1. D

    Mast Rigging and Sails

    Mast is original from 1976 Ericson 35 Mark II. New rigging was installed in 2008, used for about two years then stored indoors until brought to the boatyard a few months ago. Detailed invoice/parts list from that installation attached. Includes boom and spreaders. Sails were bought used and...
  2. LeifThor

    Detentioning lower shrouds moved support beam in cabin

    1972 E35-2 I recently needed to stress check a lower shroud. I loosened the lower shrouds, and found the support beam in the cabin between mast and hull had moved slightly making it so the head door wouldn’t close. Compression plate recently replaced there’s no sag whatsoever. I screwed up and...
  3. Standing Rigging:  Ordering from Colligo

    E32-200 Standing Rigging: Ordering from Colligo

    I’m replacing the standing rigging on my boat, and at a local workshop/seminar put on by a local sailing group with a presentation from a rigger, I became interested in the idea of synthetic (rope) rigging instead of wire. I presented some ideas for discussion in a forum post. I vacillated...
  4. NWER.2005 - 82.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 82.jpg

    Look who we were lucky enough to get to come in to chat with us on a Saturday afternoon - but Mr. Brion Toss - author of the 'The Riggers Apprentice', lots of other books and his rigging company - himself! http://briontoss.com/
  5. J

    E25 CB running rigging dimensions

    Am digging into getting my E25 CB on the water - and don't have the original sheets to make measurements. Does anyone have recommendations for diameter and length for main, jib, genoa and spinnaker sheets? thanks
  6. cworley

    1976 E27 - Replacement Spreaders

    Hello - Need to replace the 2 aluminum spreaders on my 1976 E27, they have developed some pitting and do not look very dependable anymore. Does anyone know of a vendor who sells replacements? I have never replaced spreaders. Replacement looks relatively straight forward. Any suggestions...
  7. G

    E39 rigging specs?

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the forum, and am currently in the market for a boat. We recently looked at an E39 that we really liked. Like all old boats, it's in need of a refit. I was hoping someone here could enlighten me on re-rig cost for it, or better yet, have rigging measurements I...
  8. S

    Ericson 35 series yawl?

    Did the Ericson 35 series ever come with the yawl rig? If so, where can I find information on it?
  9. B

    E38 - Spreader bars dimensions

    Hello everybody, I have an Ericson 38 (81) with a kenyon 5280 mast and i need to rebuild the higher spreader bar which is missing. As i don't have the original piece, i was wondering if anybody would be able to send me its dimensions. So far i know they should fit a SP4 spreaders Thanks in...
  10. V

    E 27 boom install and rigging

    Hi, We have been recovering a 1978 E27 here in Valparaíso, Chile. When my friends removed the mast, they forgot to take pictures of the very special way the boom and the mainsheet rigging were installed:esad:. It seems a quite tricky system. Could anybody owning a similar one, please, send us...
  11. Filkee

    E32-3 Reefing Mysteries [Master Thread]

    There is nothing I want more than to be able to reef my main. I mean, refrigeration would be nice but here I am in year two, more than a little baffled by the subtle differences between the pictures in the manual and the bits and pieces I have found in plastic bags under berths. Below are a few...
  12. M

    Mast Shrinkage?

    So, It's been getting colder and darker sooner here on the Chesapeake Bay, but we were able to get out for a couple of hours Wednesday afternoon. I noticed that my all of my standing rigging (forestay, backstay, and all 4 side stays) were looser than usual. The turnbuckles were all still...
  13. P

    New jib sheets for E-23

    New Ericson-23 Mk II owner here (and first-time boat owner). I've got a few things I'm looking to do with the boat, one of which is replacement of the jib sheets. Currently, it's got 1/2" jib sheets that are the same color as the main sheet and is a little confusing for family that I'm taking...
  14. A

    threading the main halyard through the mast on E25+

    I have had the mast down on my E25+ and am installing new standing and running rigging. We are adding wires for an anchor light which it did not have. The main halyard that was there ran into the mast from the back then came around some bolts in the mast high up to run more to the front (or...
  15. boyle_brian

    32-3 Spinnaker rigging

    Greetings, My Ericson 32-3 was set up for cruising when I purchased it. I'm in the process of setting it up for racing and I'm looking for ideas / suggestions on location of the foreguy block, the leads, etc. We anticipate doing end for end gybes. I would be grateful if anyone would share...
  16. O

    Help rigging a spinnaker

    I purchased an E29 this summer with partial spinnaker rigging and want to determine what additional hardware I'll need. I have the spinnaker pole, the mast has a spinnaker ring on the front, there is one 2.5" block mounted on the lower starboard side of the pulpit and 1 car on the starboard...
  17. O

    Length of spinnaker pole for E29

    I recently purchased an E29 with a spinnaker pole of about 13'. The PO thought that the pole may have come from a different boat and was likely too long. Any thoughts on what the length of a pole should be on an E29?
  18. B

    running rigging?

