1. S

    New Owner E-28 Mission Bay San Diego

    Hi! After trolling this board for a year or so, I made the move to Ericson land by purchasing a "new to me" 1986 E28. We sailed it down to Mission Bay from Oceanside on Wednesday. I had some trouble with the tabernacle rig. All the pieces weren't there. I finally got that squared away...
  2. S

    New E34T Owner

    After a few months of searching and deciding, I closed today on the purchase of a 1978 E34T, #119. Many of you may remember the boat that won the Sail Magazine/Boatworks "Bailout" contest.... This is the boat. Essentially, in 2006, the boat underwent an almost complete 2 year makeover. About the...
  3. P

    New Owner with Assorted Questions

    I purchased a wonderfull 1984 30+ last fall. Now with a few days experience with her, I have a few questions I need help with. 1. I suspect some leaking along the rub line, is putting a bead of chaulk along the top seam a solution? Is silicone or polybutylene chalk better? 2. It was...
  4. K

    E-26 New Owner Questions

    just got a 26' sail boat and know nothing about it i have had power boats would love to learn sailing can anyone please give me pointers its in my driveway now i have no owners manual not sure how to find one online thanks
  5. P

    New Owner of The Creamy Pint E26

    Just thought I'd stop in and say hello. I picked up The Creamy Pint in Oxnard a few months ago and will be continuing the legacy of this fine boat. It's a 1967 E 26, Hull #53. The previous owner was on this site, you'll never guess his member name, but this looks like a great community for...
  6. 7

    new e 27 owner

    Guys and Gals, I'm a new owner of a 74 e 27. Its currently in the water and the previous owner couldnt tell me when the last time it was hauled out. It appears to be fairly dry, but there was some water in the bilge but I'm not overly concerned because no one had been on the boat since last...
  7. G

    New Owner in Jersey

    Just purchased a 1985 30+. Very clean and good condition. I am looking for any manuals for the water pressure system and electrical. Boat won't be in the water until mid-May and hoping to learn how everything works before it gets wet. Any info would be appreciated.
  8. S

    New owner of a 1978 30-2 questions

    Just recently purchased my first Ericson...I am very happy with the new purchase but she needs work...My main problem is the ports leaking...I want to replace them any ideas???
  9. W

    New E29 owner and new sailor to boot

    Greetings, With Sean's advice, I'm starting this thread as an introduction of myself as someone extremely green to the sailboating experience. Never the less, and with next to no knowledge, I have purchased a 1971 Ericson 29 in what i'm told is "fair to good" condition. It has been outside and...
  10. S

    New owner E 27 couple of questions

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1973 e 27 and have a few questions. I got the boat for a song $500, And i joined the yacht club i bought it form (also very reasonable). The boat is equipeed with a roller fuler and a 150 genoa, and a standard mainsail. I noticed there appears to be a block on...
  11. W

    New E 27 owner needs help rigging sails and attaching Boom

    Hi I just purchased a 77 E 27 and I dont know how to rig it I found sails and the mast is already stepped and the boom is attached but I don't know how to rig tthe boom it is hooked to the rear stays in the storage position.
  12. S

    New E-27 Owner!

    I am so excited! I am the proud new owner of a 1973, Ericson 27, model #384. I am so excited to be a new boat owner. I can't wait for the wind in my face, long sunny days in new ports, and looking back and seeing a wake as far as the eye can see. But for the moment I get to enjoy the other...
  13. P

    A New Ericson 30+ Owner

    Well after extensive research, a thorough survey and some gratifying soul searching, last night my wife and I purchased a 1984 30+, Gayle Winds out of Bayview, ID. Other than a few minor maintenance issues, she is in wonderful shape and I llook forward to keeping her that way with the same...
  14. Slick470

    New Olson 911S owner

    Been lurking for some time now and learning from the discussions of others, but figured I'd introduce myself now that my wife and I have purchased an Ericson. Well, an Olson built by Ericson anyway. We're now the proud owners of hull #149 which I assume to be one of the last ones built by...
  15. toddbrsd

    New Owner and Newbie Question

    Hi folks, I am the new owner of a 1976 E27, (Already have the lingo down!). This is my first sailboat at the age of 46. Can you say mid-life crisis! I have been taking lessons at OCC School of Sailing and Seamanship since November, starting with the 14' Lido, then 30' Shields, and now on a...
  16. R

    New E31 owner (2 in one week, is that a record?)

    We are the proud new owners of hull #59. She currently resides in Lake Mead but we hope to have her up here in Portland, OR by the end of March. I'm looking forward to meeting her, my hubby is down there and finalized the deal today but I've yet to lay eyes on her in the flesh. I have been...
  17. A

    New official owner!

    Pics as promised! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=208151&id=575895428&l=c569001ace some old ones mixed with ones I took (the winter ones) Took possession on thursday, I just need to have it shipped now. The storage is paid until May. So i'll wait a few weeks :D cheers! Adam
  18. Keiffer

    New Ericson Owner

    Thanks to everyone for the input over the past several months while I searched for my first Ericson. Starting this past Wednesday my wife and I covered 2500 miles in five days: Atlanta, GA to Detroit, MI to Long Island, NY to Roanoke, VA and back to Atlanta... As of Saturday we are the proud...
  19. V

    new E41 owner needs info

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  20. Earwax

    New Ericson owner!

    Howdy, My name is Dave. I'm new here and a new Ericson Independence 31 owner! I was searching for quite a while for a boat and every boat I visited and as I whittled down my list of choices, the EI31 was always on top of the list. The sea trial and survey went extremely well...thank God...