1. A

    What should the max cruise speed under power be?

    What should the max cruise speed under power be for an 1972 e32' with fully functional gas motor. We bought a bought our boat with a very poorly functioning Palmer P60 after years of failed attempts we could never return it to a state of dependability. We elected to convert the boat to...
  2. Christian Williams

    Starter Motor and Alternator Rebuilding

    I took the original starter motor from my M25 to Luis, who came recommended by a gold-plater yacht yard in Marina del Rey. JB Auto 10967 Venice Blvd LA 90034 310 839 8685 He took it apart, greased it, and ground the bendix fair while I watched. Cash deal. Reinstalled, the motor cranked...
  3. A

    Looking for Outboard motor

    I am looking to get a 8-10 horespower long shaft motor for my Ericson 27. My inboard is beyond repair and I need something to get me in and out of my slip and get me home when the wind dies. I am in the Los Angeles Area. I am looking for that magical beast which is inexpensive and runs good.
  4. M

    Electric Motor on E35

    I was just perusing through Ebay and came across a listing for an atomic engine that was for sale. The vendor said he had an E35 mk11 that he was converting to an electric motor. Before I could ask him any questions the listing disappeared. How much would it cost to convert an E35 to an...
  5. J

    M-12 motor questions

    I have a 1987 E-28 with the original M-12 universal diesel motor. I would like to replace the current low oil pressure idiot light with a proper oil pressure gauge. I assume I need to replace the idiot light sending unit with something different. 1. Where would I buy the new sending unit...
  6. M

    Shaft & Motor Mounts / The Snowball Effect

    I get lots of comments on my site to the effect that I make these jobs look too easy. They are easy.;) It does not mean they don't get frustrating, tedious and maddening though. Yes, we all face the same obstacles when working on sail boats and there is no way to get around that. Thinks of...
  7. steven

    electric motor shaft coupling

    For the engineering types among us: I'm thinking of experimenting with an electric drive, but don't want to pull my current engine (A4 in working order). Thinking of a belt drive coupling to the shaft aft of the A4. Anyone know where to get a collar thingy that will put a belt pulley on the...
  8. R

    Wanted- electric motor for monomatic head

    Odd as it may sound I would like to keep the old Monomatic head in my boat. The electric motor is dead and not repairable. Contact: Ray Stevens,
  9. R

    starter motor...

    Yesterday the starter motor on our Sea Scout boat '88 E34, "No Bad Days" x25 was burnt up... do ask how, I know not. Here in Nicaragua no one will rebuild or rewind so can anyone direct me to a place where we can purchase a rebuilt or should I go ahead and buy a new one.$$$? Thanks, Ralph in...
  10. S

    Flexible or hard motor mounts for 3 mount Uiversal M35

    A previous owner of my 87 Ericson 34 installed a Universal M35 using a 3 mount bracket. This engine replaced a standard 25 hp Universal. The bracket and mounts were the listed part numbers seen in the M35 parts book. A few years back while working on what was suspected to be a transmission...
  11. T

    How long to motor from Dana Point to Wilmington?

    Any rough guesses on how long this will take? I was planning on leaving at dawn to take advantage of lower winds/seas? Want to start a betting pool on the actual travel time? LOL. She has a 9.9 outboard. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
  12. ron7546

    Garhauer motor lift on (crowded) E27 stern

    Anyone have any experience or info on mounting a Garhauer motor lift on the stern or transom of anE27. Ron "Bluenote"
  13. Kringe

    Largest size motor for Ericson 25

    I have an Ericson 25 1975. What is the best motor for this boat? I currently have a 6hp evinrude and am kind of thinking that it is the bare minimum for this boat. Any suggestions?
  14. bigd14

    Atomic 4 Motor For Sale

    1972 Atomic 4 motor for sale out of my E27. When i hauled out one year ago, the motor was running great. It will need various bits of wiring and whatnot. Engine hour meter reads 993. I can deliver within 50 miles of Portland, OR, or can work out some kind of freight shipping. Send me a...
  15. F

    1978 Ericson 23-foot Sailboat + Trailer + Motor $4,800

    Sold ! This E23 was SOLD !
  16. F

    Operating blower motor while engine running

    In a current post about engine parts/function, Loren mentioned that he was advised by his mechanic to run his blower motor whenever the engine is operating. It had been my understanding that one should operate the blower motor before starting the engine (especially in a gas engine) to clear the...
  17. S

    Dinghy Motor Mount Gunwale Protection

    Hi, In the attached pictures you'll see I have a Yankee Boatworks (now defunct) dinghy with a substantial finished wood gunwale. I also have a good 'ol British Seagull 40 plus that I would like to use occasionally with the dinghy. The dinghy is rated for the 2hp output of the Seagull. Are...
  18. D

    Outboard Motor Cut-Out on E27

    Has anyone cut out the transom on the E27 to mount an outboard motor like Ericson suggests? I've removed the tempermental Volve Inboard and will either be installing the E-Pod from or installing an outboard 8-9.9 hp longshaft motor. My concerns will be: 1. Where do I cut? 2. What...
  19. T

    Motor dead

    My atomic 4 is dead. I really want to replace it with a outboard. I mainly day sail.... a few days on Catalina, that sort of sailing. My question, is a 7.5 hp too small for a E-27?
  20. CWM

    Installation of outboard motor on E27

    Some notes on the outboard motor installation on my 1973 E27. Photo 1: Cockpit view of one of the two upper motor mount backing plates. Each is a 3" x 3" SS plate Photo 2: View of the bottom of the transom via the port lazarette. Shows the two lower motor mount bolts and the large washer used...