc in the heat exchanger, but what about the engine...
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    Canned Bacon Site Located

    This is something maybe some of you long-range cruisers might be interested in. Here is a company and web site that has re-introduced canned bacon: http://www.canned-bacon.com/home.html I haven't tried it yet, and I have no economic incentives for passing this along. Steve Swann E25...
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    First season located in Noank, Ct

    Hello, Just because this site might have readers I thought I'd say hi. I plan to keep in the Fishers Island Sound vicinity this season. I'm sailing Illo this summer x my fingers for better weather and safe sailing. This is my first sailboat and is the E-26 '85 See you on the water:esad...