1. toddbrsd

    E-27 Owners Only (Past & Present)

    When I hauled my boat out last December, I inquired about installing the PSS dripless shaft seal. I was told that there physically was not enough room to install it. Although I thought it odd, I did not challenge their response since I was out of town when I got the call. I was considering...
  2. C

    E 27 owners: Show me your Swim Ladder

    I'm planning on making a new ladder for my boat and I'm looking for ideas. I have an outboard on the back of mine , so going over the transom is a little tougher. I'm thinking about over the side just forward of the cockpit so that it lines up with the stanchion to use as a handhold. I would...
  3. adam

    E29 owners - Where is your propane tank?

    I've decided to replace my ancient/non-functional Keynon pressured alcohol stove, with a modern propane stove. The one big hurdle left is figuring out where I should mount the propane tank. So, for those of you with propane on your E29s, I'm curious where your propane tank is. Thanks, -A
  4. V

    any E-41 owners willing to part with information?

    I need info on a few projects I'm working on. raw water system, cockpit control panel, rigging, etc... I'm finishing up a restoration, well at least close to finishing and will be launching soon. E-mail me or we can talk directly the old fashioned way... by phone vanfuego@yahoo.com or...
  5. B

    Ericson Olson 34 owners manual

    Does anyone have an owners manual for the O34? I've looked through the Resources here and there is an E34 manual, but the E34 and the O34 are different. I scrubbed the web and come up empty handed. I'm hoping there's an owner out there with a copy of this manual.
  6. W

    Any E 37' Owners out there ?

    I know the 39' well but not so much about the 37'.. Seems to be a ghost in the E line only 100 or so made. Can anyone give me some insight as to her sailing qualities.. noticed the original sail plans were significantly smaller than the 39' and the 38'.. Much thanks..
  7. J

    No longer prospective owners

    After selling our much beloved C&C 34(totally unexpected)and searching for over a year we kinda of stumbled across a 35MKIII just went to see her having gone thru our list and still had time on our hands while in SoCal, we knew that Ericson's are known for their build quality but we knew nothing...
  8. L

    Ericson 38 For Sale - Meticulous Owners

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  9. toddbrsd

    E-27 Owners

    Does your E27 have 1 or 2 access hatches for the bildge. The PO installed a laminate flooring revealing only one hatch under the companionway stairs. However, I recently noticed a "soft" spot just aft of the bulkhead. Yesterday I saw a photo of another E27 showing access hatch in this location...
  10. R

    New owners

    Hey, My 2 brothers and I just purchased an 89 E 38-200 and have been refurbishing her in Ventura, CA where we will keep her berthed. New Anchors, GPS, Self steering, lp gas sensor, light bulbs, windex, spinnacker gear and of course a cattle guard and gun rack. This is my hmmm ...sixth vessel...
  11. A

    Kanzaki KM2P Trans Owners Manual?

    Does anyone have a link to an on-line owners manual for the Kanzaki KM2P transmission? My 1990 E28 is equipped with one, the manual "may" be on board but I will not be near the boat until I pick it up at the end of May. I want to have a manual for maintenance and operation purposes. If it needs...
  12. CSMcKillip

    E33RH owners manual

    Does anyone have the owners manual for the 33? I have downloaded the manuals for the 32, 34 and 35 and am going to look over any material that is common with all of the Ericson line. I would think that almost all of the wiring is standard, color coded, ect. Any help would be fantastic.
  13. S

    St. Pete/Tampa area Ericson owners

    I'm relatively new to sailing and currently looking for a sailboat in the 25 to 28 foot range. Two near the top of my wish list are the Ericson 25+ and the Ericson 27. None are available for sale locally and my search has largely involved reading about each online, and looking at listings, few...
  14. P

    I need a copy of the owners manual for E 25+

    I wonder if anyone has an owners manual for the Ericson 25+? There is a manual for the older E 25 in the documents section, however I did not see one for the 25+. I think they remained the same from 1979 through 1984. I would be glad to pay for the cost of copying and postage if another E...
  15. P

    Questions for Ericson 31-I owners

    How thick are the cockpit coamings? Are they the same thickness all around, or do they narrow toward the stern? Also, from the pictures, they appear to be plumb with both inner and outer surfaces parallel. Is this true? For those with teak caprail on top (not all of them do apparently)...
  16. Blue Heron

    We're new owners of a E27.

    Just recently finished the purchase of a 1975 E27. She has a Volvo inboard and needs mostly cosmetic upgrades and fresh sails. We are HAPPY:egrin:!!! We hail from Beaufort, NC and seem to be in minority as far as Ericson owners here go. We also really like this forum and love the abundance of...
  17. S

    Owners Manual for a 1974 29 foot Ericson

    I am looking for an Owners Manual for my 1974, 29 foot Ericson. Can anyone give me some guidance. Thanks. sHevrin
  18. richwilson

    Proud new E31 Owners!

