1. enkramer

    E35-2 Opening Port Source

    Although I'd like to eventually replace all the fixed ports on my 1979 E35-2 with opening ports, I'm starting with the port in the head to get some ventilation in that space. Thus far, I haven't been able to locate any after-market ports with the same dimensions. If anyone's been down this road...
  2. rbonilla

    Help - 1985 E28+ ports needed ( set of rear cabin )

    Help please...I am retro fitting a 1985 E28+ and discovered Lewmar does not make or offer the rear cabin port's anymore.....Our old ones leaked bad and are not re buildable...so, I am seeking a port & stbd rear, main cabin set of ports...anyone, anyone, anyone ? a BIG thanx for any help ...
  3. Sven

    New Bomon fixed port are in

    It was actually relatively painless. Now I just hope the soft aluminum is rigid enough to not lead to any leaks at the rubber gaskets ... the cabin sides are not completely flat and some flex should actually help the ports conform to the curvature so it's probably a non-issue. The ports are...
  4. F

    cut an inspection/cleaning port in holding tank?

    Hi, I baby our head/holding tank to keep everything running smoothly and to avoid/minimize odour. I periodically fill the holding tank with water, let it slosh around a bit while sailing and then empty it. But I have a hunch that emptying it does not get rid of any "sludge" or deposits in...
  5. wurzner

    Updated: 15 Boats and Counting for Port Townsend

    Looks like there are 15 boats signed up for Port Townsend. I suspect some may have conflicts as things get closer and I also contacted 3 more owners to get reservations in place. If we get anywhere near this number, I would say we are doing well? Maybe not the 25+ we've had in the past, but...
  6. wurzner

    Updated 3/31/11 You CAN clear customs in Port Townsend

    I am editing this link based on a conversation I just had with US Customs. They WILL let you l clear customs on Saturday as one off event. They requested that all boats arrive around the same time so some may have to anchor out for a while until the other boats show up. Also, there should be ~4...
  7. wurzner

    Which Boats that Wanted Poulsbo are Going to Port Townsend?

    There was what appears to be a 50/50 split between Poulsbo and Pt Townsend. Based on Pt.Townsend being the destination, are any of the following boats and/or owner's planning on attending? Just wondering who has signed up from the boats below? thanks Shaun bblakesley Byter01, C...
  8. Mark F

    fixed port trim piece

    Does anyone know where to get the rubber strip that fills the channel on a fixed port? The red arrow points to the channel. Thanks.
  9. B

    Opening Port Repair Questions

    I have a question about the "swing up" windows on the 32-200. Not the right name I'm sure. Looking at them it would seem you could remove them from the boat...LENS ONLY, take off the hardware and then get Tap Plastic or someone if Lewmar doesn't sell them to cut a new "plastic, acrylic"...
  10. Loren Beach

    Diesel Tank Access Port

    This probably belongs in an existing thread where access to an existing diesel tank was discussed... I cannot find such a thread with short search, so here is the link with a number of helpful photos. http://www.threefools.org/velocity/Projects/DieselAccessPlate/DieselAccessPlate.htm Loren
  11. toddbrsd

    Port Light Tinting

    Anyone in the Long Beach area have their port lights tinted? Appears to be a DIY project, but curious if anyone has had a mobile tint service do theirs and if so, how much did it cost? Never attmepted this and seems easily doable, but sometimes in the long run its a better choice to hire a pro.
  12. ragamuffin

    E27 Port Light Replacement

    I want to replace the forward port lights on ragamuffin has anyone done this on a 27? I would like opening ports on both sides (currently my head window is stuck closed), and maybe even add 2 in the v berth area. I only have one hatch and want more ventilation.
  13. Sven

    Time for our 1st NFM port installation

    We had the big one professionally done because it involved gelcoat work. We now have the 7 small ones to do and this weekend we'll tackle the first one, the one in the cockpit. We'll augment the NFM instructions with those at...
  14. Lucky Dog

    Port of call?

    Question What is your port of call. Where the boat is located or where you live? ml
  15. B

    Ericson 30+ Shattered port light glass

    When we returned from a recent day sail in about 10 - 20knts yesterday I noticed that the starboard port (not the opening port but the fixed port) was shattered. It looks like the lead car may have hit it but that seems unlikely. A friend suggested that my rig may be too tight. Any advice on...
  16. E

    Fixed port lights ericson 32-1989

    To one and all : any sources available for replacment fixed cabin side windows ? Many thanks in advance Ted Cucas Oxford , Md. 21654 E-mail :tabc@starband.net
  17. A

    port hole gaskets

    help ,the rubber gaskets leak anyone know where to buy replacements for the portholes in the cabin on a 30 ft Independence?
  18. larossa

