1. toddbrsd

    Cruising Long Beach Saturday

    I will be taking out my brother in law and his girlfriend tomorrow around noon. Probably just cruising around the islands in Long Beach. But first I am going to have them haul me up the mast in the morning. Attempted to change the mast head light and masthead fly last friday on my maiden...
  2. W

    Sailboat Junkyard in Long Beach, CA

    Aloha, Working on restoring an E23,E27 & E32 here on Maui. :esad: Yeah Im an E addict! Anyone visiting Dan at the Sailboat Junkyard in Long Beach, CA 310-795-8978 . He has a number of critical items needed for restoration, but has been most difficult to deal with remotely. Need local liason...
  3. toddbrsd

    Great Sail in Long Beach Today

    The Admiral has given me the "all clear" to solo. Had an awesome time on my second solo trip around the Long Beach Basin. Didn't have to worry about my crew freaking out! I thought there was a decent amount of traffic including some catamarans racing. I am pretty sure I entered their race...
  4. S

    1987 E 26 on Long Island NY for sale

    Well here goes. My much loved E 26 with deep fin keel (4'11") has to go. I have owned it since 2002 and have used it very little. I have yet to use it this season, as of july 20! My wife says sell! It had its bottom painted in May and is on a mooring ready to go. I will check to see if...
  5. Jeff Asbury

    Long Beach or Alamitos tie up for Lunch?

    Where can find a place to tie up the boat for lunch in Long Beach or Alamitos Bay and I take my friend and his Family out for Father's day? All we got round LA Harbor is the Chowder Barge. :esad:
  6. T

    Getting spoiled by actual wind | When is best sailing season out of Long Beach?

    Hi guys - another very nice day of sailing yesterday and hanging out cleaning up the boat today. Having actual wind is nice, which got me thinking so when is the best sailing season out of the greater Long Beach area?
  7. T

    How long to motor from Dana Point to Wilmington?

    Any rough guesses on how long this will take? I was planning on leaving at dawn to take advantage of lower winds/seas? Want to start a betting pool on the actual travel time? LOL. She has a 9.9 outboard. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
  8. mherrcat

    Boat Junkyard in Long Beach

    Does anyone recall a post about a boat junkyard in Long Beach, CA? I've been searching for it with no luck. I may be in Long Beach tomorrow and thought I would check it out. Any help with an address and phone number would be appreciated.
  9. T

    Wind in Long Beach / Wilmington vs Dana Point

    Hi folks - I have a 25+ that I'm not using because I've found the wind in the Dana Point area where I keep her to be, lousy. Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm still a newbie, and my light air skills are probably marginal. That said every time I sailed with friends out of the Long Beach...
  10. M

    Marina Shipyard, Long Beach

    Good day all, I need to do a haul out for bottom paint. Does anyone have experience with Marina Shipyard in Los Alamitos Bay? Thanks for the help:egrin: Matt E35-3 Wind Chaser
  11. K

    Ericson 32' for sale $11,500 Long Island, NY

    PRICE REDUCTION: Ericson 32' for sale $9,500 Long Island, NY Selling a beautiful sailboat. Boat has just been professionally resprayed -- Deck and topsides -- LOOKS GREAT!!! New interior varnish, as well. Cabin sole repainted, too. New bottom paint (Micron csc) Barrier coat applied below...
  12. K

    Ericson 32' for sale $11,500 Long Island, NY

    thread is closed. please delete.
  13. P

    WANTED Used 7.5hp to 9.9hp long shaft outboard

    I am looking for a used but decent condition long shaft 7.5 to 9.9hp outboard to re-power an E 25+. A 4 cycle would be ideal but a 2 cycle in good working condition is also a possibility. Phil
  14. S

    Long Distance Cruising in a 29 footer

    We own a 1974, 29 foot Ericson sloop. We are new to sailing and we are looking at Catalina as our first big trip. But I have big dreams, and ideas. Can you sail a 29 foot sloop to Hawaii? If so how do I start the preparation? Brian
  15. C

    long shaft out board

    If I install an outboard on my E27 ,is there one that would fit the picture and not come out of the water as others said might happen on chop. chuckA
  16. C Masone

    Universal Engine parts on Long Island

    Any suggestions on where to gat parts for Universal on Long Isalnd? Or diesel parts and service in general?
  17. C

    Getting a litle more from your GPS (long)

    Sometimes, when I get inspired or my muse speaks to me (could be the rum though), I write articles. In the old days I would submit stuff like this to magazines to get money. Since they don't pay much if anything these days, EY.o can have them for free! Just beware that advice is worth about...
  18. M

    Long distance shopping for a used 150 genoa

    I'm looking for a used 150 furling genoa for an E32-200. Reported I and J dimensions for the boat are 42' and 13.8. Dimensions of the used sail I'm interested in (which is a long distance from here) are I 39'6" and J 21'4". What additional information do I need to get to figure out whether this...
  19. Jeff Asbury

    Sailboat Junk Yard in Long Beach

    Sailboat Junk Yard in Long Beach I found this place while searching Craig's List in LA. The place has no sign in front and you would never know it's there. I checked it out on Saturday and it's kind of like a Pick A Part for Sailboats. I think they are getting a lot of scrap hardware from...
  20. G

    Anyone in Long Beach

    I'll be at the Long Beach Convention center from June 2 to June 5. Any Ericson owners in Long Beach needing crew for an evening sail let me know? G Kiba '73 E27, #406 Antioch, CA