1. G

    Head Holding Tank Disposal

    First, let me apologize if my question is answered somewhere else. I did search the threads. Anyway, what is the environmentally friendly and law compliant way of disposing of an old holding tank. I am probably overstating the obvious but it is plastic. And because I am going compostable, I...
  2. M

    Water tank sanitization, any advice?

    Hello all, I need some advice on how to sanitize my water tanks. I'm getting a foul sulfur like odor this year that I want to get rid of. Thanks Mike:confused:
  3. B

    E26 Holding tank?

    My 1988 Ericson 26 was fitted with a small holding tank (6 gallons) by the previous owner. Looking at the brochure, it seems the boat can take a 13 gallon tank. When I look on the web, there are a huge variety of holding tanks available. Can someone to take a look at their holding tank and...
  4. F

    cut an inspection/cleaning port in holding tank?

    Hi, I baby our head/holding tank to keep everything running smoothly and to avoid/minimize odour. I periodically fill the holding tank with water, let it slosh around a bit while sailing and then empty it. But I have a hunch that emptying it does not get rid of any "sludge" or deposits in...
  5. T

    E 29 fuel tank!

    Alright troops! I have been cleaning out my e 29 fuel tank. I got it off the boat and have been running diesel thru it. It is nasty! After about 7 gallons its starting to come clearer. I have been told the way to go is maybe taking it to a radiator shop to have it flushed out. Any ideas...
  6. S

    holding tank vent

    Need help in identifying where the holding tank vent is located on the 1989 E38 200 ....I have a raritan PHII...thanks
  7. Sven

    Designing a holding tank ?

    We may try to re-do the holding tank too. The current one is 9 gallons which is enough for three days on a mooring with shore facilities, but small enough to always cause us concern. I think I can add 13 gallons for a total closer to 24 in available space, so the roto-mold (ronko ?) may be...
  8. M

    Monel Water Tank

    Greetings. I have an E39 with what I believe is the original single monel water tank. It was abondoned by a PO, leaving me with soft water bags under the settee, both sides. I'd like to reclaim the monel tank. Do you know where the connectors should be? I've a teak and holy ply sole glued on...
  9. steven

    gas fuel tank

    I'm pretty sure that the annoying behavior of my A4 (stalling at mid throttle, then ok if nursed through) is bad fuel - and since I use only good fuel, it might be four decades of crud in the tank. So instead of replacing the engine (which is well maintained and actually runs fine except for...
  10. G

    Bronze tank vents.

    All, I just got a lovely pair of vintage WIlcox Crittenden bronze tank vents, the beefy ones that pass through the hull with a large nut on the back to hold them secure and I'm soliciting suggestions as to what to use in them to prevent bugs and such form entering the tank through them. They...
  11. adam

    E29 owners - Where is your propane tank?

    I've decided to replace my ancient/non-functional Keynon pressured alcohol stove, with a modern propane stove. The one big hurdle left is figuring out where I should mount the propane tank. So, for those of you with propane on your E29s, I'm curious where your propane tank is. Thanks, -A
  12. davisr

    which manual pump for holding tank?

    I am putting in a new head. I plan to route the outlet hose from the toilet to the holding tank. From there I plan to route one outlet hose to a deckplate for dockside pumpout, and another outlet hose to a through-hull for manual pumpout while underway. Whale sells two different "Mark V"...
  13. Loren Beach

    Diesel Tank Access Port

    This probably belongs in an existing thread where access to an existing diesel tank was discussed... I cannot find such a thread with short search, so here is the link with a number of helpful photos. http://www.threefools.org/velocity/Projects/DieselAccessPlate/DieselAccessPlate.htm Loren
  14. Akavishon

    propane tank size

    I've been searching and googling but can't find definitive answers: 1. On my 1986 E32-3, what size propane tank fits into the stern propane locker? 10lb? 20lb? (I'm not at the boat these days to measure) 2. Does anyone have like/nolike opinions on 'The Lite Cylinder' products? thank you! - Zoran
  15. I