    Bronze Port Protective Coating - Interior

    I have an E31C and it has bronze ports. On the interior the bronze bezels have tarnished. I have them off the boat right now and we be cleaning them up. Is there a coating I could put on them such as lacquer or something better that would protect the nice golden finish? Thanks, Brian...
  19. Bob Robertson

    Lewmar port handle question

    Hi, A couple of my lewmar opening ports are leaking around one of the handles. Lewmar recommends taking the handle apart and lubicating it with slicone grease. Does some one know how to remove the button (See picture) that will allow me to remove the handle? Thanks, Bob
  20. jmoses

    Alternative Bottom Paint - Port of San Diego Project

    All, After a few years of working WAY WAY too much, I found my way back to ErisonYachts.org. WOW..... what a really nice site. The wealth and breadth of knowledge as well as members is amazing. I still have me ol' 1972 E- 35 MKII now located here in San Diego (South Bay). Sad to say, I work...
  21. C

    Port Light Question

    I Have An Ericson -27, 1973 And Am Trying To Find Out Where To Get The Hard Rubber Gasget That Goes Between The Inside Frame And The Glass.it Measures 1/2" Wide And 1/8" Thick And Goes All The Way Around The Port.please Help If You Can.
  22. B

    Port Light Fix

    The port lights on our 1981, E38 hull #50 are very yellow, and the lexan has come completely out of one of them. We are looking to keep the original frames and just replace the Lexan with either tempered safety glass, or new lexan. We have heard horror stories that it is nearly impossible to...
  23. Lawdog

    winter rendezvous Port, ME

    For those hardy individuals that want to make the trip to Portland, Maine, this January19, 2008, MEOA is having its winter rendezvous at the Holiday Inn by the Bay. contact barrisdr@yahoo.com for more info. we usually have a celebrity designer present.
  24. Jeff Asbury

    Port Of La Public Meeting - Tariff And Permit

    PORT OF LA PUBLIC MEETING TARIFF AND PERMIT THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES TO HOLD PUBLIC MEETING TO REVIEW PROPOSED TARIFF AND PERMIT FOR RECREATIONAL VESSELS. I Thought I would move this post to the Raft Up section because there was only one response in the So Cal section. I was wondering if...
  25. Jeff Asbury

    The Port Of Los Angeles To Hold Public Meeting To *review Proposed Recreational Vesse

    The Port of Los Angeles Public Meeting To Review Proposed Tariff I was wondering if other LA Harbor Ericson owners were aware of this? I did not know about it until this past week. THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES TO HOLD PUBLIC MEETING TO *REVIEW PROPOSED RECREATIONAL VESSEL REQUIREMENTS PROPOSED...
  26. G

    Home Port Regatta 1st place

    Just entered my first ever race (as boat owner/skipper) in Marina Del Rey this past Saturday. It is a free race for beginners. No race fee, no yacht club membership needed. Got first place in the Cruisers over 30 ft. I think there were about 8 boats in our class. We came 2<SUP>nd</SUP> over the...
  27. M

    Speed difference between Port and starboard tack

    This is going to yet again illustrate my novice status but today I went for a beautiful sail on Lake Ontario. It was a rare fall day- there was a 10-12 knot wind from the southwest with absolutely no waves- the lake was virtually dead calm except for a terrific wind. On my starboard tack I...
  28. J

    cushion combination for port settee bed on e35 mk III

    We have a 1984 e35 mk III. I think we've tried every combination of cushions to make up the bed using the table settee area. Maybe I've missed something. Some are too big, some too small. Nothing seems to fit over the table top perfectly once it is lowered to the right position. Is there a...
  29. M

    removing under lazzerette port bulk head

    I'm in the middle of replacing 3 (likely original) gate valve seacocks on my 1975 E27. Yup, she's on jack stands and dry. One (already removed) was the water in for the head. Easily removed. The second, slightly aft of the sink, and has a junction of plumbing directly above the seacock. Two...
  30. D

    Easy and Affordable Port Upgrade

    My Ericson 38-200 have Size 1 Lewmar Standard Portlights that had become faded and craized due to extended UV exposure. In addition, some of the rubber seals had dried out. Luckily Lewmar sells replacement gaskets ($16 each) and new portlights (green about $28). I was able to refurbish all...
  31. J

    1990 E32 Port Lights

    Good Afternoon. I am a new Ericson owner and have a few questions. 1. Aft Port Light replacement: Before I tear into the port lights, is there somewhere they can be bought? I would like to have them in hand so the replacement can be quick. (I searched other threads but didn't find anything...
  32. wurzner

    Port Townsend Father's Day Weekend '07

    Please vote if you will attend Port Townsend Father's day weekend. I will be making reservations for us March 15th. Please respond yes or no and then put comments in the other thread so I can keep it simple. thanks shaun
  33. P

