1. Standing Rigging:  Ordering from Colligo

    E32-3 Standing Rigging: Ordering from Colligo

    I’m replacing the standing rigging on my boat, and at a local workshop/seminar put on by a local sailing group with a presentation from a rigger, I became interested in the idea of synthetic (rope) rigging instead of wire. I presented some ideas for discussion in a forum post. I vacillated...
  2. NWER.2005 - 82.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 82.jpg

    Look who we were lucky enough to get to come in to chat with us on a Saturday afternoon - but Mr. Brion Toss - author of the 'The Riggers Apprentice', lots of other books and his rigging company - himself! http://briontoss.com/
  3. J

    E25 CB running rigging dimensions

    Am digging into getting my E25 CB on the water - and don't have the original sheets to make measurements. Does anyone have recommendations for diameter and length for main, jib, genoa and spinnaker sheets? thanks
  4. cworley

    1976 E27 - Replacement Spreaders

    Hello - Need to replace the 2 aluminum spreaders on my 1976 E27, they have developed some pitting and do not look very dependable anymore. Does anyone know of a vendor who sells replacements? I have never replaced spreaders. Replacement looks relatively straight forward. Any suggestions...
  5. L

    E39 rigging specs?

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the forum, and am currently in the market for a boat. We recently looked at an E39 that we really liked. Like all old boats, it's in need of a refit. I was hoping someone here could enlighten me on re-rig cost for it, or better yet, have rigging measurements I...
  6. S

    Ericson 35 series yawl?

    Did the Ericson 35 series ever come with the yawl rig? If so, where can I find information on it?
  7. B

    E38 - Spreader bars dimensions

    Hello everybody, I have an Ericson 38 (81) with a kenyon 5280 mast and i need to rebuild the higher spreader bar which is missing. As i don't have the original piece, i was wondering if anybody would be able to send me its dimensions. So far i know they should fit a SP4 spreaders Thanks in...
  8. V

    E 27 boom install and rigging

    Hi, We have been recovering a 1978 E27 here in Valparaíso, Chile. When my friends removed the mast, they forgot to take pictures of the very special way the boom and the mainsheet rigging were installed:esad:. It seems a quite tricky system. Could anybody owning a similar one, please, send us...
  9. Filkee

    E32-3 Reefing Mysteries

    There is nothing I want more than to be able to reef my main. I mean, refrigeration would be nice but here I am in year two, more than a little baffled by the subtle differences between the pictures in the manual and the bits and pieces I have found in plastic bags under berths. Below are a few...
  10. M

    Mast Shrinkage?

    So, It's been getting colder and darker sooner here on the Chesapeake Bay, but we were able to get out for a couple of hours Wednesday afternoon. I noticed that my all of my standing rigging (forestay, backstay, and all 4 side stays) were looser than usual. The turnbuckles were all still...
  11. P

    New jib sheets for E-23

    New Ericson-23 Mk II owner here (and first-time boat owner). I've got a few things I'm looking to do with the boat, one of which is replacement of the jib sheets. Currently, it's got 1/2" jib sheets that are the same color as the main sheet and is a little confusing for family that I'm taking...
  12. A

    threading the main halyard through the mast on E25+

    I have had the mast down on my E25+ and am installing new standing and running rigging. We are adding wires for an anchor light which it did not have. The main halyard that was there ran into the mast from the back then came around some bolts in the mast high up to run more to the front (or...
  13. boyle_brian

    32-3 Spinnaker rigging

    Greetings, My Ericson 32-3 was set up for cruising when I purchased it. I'm in the process of setting it up for racing and I'm looking for ideas / suggestions on location of the foreguy block, the leads, etc. We anticipate doing end for end gybes. I would be grateful if anyone would share...
  14. O

    Help rigging a spinnaker

    I purchased an E29 this summer with partial spinnaker rigging and want to determine what additional hardware I'll need. I have the spinnaker pole, the mast has a spinnaker ring on the front, there is one 2.5" block mounted on the lower starboard side of the pulpit and 1 car on the starboard...
  15. O

    Length of spinnaker pole for E29

    I recently purchased an E29 with a spinnaker pole of about 13'. The PO thought that the pole may have come from a different boat and was likely too long. Any thoughts on what the length of a pole should be on an E29?
  16. B

    running rigging?

    I bought an 87 e-34 three years ago which was neglected and left on hard for eight years,after hundreds of hours of reconditioning I am thinking I could actually splash late this season.The problem I have is rig was down when purchased and have no idea how to run lines at base of mast to boom...
  17. C

    SnapFurl Question

    I want to equip my 1969 E26 with roller furling for the foresail. Bouncing around the foredeck has become less exciting and more scary as time goes by. My forestay is 32.49 feet and the two SnapFurl products are 31 feet and 38 feet. My guess is that I get the 31 footer and it is adjusted longer...
  18. D

    Standing Rigging Replacement

    I am planning on pulling my mast to address some corrosion issues before they go from minor to major. At same time we will do a full inspection of the standing rigging and update wiring. Given the age of the boat (and as far as I know the rigging is original), should I arbitrarily replace...
  19. adam

    Mid-boom mainsheet rigging?

    I have a problem with my mainsheet rigging. There are 3 blocks on the boom, which are all behind the traveler. This means that the fiddle block and cam for the mainsheet are tilted 45 degrees backward. This setup means that I cannot pull from chest level where I have the most leverage, and it...
  20. W

    New E 27 owner needs help rigging sails and attaching Boom

    Hi I just purchased a 77 E 27 and I dont know how to rig it I found sails and the mast is already stepped and the boom is attached but I don't know how to rig tthe boom it is hooked to the rear stays in the storage position.