    Fuel Tank - 35 MkII

    I have a 1974 Ericson 35 Mk 2 and am in the process of replacing my original Atomic 4 with a new Beta Marine 25. I am wanting to install a fuel gauge in my original 22 gal. steel fuel tank but before I drill a hole to install that, does anyone know if the original tanks came with baffles or is...
  16. steven

    E35-2 fuel tank

    My fuel tank is in good condition, except there is corrosion in the forward starb. corner. Anyone know if this can be corrected without removing the tank (or the engine)? For example, is there some sort of gloop that can be added though the fill? I think it is the original and made of Monel...
  17. C

    Ericson 29 fuel tank

    I was wondering if anyone has an accurate guage of the amount of fuel used in the E29 tank by taking a measure of inches down from full. The tank is sloped so if is quite difficult to guage how much is left in the tank. I know, from a friend, that someone has done this calculation for the Tartan...
  18. U

    Need a holding tank for E38...

    All the other tanks are there, lucky. What are my options?!? I'm assuming it's stainless steel?!?$$$!!! Thoughts?!? Much appreciated, as always-
  19. S

    removing hot water tank

    I have an E 28 1985. The hot water tank has rusted at the bottom so I want to remove. I diconnected everything and thought it would be an easy job to take her out but no. Any suggestions how to cut the tank?
  20. J

    Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1978 E27

    I need to replace the sending unit on my 1978 E27. Has anyone done the same and have any advice on pitfalls to look out for. I'm also wondering if I need the exact part or if there are universal units. I'm hoping to get the part before removing the current unit. Thank you in advance, James
  21. A

    Removing a fuel tank

    I have a 1976 Ericson 27 with a leaking fuel tank. I need to replace it but it is too big for the opening in the lazarette so i have to cut it up and remove in pieces. Before I go drilling and sawing the tank I want to make sure I am not going to explode. The tank is empty and I don't smell much...
  22. A

    E25 Holding tank size?

    Hi, I currently have what looks like a porta potty with pumpout. I was considering a Jabsco compact with holding tank conversion. I'd have to add a holding tank and a through hull for the water inlet. (maybe this won't get done this year) So I guess I'm wondering what size holding tank fits...
  23. G

    Securing holding tank E35/3

    Hi Everyone, Another question regarding holding tank replacement. The previous owner had replaced the original tank with a bladder tank which was very scary indeed. In doing so, they removed all of the structure that held the original tank in place. I'm assuming it was wood but have no...
  24. Captnemo8

    35-2 Hot water tank info?

    Good morning all: I'm presently in the process of purchasing a 1972 35-2. So far the only real problem the surveyor has come across is a leaky hot water tank which he believes to be aluminum? Has anyone out there dealt with this issue? Or have any idea's where I might find some info??? Thanks...
  25. J

    E27 gas tank replacement

    I just had my gas tank replaced by a friend - genius of mine ...if anyone cares I could discuss online if you are interested...Beautiful job looks like art. Just want to give back for all the help you have given me....
  26. davisr

    E23-E27 fuel tank ventilation

    Many with E23s and E25s have outboard motors. Some E26 and E27 owners do as well. I'm curious to know how many owners out there stow their fuel tank (or tanks) in the cockpit, near the motor. The fellow I bought my E25 from stowed his portable fuel tank in the starboard cockpit locker. When I...
  27. A

    H2o tank amadon light

    i have a potable water tnk beneath the cabin sole amidship which i have drained there are 2 pmp stations at the galley sink the inboard is now dry when pumped the outboard pump still pumps water where is the tank this water is coming from???/// all help much appreciated
  28. A

    Location of holding tank air-vent?

    Hello folks, The head in my 1987 E-35 MK-3 has some oder issues, and as part of trying to find the cause, I need to know where the holding tank air-vent exits the boat. I assume it must be located somewhere on the port side of the deck, about amidship, but danged if I can find it. I want to...
  29. S

    Hi, Whats up with the ballast water tank

    underneath the berth connected to the head in my E25 circa 1975? Should I redo or eliminate the head? Also where is the bilge pump located? Is there a through hull dump? Thanks for your help. I noticed there is a plug in head compartment shoe.
  30. D