    E36RH Prop Strut Movement; and excessive 'pull' to port under power

    I purchased a 1982-E36-RonHolland last October. The prop strut is loose: with sideways pressure it will move about 1/8" to starboard, then return when the pressure is released. Does anyone have a drawing of the shape of the strut and how it is installed. It appears to be glassed in, with no...
  34. R

    Fixed Port Replacement Nightmare

    Based on existing threads, I thought fixed port reglazing would be relatively easy. Removed the four fixed ports on our 1989 E34 and took them to Olympia Glass to replace the Lexan with laminated glass. Picked up the windows a week later and they were way oversize for the openings. Took them...
  35. footrope

    Puget Sound: North: Port Gamble Bay: Anchorage and Ashore

    Summary: Port Gamble Bay and the town of Port Gamble, although a historic and interesting place, is not a popular boating destination because of its lack of a marina or other pleasure boating-related shore facility. The town is the location of the late Pope & Talbot Sawmill, recently closed...
  36. S

    Selling my old port windows..

    SOLD THEM THANK YOU ERICSON OWNERS All that is good, Wes Zimmerman 1975 E 29 SAILSCALL Grand Lake Oklahoma
  37. H

    Port Orchard

    There is the annual hot rod/custom car show at Port Orchard this weekend,Mischief :devil: Maker is going, and we will be at the Bremerton Marina. We are going to be there Friday - Sunday, there is a farmers market on Saturday. Just a fyi if you need a reason to get away from the dock. There...
  38. S

    Hard Pull to Port Under Power - New Repower

    :esad: HELP: HARD PULL TO PORT UNDER POWER>>> After a year of unreliable service and constant problems from my old Yanmar seawater cooled 2QM20, I finally bit the bullet and instructed my mechanic to swap it out for a brand new Yanmar 3YM20. Rather than a return to reliable operation, I have...
  39. A

    port light inside fill gasket

    i have just rebuilt all the port lights on the boat 74 35 II. the 1/2" inside fill gaskets were dry rotted. does anybody know where i can purchase this fill gasket ? thanks happy sailing greg s/y dalliance 74 35 II # 325
  40. T

    Ericson 34 fixed port lexan replacement

    A year ago I had to postpone this project due to a catastrophic knee injurry. Well, the MCL is better than new, the ACL has been replaced, the cartilage trimmed, I'm rehabbed and got onto finally doing the project. The two fixed ports on the port side are out, the frames are apart, the glass...
  41. Shadowfax

    Lewmar Port Gaskets

    Greetings All, I have been tracking down replacement gaskets for my Lewmar operating ports. I've talked to a couple of Lewmar retailers who ended up referring me to Lewmar to work out the size I need. After going around with them I am informed that Lewmar made a custom size port for...
  42. F

    Installing aft cabin port holes on a 1986 38'-200

    Hello all, That aft cabin can get pretty hot down here in the Caribbean. I've seen Ericsons that have dual port holes in the cockpit side of the cabin. Has anyone install port holes on the hull-side of the aft cabin on a boat approximately like a 38-200? Or can you refer me to articles...
  43. P

    Need port for 38

    We are refurbishing our 38 and "you guessed it" we have misplaced one of the side ports of the deck. Can't find the exterior trim or the interior ring. Sure could use a new one if you know where I could locate one. Any hellp would be appreciated. Regards, James
  44. D

    38-200, 1986,rotten wood from leaking port

    The forward port-side opening port in v-berth area leaked for some time, causing the wood panelling surrounding it to rot from the back side. Port has been removed, re-bedded, re-installed, no leak. But how the heck do I remove/replace the surrounding wood panelling which is slowly rotting away...
  45. F

    Aft Cabin Port Window convert to Porthole

    In the Caribbean, it gets hot in the aft cabin. I'm thinking of replacing the port window just above the closet on my 1986 38-200 with a porthole my guests can open. Has anybody done that, or does anyone have advice on that or can you suggest the best place to get an aftermarket porthole? fz
  46. Sean Engle

    See You In Port Townsend!