    Hi all, We are the proud new owners of "Liberty", a beautifully restored 1981 E31 Independence (that we bought on 4th of July weekend, so how appropriate is that!). Here are some shots from our first sail from Ventura down to her new home in Channel Islands. My brother followed along in his...
  19. B

    E 32-200 Owners Manual

    OK, I'll try one more time,,, Is there an owners manual available specifically for the 32-200? If anyone has one, I'll guarantee you I'm not the only one who would appreciate getting my paws on a copy.
  20. 2

    Fellow Ericson 32-2 owners?

    My Ericson 32-2, 1972, #250; in S.F. Bay, Ca. I would love to link with fellow Ericson owners in this area. Thanks nmvrdgig@comcast.net :egrin:
  21. I

    Brand new mainsail for sail - E35-3 owners take note

    We have a customer who is unable to take delivery of a brand new mainsail for an Endeavour 33 (std rig) Before it goes on Ebay I wanted to give the E35-3 community a chance to buy it. Highlights 8oz high modulus Dacron 2+2 battens (new tapered battens included) 2 reefs Radial patches...
  22. T

    Looking for E27 owners

    Hello folks, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with lerning bout my 1978 E27. My survey came back better then average, I have a yanmar 8hp diesel, I have tons of questions about this boat, she sails great even with what looks like the original main. so I need one of those and dont know where to...
  23. M

    Original Owners of E35-3

    It would be interesting to know if there are any owners out there who have had their boats since NEW..... There are many questions that could be answered concerning average replacement time for many of the items lurking out there just waiting to quit that have not yet done so...
  24. F

    Need E30+ Owners Manual...

    Sean, I have been looking far and wide for a manual for the E30+. I have received some design drawings for the plumbing, electrical system and sail plan, but would really appreciate it if the complete manual could be loaded under the "docs" section. Thx. Frank.
  25. S

    E23 Owners - Images on New Site

    Looks like we're woefully under represented in the New Photo Galleries, Good Job Sean! All my photo's are pre-Digital, I'll work on getting some soon. Let's SEE some of those E-toys!
  26. B

    32-200 Owners Manual

    Does anyone have, or know of, an original owners manual for a 1988 Ericson 32-200? The manual that came with my 32-200 (purchased this summer) is actually a manual for a 32. Did Ericson actually have a 32-200 manual or did they supply these boats with the 32 manual?
  27. Dferr

    E-38 New Owners - Need Sail Dimensions

    Well, it looks like my wife and I are new owners of a 1982 E-38. Boy, do we have a lot of work to do! But it's great to have a boat again! "I think" Anyway, does anyone know the dimensions of the head sail? I'm in need of something a little newer. I beleive the genoa that's on...
  28. R

    Kiwiprop owners sound off please!?!

    Hey, I'm looking to spend my money on a nice upgrade and a feathering prop would do nicely. The Kiwiprop seems a nice product, simple, effective, etc. It also got a great review in the latest PS. www.kiwiprop.co.nz So: Who has one? How do you like it? Whats it installed on? Who did you...
  29. T

    New E29 Owners! - Nashville, TN

    My wife and I just purchased our first Sailboat. An immaculate 1976 E29. Unfortunately she is stored behind 5 much larger boats in a heated warehouse in Sandusky, OH. We can't wait till the spring when we can finally have her shipped down to us in Tennessee and start spending every weekend...
  30. J

    E 35 Owners

    Folks I want to put a sunbrella wrap around the cockpit-maybe about 30' by 20" or so. Would be interested in any pictures anyone has of their installation. Jeff-I went by Biejo De Mar today. No one home. Any boats around our area you know about that I should look at? John
  31. Joe

    New Ericson 25 Owners - Kentucky

    My wife and I are now retired and we saw this old E25 sitting forlornly on a very old trailer at a marina on the banks of the Ohio. It had a 'for sale' sign dangling from the pulpit. The previous owner informed us that it had been sitting there for three years. We've never sailed before. We...
  32. O

    Maine Ericson Owners Association?

    Does anyone know how to join the Maine Ericson Owner's Association? We just bought an Ericson and want to join! We live in NH. Thanks.
  33. Guy Stevens

    Ericson 46 Owners Group / Database

    :egrin: There were 21 Ericson 46's made between 1972 and 1974, of those 19 are reported to be still sailing out there. I am trying to form a database and a communications network for those of us with the biggest Ericsons. Nothing formal, just trying to figure out where all the boats are, and...
  34. A

    Wanted - Ericson 30+ owners manual

    On the Pacific Seacraft site under Ericson Yacht Support, there are manuals for the E27 and the E35 MKIII, does anyone know if a manual was produced for the 30+? Thanks :)
  35. Jeff Asbury

    Are any So. Cal Ericson owners going to be at the Isthmus May 6th through the 8th?