    I bought an 87 e-34 three years ago which was neglected and left on hard for eight years,after hundreds of hours of reconditioning I am thinking I could actually splash late this season.The problem I have is rig was down when purchased and have no idea how to run lines at base of mast to boom...
  19. C

    SnapFurl Question

    I want to equip my 1969 E26 with roller furling for the foresail. Bouncing around the foredeck has become less exciting and more scary as time goes by. My forestay is 32.49 feet and the two SnapFurl products are 31 feet and 38 feet. My guess is that I get the 31 footer and it is adjusted longer...
  20. D

    Standing Rigging Replacement

    I am planning on pulling my mast to address some corrosion issues before they go from minor to major. At same time we will do a full inspection of the standing rigging and update wiring. Given the age of the boat (and as far as I know the rigging is original), should I arbitrarily replace...
  21. adam

    Mid-boom mainsheet rigging?

    I have a problem with my mainsheet rigging. There are 3 blocks on the boom, which are all behind the traveler. This means that the fiddle block and cam for the mainsheet are tilted 45 degrees backward. This setup means that I cannot pull from chest level where I have the most leverage, and it...
  22. W

    New E 27 owner needs help rigging sails and attaching Boom

    Hi I just purchased a 77 E 27 and I dont know how to rig it I found sails and the mast is already stepped and the boom is attached but I don't know how to rig tthe boom it is hooked to the rear stays in the storage position.
  23. Ericsean

    E-38 Standing Rigging

    I'm about to change my standing rigging on my 1980 E-38, which I'm guessing is original. Looking at the specs in the manual, I saw an option for a single pair of heavier lowers, inlieu of the standadrd two pair of forward/aft lowers. Any one fave this set up? I'm curios how it works and...
  24. mherrcat

    Whisker pole rigging

    What kind of rigging do I need to use a whisker pole on my E30+? I have the pole (which I have never used) and there is an attachment ring on the front of the mast, but there doesn't appear to be any other rigging like a topping lift or downhaul. Also, the pole is adjustable, so how is the...
  25. R

    E26 Rigging

    Finally got my 88 E26 home:egrin:! What a beautiful boat! She came with a cruising spinnaker. I am trying to figure out the rigging for the halyard. Based on the lables the PO placed, the genoa halyard exits just above the headstay as expected, the main exits rear at the masthead, and the...
  26. P

    Rigging adjustment on my E 27'

    I'm pulling the mast once I put her back in the water and will be replacing the rigging as well as a host of other things. My question is the specks call for the mast to go aft 6". I'll drop a plum bob to see where she's at now, but my reason for asking is I suspect that she's raked more than 6"...
  27. V

    New member has E-41, needs information on running rigging.

    Hello! I am stringing up my mast. Its the first time since i have owned this boat. I purchased it in the fall of '08 and following a small number of projects I am now ready to step the mast. Can anyone give me some info on running back stays for a marconi rigged sloop. The mast is rather tall...
  28. Sven

    New rigging ...

    ... looks beautiful ! We got Senta back on Friday night, in the pouring rain, but she looked really good even then :egrin: All new standing rigging. Garhauer rigid vang. LED anchor and tri-color. LED spreader lights. Spars and spinnaker pole stripped, primed and Awlgriped. Details...
  29. W

    Source(s) for Standing Rigging E-23-1

    Working on restoring an E 23-1. Will likely replace all standing rigging. Any recommendations on source for doing the work. Project is on Maui and no rigging shops here. Would also welcome any recommendations for furling head sail, brand/vendor(s).
  30. Ericsean

    E-38 Standing Rigging

    Need to replace my standing rigging on 1980 e-38. Trying to get an idea how much to budget. Wondering how much additional rod rigging would be. Broke intermediate shroud on starboard side today 1n 20 knots racing today. Surprised that it broke at the top T-BALL swage connection. I...
  31. S

    Running rigging questions including all rope halyards

    I am about to replace the standing and running rigging on my E32-3. The boat will be used for cruising and club racing. Perhaps an offshore passage to Cuba or Key West from the St. Pete area. I intend to go with low stretch lines for sheets and control lines. Recommendations for types of...
  32. S

