shore power

  1. When AC Current Runs Astray

    E32-3 When AC Current Runs Astray

    "Noticee" It began one day when I arrived at the slip and found Rumour's shore power cord disconnected... Spelling errors aside, I immediately wondered who was playing a prank on me and why they would do it this way. Upon calling the marina office I discovered the maintenance staff had...
  2. M

    Shore power not working

    Hi guys, I have a 1972 E27. My shore power cut out on me, I am a liveaboard and was running a heater at the time. My outlets are not getting power. I checked the dockside circuit breaker and it was fine and the dockside pedestal I plug into still has power. I have checked connections, my main...
  3. Loren Beach

    Shore Power upgrade

    In an earlier thread, John M referenced an ABYC requirement that the pair of circuit breakers for the incoming shore power AC wiring be within a certain maximum distance of the inlet fitting. The actual thread was called: "E35-II AC/DC Panel-Wiring Upgrade". This spring I spoke with a...