1. M

    Bow Anchor Roller on E28+

    Wondering if anyone has experience with mounting an anchor roller on an E28+. There doesn't seem to be any room to work with, as the lifeline stanchion bases are pretty much directly behind the forestay. The anchor locker is too shallow for anything other than a Danforth, and I'd really like...
  2. Cory B

    Rocna Anchor/Roller Pics?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any pictures or experience with putting a Rocna 33 on the bow of an 80's Ericson 34/35/38 (I think they all have the same anchor/stemhead fitting)? We currently have a Delta 35 which thru-bolts in the anchor fitting which I like, and the thick bolt conveniently...
  3. S

    Ericson 30-2 (transom rudder) for sale in SF

    Ericson 30-2 (1979) with transom-hung rudder and wheel steering for sale in San Francisco. Good condition - ready to sail. Inboard Yanmar diesel (rebuilt this year); double spreader rig; North sails - less than two years old; self-tailing winches; spinnaker with pole and lines; Harken roller...
  4. S

    E34T Bow Roller and Hot Water Heater Install

    Hello all, I just finished the install of the new Lewmar bow roller which will accommodate the 22 lb. Lewmar Delta anchor on my E34T. Thanks to everyone that contributed a couple months back on bow roller ideas. As the stem is very tight, options were limited but did a ton of research and...
  5. DanielW

    E28 - Anchor set up - Double bow roller

    Hey there Anyone set up a double anchor roller on an E-28? Space is a wee bit tight but I'm sure it can be done. Before I hit the drawing board I was wondering if anyone else had sage advice, experiences to share, photos etc. My current primary is a 15kg CQR, which is really a bit too...
  6. M

    Bow Roller

    I have an Ericson 35-2. I am rebuilding every system in preps for cruising. Has anyone installed a bow roller on the narrow bow? Need pictures and ideas. Thanks Monty
  7. S

    E34 Anchor Bow Roller

    I am seeking some ideas for a bow roller on the E34T. I've attached a pic below of the current set up. Given that the roller would be offset around the stem fitting, I am thinking to relocate the existing running lights to the pulpit railing which would leave room for many off the shelf roller...
  8. Bolo

    "U" on Anchor roller

    Had an email request from another owner about the S/S "U" I had welded onto my anchor roller on my E-32 III (1987) a while back. So I thought I'd post it here for all to see. This set up works quite well for me when flying our a sail. I use to use an ATN "Tacker" (I think it's called) around...
  9. IslandTime29

    WTB - Roller Furling System

    Looking for a new or used Roller Furling System for my 1976 E29. I found a setup on Ebay, but not sure if it would work or not. Any thoughts on this...
  10. W

    Facnor Roller Furling

    I'm considering getting a Facnor RC-100 continuous line roller furler for Voice of Reason. I like the fact that it is very low profile so the luff length of the genoa is not compromised. Does anyone have any experience with this system? Its pretty pricey, in that the furler system and a...
  11. F

    Securing anchor on bow roller

    I have a Bruce anchor which sits nicely on the bow roller while we sail. I drilled a 3/8" hole through it to allow us to put a stainless steel bolt through it and the bow roller to hold it in place so it didn't accidently drop off the bow roller in heavier seas. But the bolt doesn't keep it...
  12. P

    E27 - Bow Roller

    I'm looking to add a bow roller for my 25lb. CQR. I have neigbor with an E27 two slips down who has a stainless steel roller that has a triangular base, with the roller off set just enough to make room for the standard E27 forestay. It's a great arrangement, but I can't find anything like...
  13. S

    Stainless Steel Roller furler

    I am cleaning out some older sailing gear. I had bought this for another smaller boat and found it to be too large for my purposes on that boat. Stailess steel roller furler with fairlead, wire, turnbuckle and top swivel. Drum diameter is 4.5 inches. Not sure of manufacturer, maybe somebody will...
  14. F

    E-34 Harken roller furling foil

    Well it finally happened this weekend. As I lowered my jib it hung-up a few feet from the top and I noticed the twin groove aluminum foil had seperated and would not allow the jib to lower. This foil has been beat up over the years and it's now time to replace it. Got a couple questions for the...
  15. C

    E35II Anchor and Roller

    Well.... the Dockfather and I were sittin round on a cold day havin an Ale and took a good look at the Weenie 20LB Danforth Anchor and Pathetic Factory Light Duty Roller on the Boat :cool: Figured its time for a Real OffShore Anchor and Roller. Like the 35LB CQR or Delta Plow with Custom Roller...
  16. R

    Roller Furling on E30+

    I am looking into installing a roller furling system on my 30+, but there is not much room for a furling drum in the bow pulpit. Does anybody have experience with a furling system with a narrow drum that fits this boat? I would prefer not using a long spacer to allow sufficient clearance for...
  17. CWM

    E27 anchor roller

    Hopefully, this post will give someone some ideas. The attached photos show the anchor roller setup on my 1973 E27. The roller is a WindLine AR-3 model: Re: the below deck photo of the backing plates: The large blue piece is 3/8" fiberglass. The SS square...
  18. G

    Harken roller on eBay.

    All, For those of you looking for one, there's a Harken Mark II drum assembly and top bearing only currently on eBay. If you can locate the foils and connectors, this might be an affordable way of getting roller furling on your boat. Here's the listing: 120238212272 Later, Glyn Judson, E31...
  19. D

    Pro-furl roller furling system

    We recently replaced a Pro-Furl roller furling system on our E-27, with a Harken system. Reason being, we are restoring the standing rigging and our rigging contractor suggested replacing the furling system to more effectively reef the new jib he'll be building for us. He bought out a few of...
  20. saltbox

    Roller Furling Main

    Does anyone have any experience with a roller furling main? We've found our dream boat, Ericson 34-2. Everything is just as we'd like it except the main (which is pretty darn important:)). We're afraid of mechanical failure as well as slowing us down... Any input? Thanks in advance... Tracy