    Standing rigging replacement

    I'm closer to owning my 1976 E27,a few more days now! The current owner has neglected the boat somewhat and although the standing rigging looks okay he has no idea how old it is so I would like to replace it. My question is :With a deck stepped mast is it feasible to replace the rigging one...
  33. S

    e 35 2 standing rigging specs

    Hi all, I am in the proccess of re-rigging my 1970 E 35 2 but the yard I been having the work done in has mis-placed my original rigging:confused: I was looking in the archives for the factory size and lengths but I could not find any...does anyone have them or know where I can find them? Also...
  34. C Masone

    Replace Standing Rig -- Costs/Options?

    Anyone replace their standing rigging recently? What did it cost? How do you get an honest assesment so that you are not just replacing rigging so that the rigger can make money?
  35. A

    Masthead rigging question

    I hope someone can help. While I realize my Isomat spar with its NG-1 masthead are not original to Ericson it is what I have. When I replaced my wire/rope halyard a couple of years ago with all rope I ran it the same way as the original was. The wire came out a small opening at the base of the...
  36. bayhoss

    Standing Rigging

    After having the mast on my 28+ crash to the deck from a seperated forestay on May 12, I'm finially painted, re-lamped, re-wired and re-steped. The process of recovering a mast form the bottom and starting a rebuild is a long one. Having a mast fall to the deck is something you will not enjoy...
  37. mherrcat

    Rigging ground tackle on E30+

    I am trying to figure out how to secure my anchor rode to the boat when anchoring. I have only been day-sailing but want to start practicing the anchoring procedure. I have a bow roller, but it is offset to starboard and there is no cleat directly behind it to give a fair lead over the...
  38. WhiteNoise

    spinnaker rigging

    I recently purchased an assymetrical spinnaker. I am used to flying a spinnaker or assym from a masthead rig. My 30+ is fractional with a tapered mast. Because of the taper I have decided to fly it at the fractional height for strength. My sheaves are all presently below the fore stay...
  39. D

    E29 headsail rigging question

    I have a 1976 E29 with a 150% on a roller furler. I also have a 100% jib that i would like to use when the wind picks up. My question is which genoa track to use for the #3. My shrouds are all the way outboard at the sheer, With the primary track outboard of that. When using the outboard track...
  40. B

    E41 Rigging Diagram

    I just bought an E41 with almost no rigging still attached. I'm very lost and trying to figure out what I need to buy and how it all goes together. Was there a rigging diagram with the original paperwork (mine's lost), or does anybody have one? I'm just a hair above being a complete novice...
  41. treilley

    E35-3 standing rigging tension

    I am installing all new standing rigging and need the inital tension settings. I have looked in the manual but cannot locate it and I cannot search this site using more than 1 word otherwise I get an OR search. I hate the description in the manual that says the wire should deflect so many...
  42. Randy Rutledge

    Rigging part needed

    I just returned from racing the Dauphin Island race Mobile Bay. On the return trip I lost a bottom half of a turnbuckle for my E29. The pin is 5/16 and the threads are left-hand 3/8 thread. See attachment. If you have this piece off your rigging you replaced I would like to work out a...
  43. Randy Rutledge

    rigging part needed

    I just returned from racing the Dauphin Island race Mobile Bay. On the return trip I lost a bottom half of a turnbuckle for my E29. The pin is 5/16 and the threads are left-hand 3/8 thread. See attachment. If you have this piece off your rigging you replaced I would like to work out a...
  44. raslocum

    Used E23 mast for sale.

    I have some rigging and a used mast / boom from an old E23 that has gone to Ericson heaven. It aint pretty, but it isn't broken at least. If anyone has an interest I'll let it go cheap, or even trade? I could always use other stuff. whaddya got? Powerboat stands? bottom paint? Yeah, that...
  45. S

    E28 running rigging chart

    I have a 1990 E28 and have downloaded the owners manual which is a great resource. There seems to be a chart missing that relates to the length of all the running rigging lines and it should be chart "C" in the book right after the standing rigging spec sheet. The one I need is for the E28...
  46. SASSY

    1987 E-34 parts for sale:Sails, Standing rigging, Clutches, Blocks, Furling, GPS

    Standing Rigging in great shape, changing out for offshore race rig. 10 years old home port in Naples. Complete with pins, turnbuckles and shacles. $500.00 <TABLE style="WIDTH: 618pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=825 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL...
  47. W

    32-200 Rigging wire size

    Getting ready to replace the standing rigging on Aegir. I "measured" the wire size and it looked like 1/4". Can anyone verify this size? Also, does anyone have the linear feet of wire required? Looks to me like I might save money by using no-swag style fittings and doing it myself. Since...
  48. Sven

    Cost of refurbishing E38 standing rigging ?

