1. R

    Ericson 1970 35-2 - Advice needed

    I've recently purchased and have been restoring an Ericson 35-2 and I'm starting into one of the four big projects that this boat needs done. The first one I want to tackle is the freshwater tank. I don't know too much about ericson's but I have been going through the manual, it looks like this...
  2. J

    Advice needed on new acrylic hatch lens install

    It's time to replace one hatch on Penquin (35-2). I'm a stickler for keeping my baby stock so I'll be using Acrylic. The original screw holes were counter sunk. Would not it be safer to use a carbide Forstner bit first, then drill for the screws? I would also consider a counter sink...
  3. Y

    Ericson 28 (and 27) Emergency Tiller

    We have a complete boat with the YS Wheel Option, with the exception of the Emergerncy Tiller. Anyone know where one can be purchased? Or does anyone have the specifications such that I could have one made? Thanks!
  4. K

    Piece of rubrail needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for an 8' piece of rubrail for my 38-200. I understand that the rubrail is the same for most 80s Ericsons. So if you have a lenght of the original rubrail sitting around or are planning to replace your entire rubrail with something new and would be willing to part with your...
  5. B

    Exhaust Elbow Needed!

    I'm looking for a replacement exhaust elbow, part #170-2834 that I believe was made by Onan, for my 1988 E32-200 with the Universal M25XP engine. See the attached pictures. Any idea on sources for this part? Also, when I took the system apart I found the water injection port to be nearly...
  6. toddbrsd

    Dropping the Main - Pointers Needed

    I am doing a little more single handing and wondering if I am doing something wrong. When I am ready to lower the main, I point directly into the wind and release the halyard clutch. The halyard runs from the clutch (near the cockpit) through an on-deck block and then through another block...
  7. G

    Auto-Helm 3000 clutch needed

    I went to engage the clutch to tighten the belt and the thing broke in half. Any suggestions where I may find a replacement part?
  8. R

    E35-2 rudder removal: keel height needed

    It seems early but my local yard is booking winter storage already. This year I want to drop my rudder to overhaul the foil, mechanism, replace my cutlass bearing etc. I know I need to have the boat blocked higher than usual but as I can't get down to her till next week I hoped someone who has...
  9. C

    Rub Rail source needed

    Do You know where can I get replacement rubber rail on the hull? Thanks, CJ
  10. T

    Advice Needed - possible purchase of an e-27

    I live in Lake Tahoe, and an opportunity arose to purchase a 50% share of an e-27 docked in Tahoe. We were told that it was a ’73, but since it has a t-helm, pedestal steering, stepped back traveler (in the cockpit), and an atomic gas inboard, I believe it has to be a post ’74 model. The boat...
  11. O

    Fuse Panel info needed

    Help! The fuse panel on my 1974 E-29 has gotten wet too many times and is corroded and some of the fuse holders as well as a few of the toggle switches no longer work properly. Last weekend was spent in a frustrating effort to revive the old panel. I have looked at a number of different sources...
  12. C

    Mainsail cover needed

    I am looking for a used cover for my main . I have a e-27 with a boom measurement of 11' . I don't have a lot of money to pay. I could probably cut down one slightly longer if i had to. All other covers are blue.
  13. L

    adhesive needed

    I just won a battery powered nav. light (red/green) to afix to the bow of my PVC rubber dingy (the Ding-a-Lee) at the local sail club meeting. The dingy is made of PVC and the light base is rubber and contains warnings about applying silicon to the rubber before exposing the little guy to the...
  14. B

    Help Needed to find AP Install thread

    I recently came across a thread that was a step by step guide to the installation of an auto pilot for a 3511 with Wheel steering. It also had pictures. I have not been able to locate that thread and I'm hoping someone remembers it and can steer me to it. I just bought one for my 3511. Thanks in...
  15. D

    scupper drain needed for E-27

    Hello does anyone have information on where I can get a new/used scupper drain? I have a 1977 E-27 and need port side scupper drain. Please respopnd to Thank you.
  16. F

    Are Circlip or Snap pliers needed...?

    Are circlip or snap pliers needed to remove/replace the raw water pump impellor on a universal M20/5416 16 hp diesel engine, or can it be done with "normal" tools? If I need one, does anyone know what size is right, as there are several? Any tips to replace the impellor? Thanks, Frank
  17. R

    "Sound" advice needed!

    Hello All, I'm in the process of R-n-R'ing the 5432 in my E38 with a used engine. In the process of removing the engine several other things are receiving attention including the lack of sound insulation. There is essentially NO sound insulation on my boat. The factory stuff was only...
  18. R

    76 E-32 needed 130% Mule Sail

    I needed 130% Mule for my 76 E32 with hanks, or Jib 230 - 250 sq ft Dacron 6 oz - 7.5 good condition.
  19. bayhoss

    Solvent needed

    Greetings to all, I removed the grabrails from my 86' E28 today and it was no easy task. The adheasive used by Ericson is still strong after 24 years. This stuff is the consistancy of sidewalk chewing gum in August and as mean as a dime store rat trap. Does anyone know of a solvent that will...
  20. G

    ABI Genoa slides needed.

    All, I'm having the Devil of a time finding four bronze 1 1/4" ABI Genoa slides and would appreciate any and all help finding these slides that are no longer available as ABI has gone out of business. These slides have two small pins through the knob that hold the main pin up when turned 90...