1. M

    dock damaje broken fiberglass in upper part of rail!

    I recently bought anE27 and has a crack aong the rail just avobe the rub rail and before the chainplates. I open the covers in the insight to asest the damage and the chainplates are intact, no damage in the deck to hull joint either. seems that somethin hit from the side. I see that a couple...
  2. C

    E 27 Stern Rail Wanted.

    Looking for a used stern rail for my E 27. Thanks
  3. R

    E38 rub rail - aluminum corroded

    It is even bent in some places. where can I purchase new profile ? Thaks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/10097954@N03/5114620568/
  4. davisr

    E25 rub rail and hull-to-deck joint

    There are quite a few threads out there that discuss rub rails and hull-to-deck joints. Many people favor Taco, others Wefco as sources for rub rail replacement. The hull-to-deck joint on the E25 appears to be similar in construction to what is found on other boats in the Ericson line. So...
  5. C

    38' 1981 rub rail insert replacement?

    Like everyone else, my white rub rail is past the pale and I am inclined to replace it rather than try to paint it. I'd appreciate any info on manufacturer and specific insert number or designation for anyone who has done this on an '81 38 footer. The cost would also be helpful. Also was it...
  6. S

    '87 E34 rub rail replacement

    Anyone know the best replacement for my 87 E34? See photo. I doubt anybody makes the exact rail.
  7. C

    Rub Rail source needed

    Do You know where can I get replacement rubber rail on the hull? Thanks, CJ
  8. M

    Bow bumper rail

    Anyone know how or where I can replace the Bow Bumper Rail on a Ericson 35? I unscrewed the 2 bolts and took off the one side that was still intact. Looks like the front bumper just goes over the rubrail and there is just some putty or resin fill under the bumper.I bought her like this last year...
  9. J

    opening stern rail access

    I Just bought an E26-2. We have to dock the boat 'stern first' for at least this summer. I know stepping over the transom railing will become a pain especially for members of the family and friends who were not born yesterday. I need recommendations on options to cut the rail and replace it with...
  10. H

    Ericson '38 Rub Rail Molding

    A recent raft-up debacle has left me with cracked rub rail molding on my starboard hull. Does anybody know where to get rub rail molding for an '81 ericson '38? I'm in Marina del Rey. Any Boat yards or anybody that has extra around?
  11. S

    Hand rail rebedding on Ericson 29

    Hello E-sailors!:egrin: I am in need of some advice. I need to remove my external hand rails from my cabin top, refinish and rebed. However, there is a problem. My E-29 has a hard inner liner with no access hatches to the handrails from the inside and... there is no apparent access to the...
  12. M

    E28+ Rub Rail Plastic Extrusion

    On Oct. 7th we had a nor'easter rip through Long Island Sound, and it kicked up 50 knot winds and 6 foot waves at Morris Cove in New Haven harbor. The Aluminum casting on the bow was broken in half and the rub rail came loose all the way to the stern. The force of the pennant also broke part of...
  13. A

    Rub rail painting - results?

    There appears to be quite a few threads where we have all discussed painting rub rails with vinyl paint, krylon clear coat, etc... Anybody have a feedback on the results of these endeavors? I need to stop the chalky streaks!!!:mad:
  14. K

    Rub Rail

    A fellow 1984 35 Mklll owner at our Marina asked me to find out how and where to purchase replacement rub rails. His are a bit beat up from the PO. They appear to be aluminum and are attached with screws. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. A

    E-29 bow cap rub rail wanted

    Hey, If anyone has any E29, E27, or E30 parts available, I'm looking for the metal casting that goes over the bow and seals the deck joint. Willing to pay a good amount for it. I'm pretty sure that many sizes of the boat use the same size part, so even if it isn't an E29 please contact me and...
  16. M

    Rub Rail Replacement?

    I have an 1988 28' and the rub rail was banged up by Ike. I want to replace it with the original. Does anyone know where it can be purchased. Thank you in advance
  17. A

    E29 Bow Rail

    I'm having a bow rail fabricated to replace the non-existent one on my E-29. I was just wondering if anyone knew the original specs, including deck angle of the E29 bow rail.
  18. C

    Wanted;Rub Rail E27

    My boat Pipe Dream came off her mooring and got pretty dinged up. Im looking for the starboard rub rail and channel too. Just wondering if someone is sitting on a parts E27. Thank you
  19. dustintodd

    89 Ericson 35' mk3 - rub rail replacement.

    Buzzard's bay on crappy wind against current day decided to borrow several pieces of rub rail from Serendipity. I am not one to argue with an angry body of water so I decided to hand it over peacefully. Now I am stuck trying to replace 3 section of aluminum rub rail. Anyone found a source for...
  20. J

    Mounting heavy dinghy outboard on E27 rail

    Hello All, Any opinions as to whether my E27 stern rail will be up to the task. I have already purchased a Mercury 9.9 four stroke for my new Walker Bay inflatable. I wanted a motor that would plane two....so this was my best option. Unfortunately the thing weighs 85 pounds (one of the...
  21. Jeff Asbury

    60' of Rub Rail Insert.