    What are ballpark costs that one should expect in refurbishing the standing rigging of an E38 ? Truly ballpark ... 2, 4, 8, $16K or more ? Thanks, -Sven
  49. L

    Ericson 38 rigging

    Don, My rigging and mast was done by SeaTek in Wilmington CA. that had a good reputation years ago, but when I had my rig and mast refurbished I was surprised it was now sold by Allen Blunt to someone else. The new owner had ripped me off. He had put on small size shrouds (like on a 30ft...
  50. V

    Anyone know good rigging expert on the Northern Neck?

    Hi. Just recently "inherited" a 1982 25+. The mast came down for the move up here and I need someone to rig it properly. The marina put the mast up but it's not tuned. I'm new to big boat sailing so prefer to have someone with experience help set up the first time. Any suggestions? The...
  51. V


    I recently added a furling system on my Ericson 30 MK2, 1980. I would like to know which tension I should apply on the headstay cable and on the backstay cable (measuring with a gauge). At the same time I would like to ask which tension should be applied on the cap shrouds? intermediate shrouds...
  52. L

    Rigging on a 1984 E 381

    I had my new rigging tuned on my 1984 E 381 by a professional and after he did the tuning the door to the head will not close because the top is now lower above the doors top edge at the doors far end so it will not close shut. Also, the cover on top of the holding tank now does not easily...
  53. T

    Rigging Services Available in Annapolis Area

    I have not been doing a lot of posting lately because I have been pretty busy changing jobs but I wanted to let you guys know I am now running a rigging shop in Annapolis and if anyone in the area is looking for help with their Ericson I/we can provide service. I dont want to cross any lines...
  54. W

    Removing standing rigging on E38

    Boats on the hard; mast is down. I want to remove and replace standing rigging. It appears that I need to drill out rivets to get the shrouds off the mast. Anyone done that?
  55. hankcope

    Ericson 29 standing rigging

    I need to replace the headstay on my 1977 E29. I found the owners manual on the site, it specs 7/32 diameter wire rope. I'm hoping somebody might have additional specs handy and can save me a trip up the mast. Does anyone have the length of the E29 headstay, and the pin size for the eye at the...
  56. R

    Rigging Drifter on E28

    just bought an E28 with a drifter - not sure where to rig the tack - any ideas? Rick :esad:
  57. N

    cost E35-2 standing rigging

    Hello again, Can anyone give me a close figure to what it would cost in materials to replace the standing rigging and bottlescrews on an E35-2 in Florida? I will do everything but cut the wire and swage the terminals. Thanks again. Nicki
  58. Q

    standing rigging life span

    Heres a question that I hope is easily answered. What is the average life span of stainless standing rigging in a fresh water enviroment? i believe that my rigging is about 4-5 years old.
  59. R

    Rigging a tarp

    It's raining out here in the PNW, and I've discovered that I'm getting a small amount of water in the bilge which I think is coming from the cockpit locker. Time to rig up a tarp... The problem, however, is that I've got lazy jacks and a topping lift which makes it impossible (as far as I can...
  60. H

    Question on Spinnaker Rigging

    I’m new to spinnakers, so please bear with me. Ernesto damaged the sheave mount for my spinnaker topping lift – presumably from wind damage since it was not rigged at the time. Soon, I will reattach it, and “While I’m At It”, I’m going to compile the rest of the spinnaker lines. Some...
  61. H

    Question: Rigging Maintenance

    My E27 is in need of recaulking the deck plates. I'll probably use 4200 to bed them. My question - Can I "simply" remove one cable at a time, and be OK let with the other 5 cables carrying the load? If possible, I intend to do these one-by-one, which is about all my schedule can handle...
  62. K

    Main sail rigging

    I am the new owner of an E25 (1974). The first time I raised the main sail the halyard came down so far that the metal cable was on the winch to get the sail all the way up. Is this normal? The boom is currently at the black stripe around the mast. I assume from photos I've seen that this is the...
  63. B

    Rigging Tension At The Dock??

    ok, i think i've got as pretty good handle now on tensioning my rig (E-25 c/b)- but, i also read alot that too much tension over time is not good on the chainplates, hull, etc- undue strain and all that... so, do people loosen the rig back up at the dock? or is a correct all around...
  64. treilley

    E35 standing rigging tension

    The PO of my boats states he set the tensions as follows: lowers 500lbs uppers 1000lbs backstay 1400lbs Can any confirm or correct these settings?
  65. O

    Party Time... and help with tuning our rigging?

