1. Installing a Manual Windlass on a E32-3

    E32-3 Installing a Manual Windlass on a E32-3

    Why a manual windlass? About sixteen years ago when my “new to me” 1987, E32-3 was looked over by a marine surveyor he said, “What this boat needs is a windlass.” Over the years that followed I looked at many a sailing web site, but mostly this one, exploring ways of installing a windlass on my...
  2. lonokai

    Lofrans windlass battery

    Hey gang, Sea Star has a windlass which I have never used in the three years I’ve had the boat, apparently, PO had wired the system to have a third battery up in the v-berth locker. There is no battery there now. Do do you think I should use a deep cycle battery there or would a...