1. B

    150 Genoa For Sale

    Used 150 Genoa for roller furling from an Ericson 34-2 measures Luff 44 ft. Foot 22.5. Unsure of age but based on limited boat history and good condition of sail I suspect it has 1 season in the Chesapeake and 7 seasons in Maine. Built by North, has rope inserts at luff for better sail shape...
  2. T

    Ericson 25 Parts For Sale

    We recently acquired an Ericson 25 which has soft decks and unfortunately not able to restore. We do have parts available if anyone is in need. Centerboard, Rudder, Mast, Boom, Sails, Cushions, etc. If anyone here is interested in purchasing, it would be greatly appreciated. Will certainly help...
  3. C

    Repairing my Genoa

    Hey! Loaded topic here A couple weeks ago while tacking my genoa's leech line got caught on the mast and began to rip out of its pocket. The sail itself is pretty old and needs some TLC. The rip is almost the full height of the sail. I am going to have to take down the sail and start sowing her...
  4. T

    Need Mast for E27 - Hurricane Harvey casualty

    Hurricane Harvey nearly destroyed SV Finally in Port Aransas Texas. She's still floating and no damage to the hull but the rigging is ruined... mast and sails. Anyone know where to begin looking for a new mast? What about a mast substitute from a different model boat? I'm also going to need...
  5. T

    Ericson 32 - 14 Sails for Sale Cheap

    I had an 1972 Ericson 32 with tall rig. I have 14 sails available. Will sell all of the for $1,000. If you are serious - email:
  6. sklitzky

    Need New Genoa

    I am the new proud owner of an Ericson 35-3 and I knew I would have this problem sooner or later. I was hoping it would be later. Oh well. I need a new Genoa. It looks like the one that come with the boat is a 150. The Sail Loft is recommending a 135. But, this is not my question. What...
  7. J

    Bay Area sail lofts....looking for new sails.

    I sail a 1971 Ericson 29 in the San Francisco Bay with a couple partners. We're mostly day sailors...occasionally, we race in the beer can series but mainly sail around in the slot in all conditions. Our mainsail and head sail are old, blown out North Sails. Actually, really old, blown out...
  8. S

    Wanted - E32-3 Headsails in decent condition

    I'm looking for a larger headsail for light winter days - I have Harken roller furling, and right now the only jib I have is less than 100%, so I'd be interested in anything from about 125% to 150%, in fair or better condition. Anybody need to make some space in their sail locker??? Sarah:egrin:
  9. D

    E 32-200 '88 Sail Plan Dimensions + Sailmaker Recommendations Appreciated

    Time to replace sails. Does anyone know whether the 32-200 has the Mk3 Tall Rig or the same as the 333? Does anyone have experience ordering replacement sails online? I am specifically looking for the specifications for 100% and 135% roller-furling headsails, but additional sail info also...
  10. IslandTime29

    E29 Sails for sale

    I have the following for sale. Shipping and PayPal are extra. 1). 170% Genoa. Although 34 years old, this sail is like new. Had it inspected by DDS Sailmakers here in Nashville, Tenn. yesterday. He was amazed at the excellent condition. It is made for use with a foil system. Luff is...
  11. Randy Rutledge

    new sails

    Has anyone sailed with crosscut laminate sails? A loft I have talked to is recommending a crosscut Laminate instead of a tri-radial 155. Any experience or knowledge on this would be appreciated.
  12. Bolo

    Yellow stained sails

    I had something very disturbing happen to our sails after they were cleaned by Quantum Sail Design in Annapolis. First of all, a few weeks ago as part of getting our E-32 ready for the season, I picked up our set of sail at Quantum that were there for some repair and cleaning. They also stored...
  13. J

    Racing sails for 35' MK II 1979

    Looking for help in buying a new main and a 155% head sail for racing. What is winning for you. I sail on the rivers and Bay on the Chesapeake. Thanks, Jamie
  14. J

    E25 sails

    I have 7 head sales and 2 main sails for a E-25 for sale. All sails are in good to excellent shape. I also have a used Hood sea flex furler, a e-25 mast with standing rigging and boom, and a mast step and base. I am located in North Carolina.
  15. R

    Racing sails

    Hello all, Ragtop is a 1971 E 35 and I'm looking to race her this spring. Looking for a good used jib and/or mainsail to be used for racing. I'm located in San Diego. Thanks!!
  16. Ericsean

    New Sails for E-38

    I'm shopping around for a new main, and possibly a 110 for my E-38. A couple of guys are offering multisail discounts. Sounds crazy, but I'm wondering if anyone else is shopping now and may want to combine on an order to get deeper discount. Contacted quite a few lofts, and narrowed down...
  17. R

    New Sails Planning - Mack?

    Starting to think about sails for Goin' Rogue (E26-300). A new main and 135 roller is at the top of the upgrade list. I have starting researching the obvious lofts... Doyle, North, etc. Comparing every aspect of construction/price, etc is daunting at best. I have yet to contact MACK Sails...
  18. Walt Lawrence

    Old sails for homeles Haitians

    Greetings to all:egrin: Hood sails in Sausalito started a good idea which has run out of economic energy:mad:...Hence this posting. Are there enough people involved in this group willing to get together and figure out a way to get the 200 plus sails already gathered, with more possible I'm...
  19. W

    New E 27 owner needs help rigging sails and attaching Boom

    Hi I just purchased a 77 E 27 and I dont know how to rig it I found sails and the mast is already stepped and the boom is attached but I don't know how to rig tthe boom it is hooked to the rear stays in the storage position.
  20. B

    2009 North Sails gennaker for sale

    2009 North Sails gennaker for sale with furling sock, excellent condition, $500.