    Well... after many posts and questions, I am proud to report that our mast was FINALLY stepped today. After wading through the deluge of rain we have had and extended flooding, we had our mast stepped today. She really looks great! The next step is to get our rigging figured out. My...
  66. T

    Simple Rigging Question

    Ericson 28 owners: do the lower shrouds go fore or aft? I think aft but perusing images of other boats on yachtworld, I see some going forward. The image in the manual looks like aft too. Does anyone know? Thanks, Tom Greaves
  67. J

    E-38 Rigging Tension Specs

    We are in the process of replacing(1-3 cables at a time)the standing rigging on our 1982 Ericson 38. We plan on tuning the rigging ourselves. Does anyone have the specifications for the tension we whould set the rigging to? Thanks in advance.
  68. J

    Mast Rigging

    Need some help on rigging the mast on my 1983 35 Mark III. Does the upper shroud go through the forward on rear slot on the lower spreader? This is the first time that I've rigged the mast. Thanks. John Wresssell
  69. B

    standing rigging specs- E-25??

    i need to know the correct, i.e. original, wire size for my 1978 E-25 c/b. don't seem to find anywhere in the available literature... thanks, as always~ bgs
  70. B

    standing rigging specs- E-25??

    i need to know the correct, i.e. original, wire size for my 1978 E-25 c/b. don't seem to find anywhere in the available literature... thanks, as always~ bgs
  71. B

    rigging- do it yourself, or...?

    ok, so, way up here in alaska, i seem to have two choices when it comes to rigging: 1) send away some very precise measurements to west marine in the 'lower 48' (and pay a lot of $$ for splices), or 2) bite the bullet, buy a swaging tool and do it myself... just how hard is it to learn...
  72. A

    E-27 standing and running rigging specs

    Does anyone have any spec sheets for the E-27 standing and running rigging like the E-26 sheets on the Specs and Documents Doc Index?
  73. J

    Replacement of Standing Rigging

    Has anyone had experience rplacing their standing rigging? If so, what issues did you run into and what was the cost? I'm getting quotes in the $2,400 range that do not use the original Navtec fittings. Thanks in advance. Jack Garmin '88 E 32-3
  74. Mike Thomas

    E-29 Running rigging?

    Does anyone know of a good resource for finding the stock running rigging dimensions for an E-29? I could use both diameter and length? Main Halyard? All rope (not wire) Jib Halyard? Main sheet? Mike T E-29 Oh Yea HAPPY NEW YEAR Everybodyl!!
  75. E

    Rigging Failure Poll

    As I am redoing the rigging on my 1979 Independence 31, I am wondering what the real life rigging failures people have experienced are. I view failures in two basic categories of: 1) those whose discovery is catastrophic via failure of the part in use and; 2) the more preferred method...
  76. L

    Standing Rigging

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I would like to purchase a tuning guide for my husband for Christmas, however there are three choices at Boat US depending on the diameter of the rigging. I can't really ask my husband so I am hoping someone can help out. We have a 1974 Ericson 32. Does anyone...
  77. G

    Rigging a Cunningham

    I have a 1983 E28+ that has no Cunningham. I would like to rig one and have seen what looks like some pretty good examples on the Harken web site. Any suggestions on what works well? One concern is using a Cunningham hook vs just threading a line through the Cunningham grommet in the sail...
  78. W

    rigging questions

    We're thinking of upgrading our running rigging and also adding a backstay tensioner and am hoping for some input. We have an e32-2, standard rig. About 75-80 percent of our usage is racing. 1. Running rigging. I'll be replacing at least the jib and spinnaker halyard. I'm seeking...
  79. B

    E27 standing rigging tension

    A few years ago, someone on the Ericson sailnet forum posted some rough guidelines for setting the tension for the stays and shrouds on an E27. I used them then, but have lost the posting. I've posted this request there, but figure that not everyone reads both, so... That said, I'd appreciate a...
  80. G

    Rigging loads

    Does anyone know a web site with a calculator for rigging loads? In particular, what I need right now is the maximum tension in the shrouds under sail, so I know what loads go through the mast. Gareth Freyja E35 #241 1972
  81. F

