1. B

    "official" Ericson logo vinyl decals

    Hi all, first post...hope it is in the correct section. Have two faded (white) Ericson decals on my New-2-me Ericson 27 and want to replace. Learned all about vinyl removal taking off the old name! Is it possible to order 1973 version of Ericson logo sticker or get the appropriate graphic file...
  2. L

    Ericson Stain Glass Logo

    Hello Ericson owners! I am selling an Ericson Stain Glass Logo that had been hanging in my Ericson. I am selling it now on Ebay and I know Ericson owners would love it like I do. Check it out for your boat. Listed as an Ericson Stain Glass Logo...
  3. Gmilburn

    E-29 Main Sail Logo and Numbers For Sale

    I posted this as a reply to a thread in Maintenance and Mechanical--but decided it might belong here as well: I had BOATUS Graphics make a custom design "Ericson Helmet" Logo and "29" for my mainsail--only to find a new E-29 tall sail listed on EBay--which I purchased. It had both the original...
  4. J

    ericson logo

    Looking for someone who has an ericson logo either for sale or that might know where I can get a few. I own a 29' er and am new to this site and don't know my way around it very well yet. thanks, jeff
  5. D

    Hoses And logo

    During bottom painting project of our '78 E-27, we replaced all thru hulls and seacocks.($$!) Now it's time to replumb head and several other hoses. we are also planning to add a soft water tank up under the v berth to existing hard water tank (15 gal). Rinsing holding and water tanks. I did'nt...
  6. chuckd

    Ericson Logo

    Does anyone have an Ericson Logo in Adobe illustrator or PDF format. I'd like to make a new vinyl sticker for the boot strip on the boat. - thanks
  7. rbonilla

    Logo Sticker

    die cut ericson stickers any folks have a lead on a source for the two ericson "horns" stickers that go on the rear transom...one on each side..? i need a pair for my e23 restore project...... THANX !!! :clap:
  8. R

    Logo Decals

    Are the Ericson Logos on the aft blue shear stripe near the transom decals or moulded in the gel coat? Dick Elliott, 1989 E34.
  9. D

    Ericson Logo

    The logos on my Ericson 38 have disappeared over the years. I would like to know if I can obtain another (this is the one approx. 4" tall found at the stern just under the rubrail on each side). If there isn't a vinyl sticker available (in white) I can take a .jpg or other picture file and make...
  10. R

    Ericson Logo

    :egrin: Wanted ; Does anyone have a source for sailing related merchandise with the Eericson logo? I am thinking mostly about T shirts, jackets, mugs etc.
  11. bigtyme805

    Ericson Logo

    Hi everyone I just wanted you to know that a gentleman on the ericson list made 2 decals of the ericson logo for me and did a terrific job as you can see by the picture. He goes by the Skipper.... Don Anderson E27 Channel Islands
  12. S

    How to get the large logo for the sail cover

    I have a jpeg file of the logo. Would like to get an iron on or the equivalent to place on the sail cover. I can print at a max of a page size which is small. What sort of commercial graphics are needed? Would a paint-on mask work? See jpeg attached
  13. B

    "Ericson" brand name

    Does anyone know the origin of how the name 'Ericson' was chosen, originally, by the manufacturer?
  14. M

    Ericson Helmet Logo

    All, A while back several people expressed an interest in finding the Ericson viking helmet logo to have a sign shop cut them decals for use on their boats. I have vectorized a scan I had of the logo and the resulting EPS file can be used by any shop capable of cutting the vinyl. I am only...