    We're leaving today for Port Townsend - I look forward to see all you guys up there! //sse
  47. C

    E-29 port light gaskets

    Can anyone tell me where to purchase the gasket material that goes around the lexan (glass) of the windows in the E-29?
  48. L

    E35-3 Opening Port Screens

    I need to purchase screens for the opening ports for my 1985 E35-3. Have others found what the replacement part brand and model might be? Thanks. Laura Bertran 1985 E35-3, Footloose Annapolis, MD
  49. Nigel Barron

    Race to Port Townsend

    Ok, I know I pimp this race every year, but it is such a good time. Sloop Tavern is hosting on May 7 & 8 its annual Race to the Straits. Boats start based on their rating, such that if PHRF is accurate all boats should finish at the same time. Saturday we race from Shilshole to Point Hudson...
  50. Razz

    Fixed Port Light Gaskets

    [FONT=Tahoma]You got it, they are leaking. Pac Seacraft doesn't carry the gaskets. Who does? Would it be OK to use the existing gaskets augmented with some 3M goop of some kind? Is there some way to seal them without removing the port frame from the deckhouse, splitting the frame and...
  51. Mindscape

    E32-3 Port Screens

    Does anyone have any ideas/info/experience on screens for the opening ports on my 1985 32-3? My boat did not come with any screens and I'd like to add them if it's possible.
  52. M

    Port chain plate E23

    The Port chain plate on E23's are fastened to a wood ply bulkhead. The Starboard one is bolted to a thick fiberglass protrusion and appears much more substantial than the Port one. I have been worried about this for some time and now that I have shoveled the snow off the deck and gotten back...
  53. C

    For Sail E 25 swing keel, Port Charlotte FL

    Hello well I decided to sell my E 25, because I bought a new boat , and the ericson had recive some damage from Charlie last year, it rub on the seawall and caused some damage to the pain on the left side, but it is still a good looking boat, and it need to go. The price is $1,500 My email is...
  54. J

    Need Fixed Port

    I'm looking for a fixed original port to replace the sliding port in the head of my E-29.
  55. R

    Lewmar opening port leak

    Hi, all, congratulations to everyone on the East Coast with surviving the Isabel. One more newbie question... I finally had time to investigate my portlight leak, and found beyond any doubt that it actually leaks between the frame and the fiberglass. So, next step is to rebed it. But...
  56. T

    Port light problem

    Can anyone here help me with some information, please???The aluminum frame around the port light in the head has a split glass. It looks like it should be able to open. Because the rubber gasket around the glass is so old and brittle, it will not slide open. We acquired our 78 E25+ this...
  57. S

    '74 E27 Forward Port Cutout

    Would anyone know the cutout on the forward portlight on a 1974 E27? The outside frame measures 6" x 14". I wish to replace it with an opening type. Also what type sealant and ports would you recommend? Thanks in advance. Steve www.cool-ink.com/Boat/Forward_Port_Length.jpg...
  58. G

    Port lights

    I have a an 87' 34 MKII with the original lewmar port lights. The rubber caskets are coming loose. Has anyone repleaced the caskets or the entire port light with some thing newer? Any body ever repack the open and fixed portlights as well, and how bad was the job? cheers Great site btw!!!
  59. C

    Replacement Port and Starbord water tanks

    I've scoured the archives and done a search of the web (thanks Google) looking for replacement fresh water tanks for my 1984 E35-3. They are starting to rust through around the welds. Aparently this is a common occurrence when SS is welded. In any case, I've looked at the Ronco Plastics site...
  60. jreddington

    Opening Port Light Seals

    My '84 E-28 has three small opening portlights, one over the hanging locker, one in the head, and one in the quarterberth. On two out of the three of them I am either missing the rubber gasket seal or the P.O. replaced it with pieces of rubber foam. The other portlight has a nice (I...
  61. A

    Fixed port gasket on ericson 34

    Anyone know of a source for the seals on the fixed ports on a 1989 Ericson 34?
  62. Sean Engle

    Oct 13th & 14th: Port Orchard

    Attention Puget Sound Ericsons: The weekend of October 13th and 14th will see the NW Ericsons meet at Port Orchard. Stan says there will be a "sock game" (sounds painful) and a dinner somewhere nearby (a restaurant). Tides: Liberty Bay, Port Orchard, Washington Current 13 October...
  63. S

    Port hinge detent failure

    My boat (1987) has Lewmar ports which open at predetermined positions. Several are wearing to the point that the detent stop don't want to hold. Is there a way to replace or repair the hinges? I emailed Lewmar but no answer so far.
  64. Sean Engle

    Port Orchard Meet

    What happened with the Port Orchard meet - did you guys manage to get over there? My boat is still at Shilshole - we tried to return on Saturday - but the gale warnings and small craft advisory just became too much (don't need six or eight hours of slamming). How many people managed to make...
  65. John Yandow

    Port lights

    I have 7 port lights on Mean Jean, and all the gaskets need to be replaced. The style that is installed have the screen integrated into the gasket groove. I called Bomar and was told my port lights where only put on a few Ericson 35s. I got the part# for the replacement gasket, but I am...
  66. Sean Engle

    Port Orchard, WA - April 28th

    What's the specific location in Port Orchard? I'll be coming in there for the first time, and am not familiar with it. Also, we're getting queries about how non-boating folks can attend (from Oregon, no less!) ;) - so some road directions would be helpful as well..... Hopefully, O...