    E 25+ Standing Rigging Tension

    Does anyone have the tension values for the standing rigging on a 25+? I have the Loos Gauge but no clue as to what the ball park tensions for the stays and shrouds should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Someone out there must set their own rigging up, or know what the factory set it...
  82. Mindscape

    Original running rigging layout for a 32-3

    Does anyone have a picture or diagram of the original layout of the halyards, sheets, vang, reefs, etc. for a 32-3 that was delivered with the option to have all lines led aft? I rigged the boat this spring and worked thru a couple of different configurations that worked ok, but my boat didn't...
  83. R

    Tunning the Rigging on a 29 Ericson

    I have a 1979 Ericson 29....just put in the water this year....and I'm a new owner. Looking at the Ericson Owners Manual that came with the boat, the section on tuning the rigging / mast only refers to tightening the upper shrouds to about 2" of play, and the lowers to about 2 - 3 inches of...
  84. R

    Tunning the Rigging / Mast

    I have a 1979 Ericson 29....just put in the water this year....and I'm a new owner. Looking at the Ericson Owners Manual that came with the boat, the section on tuning the rigging / mast only refers to tightening the upper shrouds to about 2" of play, and the lowers to about 2 - 3 inches of...
  85. B

    standing rigging mounting

    I have a E29, I noticed one of the plate screws coming out of the mast cable, (don't know all the right words here,) where the rigging that holds the mast up attaches to the boat, anyway, it was a wood screw, shouldn't it be bolts through the cabin top? Seem kinda flimsy to me, I am sure it is...
  86. D

    Rigging Question / Near Miss

    Hauled my E 29 out for fresh bottom paint and to replace bad wiring in the mast this past week. The haulout was a little more exciting than I originally planned. We had a crane set up to unstepp the mast while we were still in the water. All was going well as we loosened all the turnbuckles in...
  87. J

    Rigging Info needed!

    Can someone please tell me the name of the manufacturer of the 1973 Ericson 27 BOOM? Mine needs replacing and I am having the hardest time finding information.
  88. H


    I would like to know the length of the forstay on a standard 27' ericson and the mast height factory installed. 1978. Having a little problem with furling manufacturers idea. any info would be appreaciated. thanks dave
  89. Jeff Asbury

    When should I consider replacing my standing rigging?

    When should I consider replacing my standing rigging? I have not had a formal rigging inspection done, but I have had a professional rigger tell me that my rig is original. That means that it is over 30 years old on my 1973 E-27. To me the rig looks and seems strong outside of some light rust...
  90. J

    O-34 Rod rigging tension question

    Listmates, I have rod rigging on my 1989 Olson 34 (built by Ericson). The leeward shrouds are pretty loose, though the mast seems to stay in column. I don't suppose tension gauges work for rod rigging. How do I decide how tight the rods should be? Thanks in advance, James Jones Sunwood Olson 34
  91. J

    Running rigging

    I'm looking at replacing my headsail halyards, pretty old and ratty. The jib halyard is a wire/rope splice, I'm assuming the mast head block for it is grooved to handle the wire. I'd like to replace with pure rope, Stay-set X or Spectra. Do you think it would be ok to run that stuff across...
  92. J

    Standing Rigging Tension

    A buddy was out in San Diego Bay just sailing around to relax single handing in his 22 foot Columbia, when his port side mid mast stay broke. He was able to stablize the mast with some extra rope he had aboard and get back to the dock, but he told me afterwards that it was a very tense moment...
  93. M

    E-25 rigging question

    Here's question for all you smaller Ericson owners . I have a 73 E-25 with the swing keel and the mast pivots down from the cabintop fitting for trailering. There is a small fitting that in normal operation sets the position of the boom in the track of the mast. This consists of a slug that...
  94. C

    Running Rigging on E28 (replacement) advice

    Hi, I'm a new Ericson owner in the LA area. I have a 1985 E28 on which I'd like to replace some of the tired running rigging. I can't find any specifications for the existing lines. Recommendations? Also, I'm looking for a rigger to inspect my standing rigging. Can anyone recommend a good...
  95. S

    Rusty drips from the rigging

    I came down to my boat the day after a 3 hour sail to find rusty water stains on my deck at the shrouds and backstay. Further inspection revealed that it also ran down the topping lift, and my roller furling jib seemed to keep it at the top of the forestay. All the stains around the shrouds were...
  96. H

    Spinaker rigging Ericson 27

    I was wanting to get information on how to rig the spinaker on my Ericson 27. I'm not familiar with them and I believe I have a cruising spinaker in a sock. Wondering if I need, or should have a spinaker pole with this.