    Waste Holding Tank Happiness

    Currently working on replacing 27 year old toilet system on my E33. Planned to reuse holding tank, until I found several cracks around collars where intake/ exhaust fittings attach to tank. Big bummer. Surprisingly the original manufactures label was still attached and a part number stamped into...
  31. J

    Sponge in fuel tank

    Last Fall I dropped a water absorbing sponge in the fuel tank. Have fished around but I can't find it to get it out. Any ideas if it will contaminate the diesel fuel or clog the fuel intake? John Wressell
  32. Loren Beach

    Lay up your own custom tank

    Nice well-illustrated PDF article from the Plastic Classic Forum, http://www.plasticclassicforum.com/ This would produce the maximum tank volume for any space you want to fit a "custom" tank shape into. I confess that I have not (yet)...
  33. Sven

    Putting diesel access hatches in installed tank ?

    Our 30-year old aluminum diesel tank has no access or clean-out hatches. It is an 80 gallon built-in ... literally, it extends under cabinetry and (partial) bulkheads. I can see how to cut access hatches in the teak (plywood) sole and make that work well. What I am much less sure about...
  34. WhiteNoise

    Hot water expansion tank? something else? necessary?

    I have removed the hot water heater from the system. There"s a square tank that seems to me to be an expansion tank in the water circuit on the motor, I would suspect as part of the hot water system in the circuit. I am thinking of removing it also and would like to see what you guys think...
  35. Matey

    Fresh water tank access E32

    I need to replace all my fresh water hoses. I traced them back to both ends of the lower aft sides of the tank. I'm assuming they tee in the middle. My problem is getting to the discharge fitting. The tank is a tight fit and the panels above are nicely screwed down and varnished over .. maybe...
  36. ChrisS

    Plumbing question: head to holding tank

    I'm getting ready to dismantle the current head and holding tank setup this week to clean and paint the bilges, and then rebuild the system. It must be at least 25 years old, and is due for replacement. There is a Y valve with direct discharge or to the tank; the tank is located under the...
  37. J

    Sponge In Fuel Tank

    While trying to get some water out of the fuel tank the water absorb. sponge fell in. This is on a E35, Mark III with a 4or 5" access port on the top of the tank. Fished around with a coat hanger with a couple of fish hooks on the end but no luck. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to...
  38. J

    Fuel tank pickup tube

    Our 36C fuel tank is set under the aft cabin bunk and holds about 45 gallons. The tanks bottom follows the contour of the outside hull and is thus sloped up and away from the rigid pickup tube at the aft end of the tank. I hope I'm not the only one who finds that motor sailing is not an evil...
  39. J

    Hot water tank drainage or removal

    Hi Everyone, I've been busy preparing my 28+ for the winter. Does anyone have a preferred way of draining the hot water tank? The tank is rather loose in it's mount (another jfix-it job to do:)), so I can shake it a bit. It doesn't feel like there's water in the tank, but I want to be sure...
  40. J

    Suggestions for Polishing A Gas Tank

    I have a 1983 25+. The twenty gallon :esad:alumimum tank is orginial. After running the engine a 9.9 outboard for five hours, fouling of the gas filters occured. We have been changed the filters twice and now installed temporay tank with new hoses. This seems to have eliminated the orginial...
  41. W

    Fuel Tank E 32

    Hi folks, I have a leaky fuel tank on my 1985 e 32 mk lll. 18 gal aluminum tank. Can we still get a replacement from the original manufacturer? Should I look at having someone custom make a new one? The boat yard in Sausalito is asking between $800-1150 for a new one. Way too much!! Any help...
  42. simdim

    Holding tank monitoring

    Folks, With two kids aboard i am looking for the simple yet foolproof system to monitor holding tank levels. It seems like market is overflowing ( no pun intended ;)) with options but real life sometimes differs from glossy brochure. The option to have a "no flush" blinking neon sign is a must...
  43. J

    E38_200 holding tank

    i'm looking for someone that has removed a holding tank and if that gives access to the hull under the shower. jim
  44. Gmilburn

    Fresh Water Tank Replacement

    Hi all, Over this last weekend, my pressurized fresh water tank cracked around the plug and is useless. (see photo). Im wondering if I can repair it with 5200 adhesive with some fiberglass strips--as Im sure it expands slightly each time the pump pressurizes the tank. Or alternatively, where...
  45. treilley