    60' of Rub Rail Insert Hard to find. I have 60' of Rub Rail Insert from Wefco Rubber Manufacturing. I believe this will fit many Ericson's from the 1970's from E-27's to E-30's. Priced to sell at $2.00 per foot. Must purchase the whole 60 feet so the cost is $120.00 plus...
  22. T

    Painting the rub rail

    An earlier post discussed painting the rubrail to prevent chalking, using a product called Vinylon, which is designed for buoys. I found only one outlet for this product, and it is in Seattle. It would cost me 40 dollars to ship a 20 dollar quart to Baltimore. I called a local chandelry...
  23. B

    Rub Rail Replacement

    I bought eighty feet of rub rail about a year ago to use on my E35II. The boat was built in 1971 and the rail was weathered, cracked and looked 37 years old. I heard so many horror stories about the difficulty of removing the old and inserting the new that I just kept putting off the task--that...
  24. mherrcat

    Another hand rail thread...E30+

    Anyone know how the wood hand rails attach to the cabin top on the E30+? The rails are attched to molded-in "risers" on the cabin top. I looked under the headliner where the back end of the rail is located and couldn't see any through bolts. Are the "risers" solid, and the hand rails just...
  25. B

    Rub Rail Replacement

    Six or Seven months ago I had the company that produced the original rub rails for Ericson, extrude about eighty feet for my E35 II. Besides waiting for warmer weather I think I have been procrastinating a bit after taking a brief shot at removing the old rub rail. That stuff has been there...
  26. ragamuffin

    Bow Rub Rail for E27

    Anyone know where I can find the bow rub rail piece that is on an the 27? Finishing up a lot of renovation work on ragamuffin and can not find this part.
  27. P

    New Sailor with questions on toe rail and mast

    New to sailing and purchased an E-29 just over a year ago. Have lots of questions, but will limit it to a couple? To rebed a toe rail (it is a toe rail or a genoa track?), can a person simply back the bolts out from topside, or is more involved? Pulled back the mahagony trim and could see a...
  28. P

    New Sailor with questions on toe rail and mast

    This was my first post and it was garbled, so I reposted it under the same heading. Sorry, rookie mistake.
  29. G

    New rub rail insert for sale

    I have two 33 foot lengths of Wefco Rubber rub rail insert no. 788 for sale. They are brand new, still in the box. After purchasing this product, I decided to install wood rub rails instead. I know this will come back to haunt me (many hours of wood refinishing)! This rub rail insert product...
  30. M

    Rub Rail

    :thinker: Hi I have a 1974 Ericson 35 and I need to replace the rub rail...does anyony know where I might be able to get this replaced. Thx Mark
  31. P

    rub rail and mast removal E27

    I'll be pulling my '76' E27' from the water shortly and will need to pull the mast. Does the mast support sit above the deck or does the mast sit below the deck? The only fastner is a slotted screw in the slot at the rear of the mast. Also is there an electrical disconnect in the mast? If so how...
  32. B

    Rub Rail for 35-2

    Yesterday I ordered a replacement Rub Rail for my Ericson and it will be delivered in two or three weeks. The Boat was built in 1971 and the existing rail is more like steel than rubber. I'm looking for some suggestions on the removal. Does anyone have any easy solutions?
  33. J

    Teak grab rail rebedding

    I need to remove and rebed the teak grab rails on a 1983 35, MK III. Has anyone done this and if so do you have any suggestions? Thanks, John Wressell
  34. M

    E27 Rub Rail

    I am considerin purchasing an Ericson 27 but the rub rail looks very dried out The boat has been in storage for several years Anyone know of a replacement what elese should I look out for. it is an A4 Wheel model Thanks Mike
  35. P

    Ericson 38 bow rail

    I'm looking for information on replacing a bow rail on an Ericson 38.We have found that the roller furling drum makes it diffucult to deploy or keep the anchor on the roller I would like to add a new rail and pulpit,like those on Pacific Seacraft and Aloha. I have a plan but don't know...
  36. EGregerson

    toe rail damage

    Hi everybody; this is one of those "just when the forecast said 30 knots" stories. Ernesto measured 60 at the marina. I fared fairly well; didn't sink like some did. I'd like to know the extent of damage from the cracks (open fissures) in the toe rail. I doesn't appear to be serious at 1st...
  37. S

    Rub rail streaking hul

    I have a chronic problem with the rub rail leaving streak marks on the hull. My hull is flag blue (very dark blue) just repainted it this past weekend and the rubrail is white. I get these unsightly white streaks coming down the side of the hull everytime it rains, I wonder if there is a...
  38. B

