1. Standing Rigging:  Ordering from Colligo

    E32-3 Standing Rigging: Ordering from Colligo

    I’m replacing the standing rigging on my boat, and at a local workshop/seminar put on by a local sailing group with a presentation from a rigger, I became interested in the idea of synthetic (rope) rigging instead of wire. I presented some ideas for discussion in a forum post. I vacillated...
  2. M

    Spinnaker Pole on an E32-2

    Hi all, Once again, I have a question that is probably on a forum somewhere but I can't find it. Has anyone had trouble with the little halfway shrouds (my technical term) that come forward of the mast in regards to the angles you can use the spinnaker pole. I haven't used the...
  3. M

    e27 lower shrouds shorter one goes aft? raising mast this morning

    im about to rise the mast this morning , and the marks on the lower shrouds were erased. I guess the longer ones goes aft because the mast rake is 6 inch forward? made a mast step hinge and rigging to self step the mast, will post pics after I rise the mast this morning.
  4. C

    solid (rod) shrouds

    Went sailing in San Francisco Bay on a racing 1 D 35 sailboat. Noticed that the mast shroulds were solid in stead of cable. Can anyone explain the advantage of a solid cable over a braided one? thanks chris
  5. K

    Bulging deck at shrouds

    Last night Rob noticed that the deck at the shrouds is slightly raised on our 1983 E38-200. His first reaction is that this is a sign of a soggy core. After reading some of the posts here, I'm thinking it could be from an overly tight rig? If we re-tune the rig, could this bulge be corrected? Or...