    35-3 CNG tank size

    Can anyone tell me what size the CNG tank is on a 35-3? I always forget which one I have and I need to swap it for a fresh one this week. TIA
  46. George Fitch

    35 MK 2 Holding Tank

    My '78 35 MK 2 presently has a 14.5 gallon Imtra Nauta flexible holding tank under the middle port side dinette cushion. I read Sean's very nicely documented tank replacement for his 35 MK 3 and I would like to do something similar. I would like to gain some capacity and would prefer rigid...
  47. B

    Screw in the Diesel Tank

    Yup, I dropped a SS screw (1 1/4" 10/32 just to give you some idea on size) into my diesel tank while replacing the sending unit last weekend. AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!! At least I didn't drop the SS "C" ring that I bought along with the WEMA sending unit. I tried to retrieve it with one of those claw...
  48. mherrcat

    E30+ more fuel tank and water heater questions.

    Just removed the hot water heater on my E30+ in preparation for replacing the fuel tank. In the engine coolant supply/return lines to the water heater there is an accumulation tank. After removing the water heater I just closed the circuit so coolant would continue to run through the...
  49. Loren Beach

    Diesel Tank replacement

    http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/showthread.php?t=3404 http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/showthread.php?t=3585 http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/showthread.php?t=6266&referrerid=28 What with several recent threads about fuel pumps, filters, and the mention of fuel...
  50. C

    Accumulator Tank

    This past winter season while cruising the Bahamas, our pressure water system developed a leak. I found that the Jabsco Accumulator Tank was leaking; not the fittings, the side wall of the tank! I replaced the fool thing a year ago for the exact same reason. The plastic tank just decided to...
  51. mherrcat

    1985 E30+ fuel tank measurements.

    Does anyone have all the dimensions of the 1985 E30+ fuel tank? (Were they the same on all year models?) It looks like we are going to have to replace ours. I spoke to Berry Sheet Metal in Costa Mesa about a replacement. He thinks he has the original plans for the tank but will have to check...
  52. J

    Holding Tank Vent Hose

    As you can see in the photo below, the vent hose for the holding tank is attached to a 90 degree downward elbow that routes the vent hose below the intake hose. The vent hose seems to be totally blocked as pumping out creates suction at the deck fitting that doesn’t release once the pump stops...
  53. Loren Beach

    New Holding Tank, Piping & Valves

    I am about to replace the 20-year-old hoses. They are starting to permeate, and some even have checking in the outer surface layer... :( Our '88 model has the then-standard Ericson "full Monty" waste management system that allows direct overboard via Y-valve, or, into a 15 gallon (Ronco Plastics...
  54. tenders

    Replacement gasoline tank for Ericson 32?

    My 1991 painted steel fuel tank gave up the ghost today a week before launch...pinhole leak dumped about four gallons of gas into the bilge (and destroyed the shaft seal, another project...certainly a blessing in disguise that it didn't happen at the mooring.) The original tank is 10" high by...
  55. Keith Parcells

    Holding Tank Hose replacement

    I am about to try to replace the hose on my holding tank that runs to the manual pump. I have to open the inspection port to make sure the level is low enough. The head has not been used since pump out, but it has been rinsed a few times with a bit of water, Odorlos & vinegar. I hope the level...
  56. u079721

    Accumulator tank?

    In a recent thread someone else asked about the function of what he learned was his accumulator tank in his water system. My 1989 E38-200 didn't have one. Was this a goof, or did other Ericsons also not come equipped with them? Maybe it was an option?
  57. Loren Beach

    Water Tank

    This factory-standard 22 gallon fresh water tank was replaced by a custom SS tank of much higher capacity several years ago. This is a roto-molded Ronco tank (#B-134), the clean-out cap is also the fill place, and is is centered on top of the tank. This was under the starboard settee of our...
  58. K

    e35-2 aux. water tank problems

    just purchased a 1980 e35-2. One of the problems the boat has is a leak in the aux. water tank under the cabin floor. Would like to by-pass the tank and if possible remove the tank, would lie to know if anyone has had a problem like this. Trying to find a good drawing of the layout of the...
  59. L

