1. F

    Does anyone store oil pump on board?

    We are planning a two week sailing trip on our E30+ to an area with less services, so I'm doing lots of prep work and some risk management to ensure the trip goes as well as possible. I normally don't carry our oil pump on board, as it's a bit bulky and potentially a bit messy if it tips on...
  2. Chris Miller

    Easy Sides (almost premade from the store)

    I try really hard to not use too much cooking gas (we have CNG, but propane is no different). We've found the Uncle Ben's rice packets that are meant to be microwaved work really good in a skillet or small pot. 2 mins with a couple of tablespoons of water. The foil packet mashed potatoes are...
  3. F

    Where do you store....?

    My wife and I are new owners of a 1984 Ericson 30+ boat, and love how she looks and sails. The only problem we are having is finding enough accessible storage for weekend/one week sailing trips. We are wondering how those of you with similar size Ericsons use your storage, to see if maybe we...