1. Tarrymore

    Difference between a mid-80's e32 MK II and MKIII

    Hello all, first post here and new to Ericson. So inspired by Christian Williams' YouTube videos I think I may have found my choice for my first 32. I also might just hold his channel record for most replays haha. I searched the forum for a "Difference between the 32 MKII vs MKII" thread...
  2. B

    E35 mkII cockpit cushions

    So the local guy who does this sort of stuff (biminis, cushions, sail repair) told me his closed cell foam manufacturer Burt down and went out of biz. Can't find good material anywhere he claims. Who do I talk to. How big of a project/investment to do it myself? Any advice?
  3. B

    E35 mkII pedestal

    I'm looking to replace my steering pedestal and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. I don't mind paying up for Edson products but I didn't see one on their site thy looked similar to the one on my E35 mkII Any advice?
  4. B

    Wanted:E35 mkII binacle/compass and mount

    Looking for a ew binnacle/compass and mount. Would prefer used but if anyone has any aftermarket suppliers I'd live to check them out.thanks
  5. I

    Fuel Tank - 35 MkII

    I have a 1974 Ericson 35 Mk 2 and am in the process of replacing my original Atomic 4 with a new Beta Marine 25. I am wanting to install a fuel gauge in my original 22 gal. steel fuel tank but before I drill a hole to install that, does anyone know if the original tanks came with baffles or is...
  6. M

    E-35 MkII steering pedastal

    Does anyone know the make and model of the steering pedastal used on the E-35 MKII. I want to convert to hydraulic stering. If anyone has done this I could use any advise . Thanks! Monty:egrin:
  7. D

    80% re-make of E 35 MkII in Hawaii

    Aloha all, just thought I'd post some pics of my re-make of my 1973 E35-II. I bought the boat for $9000 in March 2009 and worked on her for an average of 4 hours/day for almost a year to get her into her present condition. One of the main things I did to make her user-friendly in Hawaii is to...
  8. S

    J dimension on an E23 MKII

    This is probably a dumb question, but here goes. I am going to make a whisker pole for my E23 soon and use it on my E23,150 genoa. What size pole can I use for racing ?
  9. P

    WTB: Main Sail for E 35 MKII Wanted used or new

    I'm helping a friend locate a used mainsail. If you have one please send me a Private Message. We've searched the usual used sail exchanges and didn't find a suitable match. Warehouse sails will be the next step but funds are scarce. Thanks for reading, Passerby
  10. U

    E23 MKII Rudder questions

    I am the proud new owner of a 1976 E23 MKII. this is my first boat, and I am really excite to take her out. It is currently moored in Saint Helens, though I will be moving it into Portland soon:egrin: She has been well maintained, so the only thing I am really concerned about right now is the...
  11. C

    E35 vs E35 MKII vs E35MKIII HELP!!!

    Hello All... I own a 1985 E35 MKIII Tall Rig, hull #211, "Mr Toad". (formerly "Molly May") Can anyone tell me the differences between an E35 vs E35 MKII vs E35 MKIII? I am asked this question often and am starting to get a complex when my response is not much more than a blank stare. Please...
  12. Jeff Asbury

    Ericson 23 MKII $3000 On Craig's List

    Ericson 23 MKII Sail Boat On Craig's List $3000 (Docked in Long Beach) 1975 Ericson MKII Sail Boat This sail boat is in excellent condition! It is white with blue trim. It also has many extras: The sail boat has new paint. The...
  13. T

    1975 E-23 mkII Shoal Draft - Venice, FL

    Hate to lose it, but life has changed. My crew all grew up and moved out! This is a really sweet boat and is still turning heads. Hull refinished with Imron "Cardinal Red" in 2007. Mast, spreaders & boom refinished with Imron white in 2007. Bottom ground to gelcoat and repainted with...
  14. M

    E35 MkII Papillon is for sale!

    Well, almost.... We have an offer in on a Reliance 44 ketch, Wanderlust V, and should know in the next few days if we're two-boat owners or not. It's kind of exciting but a little sad at the same time. I will be putting the details up in the next few days if the stars align correctly. We...
  15. S

    FOR SALE no sold. 74 e35 MKII

    FOR SALE, not sold. 74 E-35 MKII All Vikings and soon to be vikings. The boat is FOR SALE not sold yet Capt Bill
  16. S

    74 MKII - On Porpoise - Oxnard, CA

    Hello all Vikings I have been on this list for a very long time and I am sad/happy to say that I am moving to bigger boat. My soon to be wife and I have made an offer on a 2000 Catalina 42. Should this offer be accepted I will be offering up my boat at a HEAVILY discounted price. I have no...
  17. C

    E-35 MKII Sails for sale

    I have a number of sails I would like to get out of my garage. Here they are: On a scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent 1 ea 100% jib, hank on, triple stitch, dacron, 34' leech, 14' foot, 30.5' luff, 5+ scale, Sutter Sails, leech & foot line, $500.00 1 ea 120% genoa, triple stitch, hvy...
  18. S

    ST4000 (MKII?) Wheel Motor exploded parts diagram request

    OK - The ST4000 (I think MkII) Electrical connector broke off. The PO had broken it, and we finished it off last weekend. I've got two pieces, the threads are 90% broken off in a nice ring. I'll replace it, unless it is $100. I could glue it, but is that sufficient? The Raymarine website lists...
  19. G

    E35 MKII sails for sale

    I'm offering the following good condition E35 sails for sale; 170% genoa hank-on luff 150% jib hank-on luff shallow-cut mainsail with reef points deeper-cut mainsail with reef points I'll include mainsail bronze car tracks with the first mainsail sold. Each sail is offered at $250...
  20. C

    35 MkII For Sale

    -1980, $28,900, located San Francisco. 3 cyl Universal with 770 original hours, new fuel tank, e-xhaust elbow, heat exchanger, fuel filter, algae X fuel condtioner, recent fluid change. New electrical panel, new mast step with G10 step, new holding tank, new water pump, new prop strut, new...