1. T

    1976 Ericson 23 w. dual-axle trailer. Asking $3500.00

    Selling my 1976 Ericson 23 swing keel w. dual-axle trailer, 8ft fiberglass dinghy, 8hp outboard and many additional parts and sails. Many of these parts and sails are not specifically for this boat but clearing out spares. Craigslist link...
  2. trickdhat

    If you want something done right....

    It was time for a yearly maintenance on my Yamaha T8, but this year I decided to take it to a dealer to let the "pros" do it. They quoted me $200 for a yearly service and only $50 more for a new impeller. When I picked it up the bill was $650 with no immediate explanation and no call to...
  3. B

    Elco 9.9 Electric Outboard: Yes, I am buying it.

    Hi all...coming from a 1963 wooden Star moored in swim-able waters and now owning a E27 at with all that fiberglass opportunity plus living aboard at a marina on the Puget Sound.... Took out the Atomic 4, rusted, half disassembled and missing the carburetor...gas tank was foamed in (yikes) and...
  4. raslocum

    Outboard Motor Mount Advice

    Hello all! I'm about to undertake some mid winter changes to my e25 since it's too cold to actually enjoy sailing right now. My wife and I anchor often, and throw a rope ladder over the side. We've grown tired of how difficult it is. More than a few guests have been embarrassed trying to...
  5. Z

    A4 Advice - Keep the Inboard or Go Outboard?

    I have recently bought an Ericson 27 with an operational A4. Unfortunately, there is a broken strut on the hull of the boat inhibiting its usage. Do you think I should keep the A4 and get a haul out to get the strut situation fixed or should I sell the A4 and go with a small outboard. Any and...
  6. A

    Looking for Outboard motor

    I am looking to get a 8-10 horespower long shaft motor for my Ericson 27. My inboard is beyond repair and I need something to get me in and out of my slip and get me home when the wind dies. I am in the Los Angeles Area. I am looking for that magical beast which is inexpensive and runs good.
  7. Loren Beach

    Cheap (inexpensive...) Outboard

    Any of you Vikings, especially you Florida guys n gals, ever heard of this company? http://www.smalloutboardmotor.com/index.html I ran across a link to them from another sailing site. We would like to have a small OB for our inflatable dinghy some day, and are always on the lookout for a...
  8. A

    Repowering E27 outboard

    I'm looking at buying a 1972 Ericson 27 with a dead outboard. This is apparently a model that came with a factory-installed outboard, but the current dead outboard is not the original one. What type of outboard should I get to replace it with? Most importantly, how much HP do I need? But...
  9. P

    WANTED Used 7.5hp to 9.9hp long shaft outboard

    I am looking for a used but decent condition long shaft 7.5 to 9.9hp outboard to re-power an E 25+. A 4 cycle would be ideal but a 2 cycle in good working condition is also a possibility. Phil
  10. P

    Re-powering an E 25+ with an outboard

    Has anyone else made the conversion from inboard to transom mounted outboard power on a E 25+ or E 27 ? Is there anything beyond the obvious stuff I need to consider? I am currently trying to locate a 7.5 to 9.9hp long shaft outboard in the L.A. area and I plan to use the standard...
  11. T

    E27 inboard to outboard

    I have a 1978 E27, So my engine is getting OLD. It is in need of coastly repair. is it possible to pull the yanmar 1 lunger and use an out board. Or sell the boat. Thoughts please thanx Nic
  12. E

    E30-II outboard rudder lower gudgeon failure.

    :cool: Hi, My Eboat sufferred a serious failure 3 miles off of MDR yesterday when I heard the outboard rudder bumping around. I still had steering.But the lower bronze gudgeon which is permanently imbedded into "hardened epoxy" in the hull at bottom of transom had broken at the pivot point. The...
  13. Q

    repowering an E-35-2 with outboard

    I recently acquired an E-35-2 and have been experiencing some problems with my engine. The undocumented engine hours are less than 500 on a 1999 Atomic 4 diesel. Should I be facing a large $$ cost for repair, I would appreciate any thoughts or comments regarding the possibility of re-powering...
  14. Gmilburn

    Outboard Bracket?

    Hi all, I'm searching for a source for the mate to the bracket mounted on the rear of my E29. I have searched the web and contacted a couple of outboard bracket builders--and while they are willing to custom build one, it would be expensive. Does anyone recognize this bracket and may be able...
  15. D

    Outboard Cutout Dimensions on E27

    Could someone out there with an E27 that has the outboard cutout in the transom please give me some measurements. I'm gonna be mounting a 25" longshaft OMC classic 2 stroke and need to know where to cut. A simple measurement from the base of the transom to the top of the mounting surface of the...
  16. D

    Outboard Motor Cut-Out on E27

    Has anyone cut out the transom on the E27 to mount an outboard motor like Ericson suggests? I've removed the tempermental Volve Inboard and will either be installing the E-Pod from re-e-power.com or installing an outboard 8-9.9 hp longshaft motor. My concerns will be: 1. Where do I cut? 2. What...
  17. J

    Mounting heavy dinghy outboard on E27 rail

    Hello All, Any opinions as to whether my E27 stern rail will be up to the task. I have already purchased a Mercury 9.9 four stroke for my new Walker Bay inflatable. I wanted a motor that would plane two....so this was my best option. Unfortunately the thing weighs 85 pounds (one of the...
  18. CWM

    Installation of outboard motor on E27

    Some notes on the outboard motor installation on my 1973 E27. Photo 1: Cockpit view of one of the two upper motor mount backing plates. Each is a 3" x 3" SS plate Photo 2: View of the bottom of the transom via the port lazarette. Shows the two lower motor mount bolts and the large washer used...
  19. E

    Ericson 30-II outboard rudder. Got a moment Seth?

    :confused:Hi, I just pulled my transom hung rudder to paint it. This rudder seems very heavy. I drilled a few holes in it to see if it leaked any water it might have absorbed over the last 30 years but the holes I drilled were all dry and the drilled out material appeared to be wood. I called...
  20. S

    E 27 outboard

    Hi all, I've been lurking on here for awhile and am hauling an E 27 for a hull inspection and possible purchase next Tuesday. The question I have is,will it be possible to switch the outboard between the "mother ship"and an inflatable dinghy? The motor is an 8hp long shaft Honda 2001,I haven't...