    Tanks and tank monitoring

    Ericson 32-200. I have a ronco holding tank in starboard side of cockpit. Desiel tank under floor/cushion of aft cabin. I am considering the Item TM02, SCAD Profile 1-8-Tank Monitor Panel Monitor water, waste and fuel tanks made by New Providence Marine and sold thur Sailor Solutions. 1...
  60. ChrisS

    32-2 holding tank and head replacement

    Peeww! Old hoses, and old recirculating tank, and an old leaky Groco HC head all require serious attention. The current configuration is a head to holding tank with a Y valve between the two for overboard discharge, but I need a pumpout station to empty the tank. So I was thinking of going to...
  61. C

    E35II Fuel Tank Replacement Drawings

    Here it is....the Design Drawings for an E35II Fuel Tank Replacement :nerd: The footprint is the same as the Original and increases the height by 6". This provides an increased 15ga of capacity to a 37ga total. The construction is 3/16" welded aluminum. The fill is moved from the Cockpit...
  62. P

    Need to locate a gas tank tube

    Anyone know where I might be able to locate a gas tube for my 27'. I have the aluminum tank, but the fitting is 1/4" not the availible 3/8". My guys here tell me there suppliers don't have access to 1/4". Any ideas? Don
  63. C

    E35II Holding Tank Installation

    Here is the installation of a new 14ga Holding Tank for the E35II. The Tank is a Ronco (www.ronco-plastics.net) Model 245 with Access Port. The dimensions are 24.5"L X 16.5"W X 9.125"H and is the largest tank I could fit in the Salon Setee Locker incuding the 1.5" Hoses. The Access Port...
  64. S

    Repair to fuel tank: '87 E34

    The diesel fuel tank in my 1987 E34 developed a small hole in the lowest part of the tank - forward end, just at the lower v part. I poked it an expanded it to about 1/8" or smaller. I cleaned the tank and it looks good from inside, as I peer in. Can a new tank be bought today? What about...
  65. N

    1977 e27 fuel tank

    looking for some insite, on a 1977 E27, what was the fuel tank made of, I tested the tank with a maganet, and it did not stick, but I'm not sure if that year and model was fitted with Monel steel, stainless or aluminum. if any body out there has any info , I would greatly appreciate the help...
  66. Cruzzor

    E-25 Water Storage Tank Capacity

    I have a 1976 E-25. Anyone know how many gallons the water storage tank holds?
  67. Cruzzor

    Suggestions for Water Tank additive?

    I don't use the sink in my E-25 very much, just for rinsing out glasses or emptied beer bottles, water for hand washing, etc. What can I add to the tank to keep the water fresh?
  68. T

    Possible leak in fuel tank

    Any cost estimates for changing out the fuel tan on an E35?
  69. N

    no waste holding tank

    I just bought this 1977 e27, It has no waste holding tank, and i am about to re-store this Old girl to full glory, Engin, Head, teak, ( hatch ) any suggestions will be appreciated.
  70. Y

    '85 E38 Holding Tank replacement

    I contacted Ronco Plastics to get a replacement holding tank, the B-130, L shaped, and they no longer make it. Does anyone know of a source to replace the original shape, or, is there another Ronco tank model that fits athwartship under the settee next to the bulkhead that isn't L-shaped...
  71. B

    E35 II Fuel Tank

    I just bought a 1973 E35-2. The previous owner had disclosed that the fuel tank was replaced and since has had a problem with the newer Kubota diesel sucking in air when the tank gets below about 10 gallons. He claimed that the 25 gallon tank was un-baffeled but the surveyor felt like this...
  72. J

    Replacing a 1974 Gasoline Tank

    We have a 27 foot Ericson, year 1974. This spring all the gas from the tank leaked into the bilge, creating an extremely dangerous situation. We were able to carefully siphon the gas from the bilge and after cleaning the bildge tested the tank for leaks. The leak appears to be at the bottom of...
  73. D

