1. J

    Ericson 27' 1977 Appraisal - Selling Price?

    We are having twins and will be selling our Ericson 27' 1977 which is located in the water in Redondo Beach California. We would like to sell the boat but are not sure the current value. We have realistic expectations and want to sell the boat this summer. What do you think is a good...
  2. J

    Ericson year built and month built?

    I am purchasing a 1977 Ericson 27. The hull number is ERY27091M77G1. I am filling out a CA DMV registration form which asks for the 'year built' and 'month built'. Any idea how I can figure this out? If not I am not sure what to put on the form?
  3. B

    A/C grounding question

    So I'm refitting my A/C line to observe the 10 ft rule. The box will be pretty close to the engine compartment. So I'm wondering if I can install a ground bus in the breaker box, connect the incoming ground to the bus, run a separate wire from the bus to the block and the run another ground to...
  4. juneausailin

    E-38 Repower Question

    Hey all, the 32 horse Universal that came in my E38 needs to be rebuilt or replaced. I found a Perkins Peramera M30 with only 50 hours on it. Am looking for opinions about the M30 having enough power and the availablility of parts for these two engines which I think are both discontinued...
  5. T

    Ericson 27 Compression Post Question

    So I recently bought an E27 that needs quite a bit of work. The worst of it is the Compression Post and aft most bulk head. The one between the head and salon that's attached to the Compression Post. The bottom of the Compression Post has become soft from sitting in water. There are a few leaks...
  6. ignacio

    Moving from E27 to E35-2 - Question about blisters

    Hi all, I've sold my beloved E27, Symbiosis, and moving up (hopefully soon) to an E35-2. We hauled the E35-2 today and found that the port side had blisters below the water line. Blisters don't scare me terribly much, but it's these that have me scratching my head a little: They're...
  7. W

    '69 E-41 keel question

    I'm considering an Ericson 41 for Florida Coastal and Carribean cruising. The boat has an encapsulated 6' keel a bit long for my intended use. I've contacted Mars Metal in Canada to see if I can get some info on adding a bulb to take about 1' off the keel. My questing to the owners is, the...
  8. S

    E28+ Bow repair question

    My 28+ is 1982 vintage and while preparing the boat for an early splash this spring I noticed that part of the metal "U" on the bow had broken off exposing the deck/bow connection points. Clearly to keep water out of the boat this needs to be repaired. I highly doubt that a replacement part is...
  9. R

    GPS question

    Does anyone know if there is a GPS with a readout that just gives the Lat/Lon in fairly big numbers, say 1/4 to 3/8 inches high? I have been using an antique Garmin 50 that did that but "it's dead Jim" and Garmin won't service it. I am used to sailing the way I am used to sailing and do not...
  10. L

    Refrigeration Question

    Does anyone know off hand the cubic size of the icebox in a 35-3? I'm in the process of installing a Frigoboat system and realized I ordered an evaporator bin that's too large for my box. I'm trying to negotiate an exchange with the dealer and am away from the boat and don't have my measurements...
  11. G

    Transmission - Hurth HBW10 - Sealing Case Question

    I have my transmission apart. Upon disassembly there was no seal or sealant between the two halves of the case. it goes against my best judgement to reassemble with out any sealant, but it had none to start, I am leaning toward assembling it the way I found it. Does anyone have experience with...
  12. U

    Main Sheet Traveller Position question

    The PO of my E35-2 moved the Main sheet traveller from the bridge deck just in front of the pedestal, to the forward end of the cockpit.<O:p</O:p I had originally thought of returning it to its right full place, giving unobstructed access to the cabin. But, as I intend to use the boat for...
  13. ChrisS

    Fiberglass Treatment Question

    I'm in the process of installing a new rudder. The 32-2 has a small skeg that the upper part of the rudder is cut out to fit. After dropping the old rudder out of the boat, I decided to prep and paint the concave skeg surface that I have never been able to get to get to since the rudder was...
  14. Shamwari

    E-39 shower question

    My wife would dearly like to use the shower in our e-39 but I have been resisting it because it drains into the bilge. Has anyone found the best way to upgrade it so it pumps out through a seacock. What did the later boats do for thier shower? It's getting to the point where she wants another...
  15. bigd14

    Nav Light on Bow Pulpit Question

    I am relocating the bow lights to the pulpit and am wondering about how to seal the holes I will have to drill (or, figure out a way to make sure it all drains out somehow). The wires will enter at the top and exit on the aft stanchion base on the port side. If any water gets in it will travel...
  16. J

    Keel Support Question E-29

    I have an Ericson 29 and in reviewing the hull, checked the bilge and noticed no or what appeared to be rusted out keel bolts. Two of them, each in a separate section of the bilge. Now I am freaked out I might drop my keel and roll the boat!!! Since my wife prefers to sail dry, does anyone know...
  17. erikwfab

    Interior turnbuckle question

    Inside my E36C there is a turnbuckle from the deck to the mast. What is the purpose of this and what is the proper tension? see photo
  18. mherrcat

    Another Facet pump question.

    OK, I have determined that my pump is not working after checking the filter. (I had to disconnect the ground wire from the mounting bolt in order to move the filter away from the bulkhead a little to get the cap off, but that's all I did.) I checked it with just the ignition switch on and...
  19. S

    Bulkhead / Chainplate Question

    Ahoy: What a wonderful site. I am a relatively new owner of an Ericson 35 MK II, 1973. Essentially bought the boat because, among other reasons, I loved the lines and was convinced of quality construction pretty much throughout. Have my fair share of improvements and repairs ahead, but I am a...
  20. D

    Hurth question

    My transmission has developed a loud CLUNK sound when it is put into forward. There is a softer clunk when going into reverse. As I recall the sound I am hearing when putting in reverse is the sound I used to hear when putting it into forward. Any thoughts? The Hurth Model is HSW50 in my...