    Are any So. Cal Ericson owners going to be at the Isthmus (Two Harbors) the weekend of May 6th through the 8th? I will be there, hopefully without rain and having to dodge any water spouts. :egrin:
  36. T

    National Ericson Owners Association

    95 of us responded to the poll on the National Ericson Owners Association and just over 75% of us indicated that we wanted to form a National Ericson Owners Association. I would think that now is the time to start the association before we all go sailing. The one reoccurring reason I saw...
  37. Strats43

    CEOA (Chesapeake Ericson Owners Assoc)

    Hi all, Im trying to figure out what interest there is ( if any) to bring the CEOA back to life. I think from the list of people I've been sent there are enough owners to support it and spring is right around the corner. So lets get together and bring this assoc. back to life! :egrin:
  38. M

    Ericson 23 owners group

    I just stumbled on this site and regestered today. I am the original owner of a 1978 Ericson 23 swing keel and race it on Lake Erie. I noticed there is an Owners Group for the 23 and I would like to receive information about the group.
  39. Strats43

    owners manual 78 tiller e30-1

    Been looking high and low for a copy of an owners manual for 1978 e30 tiller model didnt dee it in the specs and docs any body have any other resources?
  40. Y

    E36RH Owners, lets see a show of hands...

    Question(s) : who and where are we...RonHolland36's ??? mine is hull #26,KemahBoardwalkMarina, Kemah Texas. Nearing an extensive refit/rebirth...shouldn't be much longer(smile) she'll be sweeeet! I'll keep y'all updated
  41. B

    E 35-2 owners manual

    Does anyone know where I can find an owners manual for an Ericson 35-2. I have a 1977, but would be happy with a copy of the original manual from any of the production years (1969-1982) Thanks in advance, Michael B
  42. D

    1980 30+ owners manual

    owners manualundefinedundefined Looking for owners manuel for 1980 30+ also plumbing and electrical plans, I'm working on the drawings of my boat but would like to see what the original is supposed to look like. Want to thank Ed Chadroff for all his insights I hope others out there will help if...
  43. C

    SF Bay Ericson Owners

    Sounds like there is interest in getting Ericon owners together at some point? I just purchased an E35-III and am berthed at South Beach. Have there been or are there any get togethers planned?:egrin:
  44. S

    Need E30+ Owners Manual

    Hello, I'm Scot King, one of the designer's sons, and I just bought a 30+ in pretty good condition. It had a 32 manual in it. Does anybody know where I may get ahold of the 30+ manual. While there are similarities between the two boats, I'd still like to have a 30+ manual. I couldn't...
  45. R

    Any E 26 owners out there?

    Hi there, I just got my first boat and it's an E26. Hope to know some folks who own the same boat!! Robert Alameda, CA
  46. M

    Ericson 30-2 Owners

    Fellow Ericson Owners, Would like to know if there are any other Ericson 30-2 Owners out there that follow this great site, I am contemplating setting up a registry of Ericson 30-2 owners,(maybe a little more agressive than the one at this site) as there where only 47 built. Planning to start...
  47. F

    Questions for E27 owners:

    I have an E27 that I just bought in September. First, there are blisters on the hull which are small in nature, but are numerous. My question is, what is the most expedient way to repair the hull. Secondly, the boat has a tiller for a helm, which is fine, I have no problem steering, but...
  48. P

    Ericson 32 Owners

    I'm curious as to whether there are any other Ericson 32-2 owners in the vicinity of my home port: Bainbridge Island. If so - I would appreciate hearing from you! Kelly Morris
  49. C

    Any other active Great Lakes Eriscon owners?

    I guess the subject says it all ;-) -BRad
  50. C

    E25+ Owners Manual

    I just acquired a 1980 25+...I'm in search of an owners manual (or copy)...does anyone know where I could find one. Any help in this matter would be great. Thanks in advance, Craig
  51. C

    Ericson 1980 25+ Owners Manual

    Hi - I just aquired a 1980 25+....I'm in search for an owners manual for the 1980 25+...any help in this matter would be great. Thanks in advance, Craig
  52. A

    E-34 owners

    Are there any E-34 owners in the Clear Lake,Tx. area?
  53. K

    looking for e-23 owners

    hello from jax fl. i was luky enough to have been offered a deal on a1976 e-23 s-2, so i decided to make a purchase...it was one of the best moves of my life! i bought the boat in august of 2000 and i have been sailing and restoring ever since. the boat is in better condition now and she has...