    E-27 Fuel tank

    While recently installing a new sending unit for my '79 E-27's fuel gauge, I accidentally dropped one of the screws from the circular plate holding it to the tank INTO the tank. It goes without saying that it would be a good idea to pull the tank and rinse it out. Although it appears to be the...
  74. Luffin it

    Gas Tank Leak

    I need some ideas on what everyone else has done with there leaky gas tank on thier Ericson 27? I've replaced the fuel filler hose which took care of some of the problem but I now see a small amount of fuel leaking from beneath the tank above the lower bracket on the forward side. I can only...
  75. Loren Beach

    Fuel Tank Ground Wire / Mystery

    This is a little story about a mystery wire on an '88 boat with a Universal M25XP. This tale is also kind of a further step from last year's fuel line replacement project. A major part of that adventure was relocating the supply and return lines from under the cabin sole to a different route to...
  76. Randy Rutledge

    fuel tank failure on E29

    I finally got the nerve up to cut the lowest tip off the gas tank on RUMKIN my E29. I used a hacksaw to cut the welds and a bone saw to finish the cuts across the plate aluminum. It was necessary to remove about four inches of the deepest part to remove the tank from the boat. I am including...
  77. Randy Rutledge

    E29 fuel tank removal

    I finally got the nerve up to cut the lowest tip off the gas tank on RUMKIN my E29. I used a hacksaw to cut the welds and a bone saw to finish the cuts across the plate aluminum. It was necessary to remove about four inches of the deepest part to remove the tank from the boat. I am...
  78. Y

    need new holding tank for '85 E38

    Removed a very used (ugh) holding tank after buying my E38 in '98 and replaced it with a Lectra San Type III MSD. After cruising Bahamas for 6 years, we want to hang out in the Florida Keys next winter and its a no discharge area and LectraSan is illegal. We want to install a holding tank...
  79. Y

    removal of fuel tank, '85 Ericson 38

    Our 38 E fuel tank ruptured in the out islands of the Bahamas...we are limping back to St. Marys GA to haul out on a tempo tank in the quarter berth. Anyone have experience taking out the 59 gal tank under the qaurter berth??
  80. J

    E35-2 fuel tank removal

    I have a 1979 Ericson 35-2 that has a leaking diesel tank. The tank is located behind the engine under the cockpit. Has anyone replaced this type of tank? How is this accomplished? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  81. C

    E 38 Holding Tank

    I'm about to order a new holding tank from Ronco but I need a little help. Ronco sent me a drawing but it doesn't seem to match up real well with my ideas. For one thing, where does it go? My boat had a Lectra-san unit under the port settee. Is that where the holding tank goes? If that's...
  82. S

    Tempo Underdeck Fuel Tank

    All, I have been looking for a underdeck fuel tank forever. I have bargin priced all over the place. Well I just bought a new one at Basspro.com. 12 Gallon Tempo Tank for less than $90.00 shipping included. I priced the same tank for $169.00 at West and Boaters World. Here is the...
  83. W

    E38 leaky fuel tank (This website foretells my future grief all too well)

    I recall reading a thread that Rob Thomas did last year on a leaky fuel tank in this E38 thinking to myself…what a rotten job that would be. Well, I just finished cutting out the quarter berth floor and pumped out 40 gallons diesel into pile of jerry cans. That thread with all the pics...
  84. Bolo

    Waste tank replacement

    Last year, right after we bought our E-32 III, I removed the hand pump, "Y" valve, etc. to prevent any waste to be pumped over board. Good thing too because later we were boarded and inspected by the Coast Guard on the Chesapeake Bay. :0305_alar They were very "pleased" that we couldn't pump...
  85. Randy Rutledge

    29 fuel tank removal

    There have been several suggestions as how to remove the glass lay-up over the tabs on the fuel tank. I decided to try a different approach. I used my cordless drill to drill a starter hole in the glass over the aluminum tab (drilling over the aluminum tab will keep you form drilling through...
  86. wheelerwbrian

    Tank Gauge

    I currently have a nonfunctioning Sealand Tankwatch on the holding tank that I'm replacing. I don't know why it quit, but it did, perhaps the probe got gunked up -- I can't imagine it not. I'd like to replace it with something else and have been looking at the Acugage by Snake River, which...
  87. wheelerwbrian

