1. cworley

    1976 E27 - Replacement Spreaders

    Hello - Need to replace the 2 aluminum spreaders on my 1976 E27, they have developed some pitting and do not look very dependable anymore. Does anyone know of a vendor who sells replacements? I have never replaced spreaders. Replacement looks relatively straight forward. Any suggestions...
  2. A

    E32 Scorpion Spreader Length?

    Just picked up an E32 Scorpion (project boat at this point) and the spreaders are missing. Anybody out there have a clue for the spreader length on these boats?
  3. bigd14

    E27 Spreader length?

    Does anyone know the exact length of the e27 spreaders? On close inspection it appears that my spreaders have been cut down (the edges are rough as if hacksawed). I will be installing new spreaders soon and want to know where to start. Thanks! Doug
  4. R

    E-27 broken Spreader Bracket

    I just sold my E-27 in anticipation of purchasing an E-30 Plus. The bad news is while inspecting the 27 with the new owner we discovered the spreader bracket had cracked. I've been doing the google search for some time to find a replacement and haven't had success. Any idea's? update...
  5. G

    e38 - 1981 - Mast Spreader Bars

    Hi All I need some help in trying to replace my mast spreader bars on a 1981 38' Ericson. I had read someplace the mast was manufactures by Lefiell, but I spoke with them and they claim not to have manufactured it and have no spreader bars. The bars look like a basic Aluminum rectangle bar...
  6. K

    Spreader 1972 Ericson

    Random is docked in Lorain, Ohio and in need of two new spreaders before Spring. Anyone know where we can purchase? Thanks. Kathy G.
  7. exoduse35

    Spreader replacement

    Hi all, I am currently rebuilding the mast on my 35-2. As part of this job the old spreders have got to go. The original specs and demensions are here in the tech, section so so far so good. Now the problem... The drawings call for 1 5/8" sitca spruce. I have searched high and low for a suplier...
  8. S

    E27 Broken Spreader Bracket

    Getting ready to step the mast today and what the hell, broken spreader bracket (not sure if that is the official name but the bracket that bolts to the mast that the spreaders attach to). I think it was likely broken through mishandeling during the mast take down last fall rather than fatigue...
  9. T

    Urgent question on E38 spreader

    Am about to step mast back into my e38 after rerigging. Stupid, I did not note how the intermediate and upper spreaders feed through spreader. On is fore and the other aft, split by a sacrificial divider. Any ideas? Am planning to step tomorrow am and would prefer not to have to go back up to...
  10. Shamwari

    Spreader question

    This may sound like a dumb question but I've been struggling with it for some time. I need to know which way the spreaders on a 39 attach. I think the round edge should face forward with the trailing edge being sharper, but this is because an airplane wing does it that way and may not be the...
  11. TS Farley

    spreader boots

    Hello all, One of the spreader boots on my 1975 Mk II 35' just disintegrated. Would anyone be able to recommend the best replacement brand/type? Vivian :egrin: TS Farley
  12. T

    Loose Spreader

    Went up the stick the other day to take the stuck anemonitor(or wind thingy) down and when I was at the spreaders I noticed that the port one was loose in it's pocket. So I checked the tension on the rig and found it a little light. I was wondering if the spreader is held tight by rig tension...
  13. E

    Ericson 35-2 Lower Spreader Replacement

    Inspection of the lower spreaders on my 1977 Ericson 35-2 has revealed some wear/deformation at inner end of the aluminium tappered spreader (that bolts onto protruding mounting hub welded to spar). Has anyone else experienced this problem and can recommend a suggested repair or better yet can...
  14. T

    mast repairs

    Hi, I started a post about a month ago regarding repairing/replacing a broken spreader bracket - here is the link http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/showthread.php?t=7781 Well, my dad and I took the mast down yesterday without any real trouble; The only thing was that the VHF...
  15. T

    Mast support without upper shroud

    I have an 1974 e27 and my starboard spreader bracket is broken. I am wondering if it is safe to go aloft to remove the bracket and spreader so that I can take in the broken pieces to be either used as a mold or to have it welded. What this would entail is having the upper shroud eased. Is...
  16. T

    Spreader shift

    Our E34 has had the lower starboard spreader shift upward about three to four inches on the standing rigging. When looked at from the front or back, she looks distinctly askew. Is this something that can be easily adjusted? Our marina - Point Roberts - has a mast tower which gives access to...
  17. mherrcat

    Spreader Boots

    Anyone have any experience with this product: http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|118|107602|297680&id=214174 Looks like it might be easier to deal with than the Edson style leather boots that have to be stitched up. And they are cheaper. Three sizes: 1" dia., 1.5" dia. and...
  18. A

    I need a new spreader

    I am looking to replace the starboard lower spreader on my 1976 Ericson 35 mk 2. Does anyone know where I might obtain one? Any help on this is welcome.
  19. G

    Need spreader insert

    Somehow the plastic insert (not spreader boot) at the end of one of the spreaders on my 1983 E28+ has disappeared. They press in and are held in place with two screws. Does anyone know where I might find a replacement? Thanks. Gary
  20. S

    Spreader Boots

    Does anyone know if OEM style spreader boots are available? This is for an Olson 34 with Kenyon SP2 & SP3 spars. I could not find them on the rig rite site.