    Embedding rail on cabin top

    Has anyone here re-embedded the stainless steel rail on the cabin top on an Ericson 34, the one with the three fittings? We're wondering what the best access is through the vinyl. Thanks, -- Brooke
  39. Luffin it

    Rub rail material

    I'm in the process of pulling Luffin it (27) out and doing the bottom paint and am thinking about replacing the old (1979) vinyl rub rail. Other than the PS listing for it, is there a Taco number that anyone knows which would be a replacement for it. Or any other ideas would be greatly...
  40. M

    Wanted- E26 Rub Rail

    Does anyone know where I can find 12 feet of rub rail for a 1988 E26? I have tried Pacificseacraft and Wefco ( they make rubber only) with no luck. The pacificseacraft part number is 0057102. The Pacificseacraft web site has a nice view of it but states it is out of stock. Did anyone buy more...
  41. M

    Wanted- E26 Rub Rail

    Does anyone know where I can find 12 feet of rub rail for a 1988 E26? I have tried Pacificseacraft and Wefco ( they make rubber only) with no luck. The pacificseacraft part number is 0057102. The Pacificseacraft web site has a nice view of it but states it is out of stock. Did anyone buy more...
  42. C

    Stern Rail

    My Ericson 27, 1974 came without a stern rail. Can anyone help me locate one for installation??? Thanks. Chris
  43. Sven

    Installing track on the rail ?

    How are tracks attached to the rail ? I assume there isn't enough room below decks to fit bolts but screwing into the rail sure doesn't seem like it would be solid enough ? I don't have immediate plans to put a track on the rail, but I am curious. -Sven
  44. R

    Looking for Bow cap for rub rail for e27

    Hello all, I' looking for the bow cap for my e27 rubrail. Anyone have one they want to part with or know where I can get one? Thanking you in advance. Ray :egrin:
  45. T

    Rebedding Rub Rail 89' E 38-200

    I think I have sourced my leak to be a section of rubrail and not the genoa track as I had feared. My question is how hard is it to remove and rebed a section? It looks to me like it is all one big piece and that I would need to carefully pry out the rubber/vinyl partion to reveal screws...
  46. P

    E23 Rub Rail

    Can anyone direct me to a source for E23-1 Rub Rail insert? Thanks.
  47. G

    Rub rail

    Does anyone know if there is a difference between the rub rails offered by Wefco, and the ones offered by Pacific Seacraft, other than price? Gareth Freyja E35 #241 1972
  48. F

    Rub rail for an E27

    I would like to replace the rub rail on my E27, does anyone know where and how I can obtain a new one? We've had some rain here in southern Nevada this past month (a lot of it) and the oxidation has run onto my newly color-sanded and buffed hull sides (and they look great too btw). Anyway...
  49. M

    Rub rail for 1986 E-38

    Ahoy: The boat yard where I keep my boat has asked me to see if anyone knows where to get the aluminum extrusion that is part of the rub rail on an 1986 Ericson 38. Though I have not seen it myself, it has been described to me as "short, fat u-shaped section of aluminum about 1-1/4" wide."...
  50. R

    E25+ rub rail

    Hi There, Is there any one out there that knows of a supplier of rub rail parts for my 1983 E25+. Thanks Rich
  51. S

    Rub Rail on a 30+

    There's something growing out of my rubrail. Like mildew or moss or something. So I'm figuring I need to remove it, clean it out, and reseal it. Has anyone done this? What's the process. Do I need to look out for anything?
  52. S

    need rub rail component for Ericson 38

    I had some recent damage on my Ericson 38 rub rail. There is a rigid plastic extrusion piece that secures to the hulll and a vinyl piece that snaps into it. I need about 5 fto of the rigid piece. I can get the exact piece at Pacific Seacraft, but they want $5 a ft plus up $70 shipping at 40ft...
  53. R

    Repairing a rub rail

    I had an unintended meeting with a small powerboat today. We drifted together and his bow pulpit pressed up against my port quarter rub rail. It wasn't a hard hit and there appears to be no structural damage. However, the rub rail got pressed in before we could fend off each other. It's about a...
  54. L

    Genoa Cars and Tracks, or Sailing from the toe rail?

    My boat is currently configured to sail the genoa from pullies on the toe rails. I have been contemplating installing tracks and lead cars, but would like some input from the rest of ya'll. Have any of you done this yourselves? If yes, any gotcha's, hazards, pitfalls of doing the work...
  55. G

    hand rail/grab rail

    My starboard external hand rail has just separated from the deck at the last three screws. From looking at the manual this is my thinking: 1. Cut a long hole in the headliner 2. Cut out the bolts in the deck 3. Install a teak backing, either a long strip or an interior hand rail. 4...
  56. B

    Rub Rail

    I was wondering if anyone out there knows where to get the aluminum rub rail on the 1967 E26? Pacific Seacraft offers an aluminum rub rail but they don't know if it will fit on a boat of that age. Also would anyone know of any documentation on how to replace the rub rail and the seal properly?