1. T

    Tricking out an Ericson 32 MK3 for Racing

    Hi All, A little bit about myself. I have been crewing on race boats for over five years, working up from weekly beer-cans, to club races, local regatta, and eventually off-shore racing. At this point, I am now in the market for my own boat. The main objectives for my boat will be family...
  2. 4690[1].jpeg


    A friend caught this picture of us heading to the starting line for a race this past October.
  3. M

    E32-3 Haulout - Seascape @ San Francisco Boatworks

    Hello Fellow Ericson Owners! I have owned Seascape, an Ericson 32-3 (vintage 1985) since the fall of 2013. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and I race and cruise in the bay and in near coastal waters. I have been reading this site for a few years but never really contributed much. I recently...
  4. M

    E36RH Rig Tune for SF Bay Spring/Summer Racing

    I'm looking for some advice on rig tuning for an Ericson 36RH for racing on SF Bay for the coming Spring and Summer seasons. The rig is out of the boat right now, but will be going back in next week. I've seen some recommendations from Seth on rig tune (aft in mast step, forward at partners...
  5. J

    Racing sails for 35' MK II 1979

    Looking for help in buying a new main and a 155% head sail for racing. What is winning for you. I sail on the rivers and Bay on the Chesapeake. Thanks, Jamie
  6. R

    Racing sails

    Hello all, Ragtop is a 1971 E 35 and I'm looking to race her this spring. Looking for a good used jib and/or mainsail to be used for racing. I'm located in San Diego. Thanks!!
  7. E

    E36RH - IOR boat for racing and cruising?

    The E36RH makes no pretenses about being an IOR design. My question is... does this particular IOR boat exhibit 'extreme' stereotype bad IOR sailing characteristics? I'm looking for a racer/cruiser to first use on the Great Lakes (incl e.g. Chicago-Mac), but then migrate to offshore racing...
  8. J

    WANTED 35 MK II Racing Genoa

    We just started racing wed night series in San Diego. Looking for a decent 150 Genoa that still has some life left. We are using a Kevlar Genoa from a NY 36 that is decent but not a perfect fit. Please contact me if you have a sail you are willing to part with. Must fit a Harken #6 Roller...
  9. Randy Rutledge

    FREE VIRTUAL BEER for E29 racing tips

    I am racing my E-29 tall rig in club races on a lake in AL. The wind is light the majority of the time and the fleet I race in has Catalina 22’s 25’s and other light boats the heaviest are about the weight of my ballast, they have much better Portsmouth ratings than the 29. We race short races...
  10. S

    Unused Lewmar double high load racing blocks for sale

    I have these two beautiful new Lewmar 60 mm high load racing blocks for sale. They came with my boat in a box but I have no need for them. Retail $170 - $185 ea. I will take $125 a piece...
  11. J

    racing an E 27 going to weather....

    E 27 Resolution What is thebest setup to go to weather..Boat screams downwind but going to weatherisa dog even in medium to heavy air with little chop. I use a 180 genoa but reef it on the roller in heavy but everyone seems to go better to weather. I just bought a new dacron main -wont use...
  12. R

    To sell or keep Racing my E35-II

    All: I have been racing my 1979 Ericson 35-II (Sirius) on Lake Michigan for a few years now with mixed results (2nd place in double handed Queens Cup this year, 2nd Waukegan to Montrose, 1st Montrose to Waukegan, but lousy finishes in buoy races 4-5th place out of 5 boats). I am totally...
  13. T

    Racing a E32-200

    Just entered a race (Cruising class) with our relatively new (for us) 32-200 and I must admit that I don't yet have a great feel for the 32's idiocyncracies... So, I'm looking for tips & tricks, along with some insights about what makes this boat fly... both upwind and down. Thanks, Tom
  14. T

    Racing an E28

    We recently got a 1986 28 with the 5.5 ft keel. We are in the light winds of Southern California. Is any one club racing your e28. Can you provide any pointers. We do not have a spinnaker but use a jennaker. We have a PHRF rating in socal of 186. Is anyone planning on during the 2010...
  15. mark reed

    racing spinnaker for sale (E38 or ?)

    North 3/4 oz tri-radial w/ ATN snuffer, 3 guys/sheets. Came with the boat, we have never used it. It is like new (crispy!). I've been told the dimensions (L/L=45'6", F=25'2") aren't regulation for our E38. For pictures, go to:
  16. ragamuffin

    Racing an E27

    Hi all I am seriusly considering racing this season and was looking for advise from others who have raced e-27's or similar E's. I currently have a decent main and 150 Genoa on a roller furling and am looking at a new custom 110 laminate head sail for better performance. Does this make sense? I...
  17. J

    What is my rating for racing my E27?

    I amtrying to get a true rating for the E27.I have heard it s243 but that seems too low.
  18. M

    Racing Anchor System

    Hi all, I am curious if any racers out there have slick, light weight system for anchoring during a race. We have a "human windlass" (he's a former semi-pro defensive lineman), but he is starting to complain about having to pull the 25 lb plow and 30' of 3/8 chain two or three times in one...
  19. treilley

    Wed. night racing coming to a close

    With another win last night, we have locked up 1st place overall for our Wed. night summer series. We have 1 race remaining but we are far enough ahead to not need to sail it. I will be going for our 7th win anyway:egrin: Thanks to fellow viking Chris(from Peregrin) and lurker Maine Sail for...
  20. Loren Beach

    SF racing video, E-30...

    This nice vid of the recent "Three Bridge Fiasco" race in the Bay has some footage from Dan's E-30. I found the link on SA, today. Fun to watch, and I wish I were there... :egrin: Loren