    Holding Tank Vent and Other Issues

    Some of the fittings, especially the tank vent fitting, on my holding tank on my 88 E38-200 are leaking. Apparently this is not something new, since the PO applied lots of silicone to it in a futile effort to fix the problem. Last year, in my war against head smell, I replaced the hoses --...
  88. F

    1986 38-200 fuel tank feed faulty

    Hello, I've had a persistent problem with the fuel tank at about half full not feeding fuel to the engine in rough seas, especially on a starboard tack. The engine will quit as if out of fuel, when I know I've got 20 gallons or so left. Once the boat levels out, I can restart the engine...
  89. WhiteNoise

    Galley Maid stove and tank

    I am looking to sell my Galley Maid alcohol dual burner stove and oven. It's stainless and has the window on the oven door. All hardware, gimballs, etc. included. Also have tank but no pump. Functional to my knowledge and clean. If anyone is interested make a reasonable offer. Wanted to see...
  90. treilley

    Holding tank crack on 35-III

    I removed my holding tank a few weeks ago in order to replace all the hoses, clean the tank and rebuild the potty. I was working on the tank today when I found a crack on edge of the wing that extends aft. There is a dark line across the corner(see photos). You can see it ooze liquid when flexed.
  91. treilley

    Fuel tank in E35-III

    I removed the quarterberth top this weekend so I can remove the fuel tank for inspection and cleaning. The PO claimed that he had the tank removed and welded to repair a leak in the lower corner. I found that the tank is tabbed down on 3 sides with FG cloth. Is this stock or did someone add...
  92. B

    Interior Finish & Holding Tank

    I recently bought an 1978 Ericson 36C that was sunk and I am restoring it. The engine was preserved so that should be OK. Two questions: The interior was never varnished, should I varnish it or use teak oil? Which will give me the least grief? There is no holding tank for the head, it...
  93. G

    Waste Tank Vent

    After a great sailing season, I'm planning on completing the insallation of a waste tank in my E27. I started the project last winter but never finished it. Sailing seemed to take precedence over any and all work that got it the way. My question is... where should I place the waste tank vent...
  94. T

    Bilge full of Diesel/Leaking tank

    :boohoo: Went to the boat the other day to load up for a 10 day sail. :0305_frow When I opened the hatch I caught the faint odor of diesel but it was faint so didn't think much of it. That is until I opened the bilge hatch to open the engine cooling water through hull. My bilge was about 3"...
  95. K

    Waste Tank Smell

    When we flush the head, or when we tack to an aggresive heal, these horrable smells are coming from the vent. The PO didn't use the boat much the past few years and the local marina guy recommended to do a good pump out then clear water with a product called Rid X. The theory being that the...
  96. J

    Suggestions for securing fuel tank

    Hello, I just picked up an 18 gallon Tempo tank to replace the original steel tank in my E27. The original tank was held in with a couple of pieces of plywood that were fiberglassed to the inside of the hull and also fiberglassed directly to the tank. It is my understanding that fiberglass...
  97. R

    e-39 fuel tank

    Anyone ever removed a fuel tank from an e-39? (1972 vintage) In absence of advice, any new (new to me anyways) curse words would be appreciated. I'm sure to need at least some of them.
  98. H

    Monel fuel tank??

    I found the original survey done on Sea Quest before we bought her back in 1977, and was surprised to see that the surveyor stated that the fuel tank was made of Monel. I've never heard that Ericsons used Monel for anything. There hasn't been any sign of rust or corrosion (yet) but I'm aware...
  99. R

    Oil of some sort in the bilge..... Fuel tank leak?

    Hello All, Day before yesterday upon checking the bilge in my '83 E38 I found a very small amount, maybe an ounce or two of light honey colored oil sitting on top of the water in the aftmost bilge well. Seemed heavier than diesel fuel, not black like engine oil would be and not red like the...
  100. G

    Smelly water from hot water tank

    The hot water coming from the hot water tank stinks. I end up not using it because I am fearful of bacteria. If you have resolved this problem, I'd love to hear about it.